13 Best Types of Variegated Spider Plants

If you’re trying to bring style and greenery into your living space, the Best Types of Variegated Spider Plants could be your fit!

With excellent air-purifying abilities and compact size, these Types of Variegated Spider Plants offer more than just greenery! The variation in their foliage color and shape breathes life into any living space without asking for a lot of care. Pick your favorite from the best varieties listed below!

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Best Types of Variegated Spider Plants

1. Chlorophytum comosum ‘Vittatum’

Variegated Spider Plants 1

This is the most common variegated spider plant variety featuring arching leaves with a central white stripe and green edges. It’s easy to care for, making it an ideal choice for beginners. You can display it in indoor hanging baskets, as a tabletop plant, or in mixed container gardens.

2. Chlorophytum comosum ‘Variegatum’

Similar to ‘Vittatum,’ this variety boasts a central white stripe, but it often exhibits more pronounced white streaks with less green, creating a striking appearance. It’s well-suited for indoor hanging baskets, as a ground cover in shaded garden areas, or in window boxes.

3. Chlorophytum comosum ‘Mandula’

Variegated Spider Plants 2

Also known as the “Bonnie” spider plant, this variety features curly twisted leaves with a prominent white stripe down the center. It thrives as an indoor plant stand, serves as an excellent focal point in a room, and adds charm to decorative containers.

4. Chlorophytum comosum ‘Fire Flash’

This variegated spider plant boasts fiery red or orange variegation instead of the usual white. Also the foliage is wider than the typical spider plants. Consider a transparent or glass pot to show off this feature, adding a lively touch to your interior decor.

5. Chlorophytum comosum ‘Reverse Variegatum’

Variegated Spider Plants 3

As the name suggests, this variety is the reverse of the standard variegated spider plant, featuring green stripes running down the center of its leaves, lined with white edges. Complement its look with a minimalistic white ceramic pot for a unified appearance.

6. Chlorophytum comosum ‘Hawaiian’

This variety boasts bright green leaves with a broad central white stripe and charmingly ruffled edges, making it a unique choice for enthusiasts. Opt for a tropical-themed pot or basket thar can enhance its lush, green look.

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7. Chlorophytum comosum ‘Zebra Grass’

Variegated Spider Plants 4

With narrower leaves featuring a pronounced white central stripe akin to zebra stripes, this variety offers a bold and striking appearance. With its striking stripes, ‘Zebra Grass’ works well as a table centerpiece. Pair it with metallic accents for a modern look.

8. Chlorophytum comosum ‘Victoria’

This cultivar distinguishes itself with leaves sporting a white and green stripes with broader green edges. You can suspend it from the ceiling to let its unique foliage draw the eye upwards.

9. Chlorophytum comosum ‘Hawaiian Spiderwood’

Variegated Spider Plants 5

This variety features green leaves with a pronounced central white stripe, akin to ‘Hawaiian’ but potentially more striking. It’s perfect as an indoor tabletop plant and will look fantastic in a rustic wooden pot to highlighting its distinctive appearance.

10. Chlorophytum comosum ‘Milky Way’

The ‘Milky Way’ spider plant has dark green leaves with multiple thin white stripes, resembling the night sky. Place it in a setting where the white variegation can get the focus, like against a dark wall or furniture piece.

11. Chlorophytum comosum ‘Bonnie Variegated’

Variegated Spider Plants 6

Similar to ‘Mandula,’ this cultivar’s leaves often exhibit more pronounced curls and twists, enhancing its visual intrigue. It’s an ideal choice for an indoor plant stand; highlight its unusual shape by displaying in a rounded or geometric pot.

12. Chlorophytum comosum ‘Green Ribbon’

With green leaves adorned by a white central stripe, the ‘Green Ribbon’ variety exudes a clean and elegant charm, infusing brightness into any space. Perfect as a coffee table or work desk addition, this variegated spider plant is sure to impress your guests!

13. Chlorophytum comosum ‘Lemon’

Variegated Spider Plants 7

This lemony-twist variety features green leaves with a tint of yellow variegation in the center, with some varieties boasting a more prominent contrast. It thrives in indoor hanging baskets, can be a fantastic addition to garden borders as a ground cover.

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