9 Variegated Indoor Bonsai Trees

Make yourself an eye-catching miniature woodland garden with these beautiful Variegated Indoor Bonsai Trees!

If you love experimenting with different gardening forms and are looking for some unique options, growing these Variegated Indoor Bonsai Trees will fascinate you!

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Variegated Indoor Bonsai Trees

1. Ficus Triangularis

Indoor Bonsai Trees

Botanical Name: Ficus triangularis ‘Variegata’

True to its name, this bonsai features triangular leaves with a creamy-white to yellow variegation, offering a unique contrast. Plus, it can attain a height of about 4 feet, offering the flexibility of growing it as a houseplant.

2. Japanese Maple Bonsai

best indoor Japanese bonsai tree

Botanical Name: Acer palmatum

Lobed leaves of this cultivar transform into vibrant red and orange hues during fall, perfect for creating a cozy corner in your room. For the best color, place it near a sunny window.

3. Variegated Serissa Bonsai

Indoor Bonsai Trees with Variegation

Botanical Name: Serissa foetida

The petite green leaves variegated in cream-colored edges beautifully complement the delicate white flowers of the Variegated Serissa Bonsai. This bonsai thrives in bright light with some protection from harsh sunlight.

4. Dwarf Umbrella Tree

Beautiful Indoor Bonsai Trees with Variegation

Botanical Name: Schefflera arboricola

The Variegated Schefflera Bonsai stands out with lush leaves streaked in yellow or cream variegation. It is known to bring good luck and prosperity, giving you another reason to have it.

5. Variegated Chinese Elm Bonsai

Indoor Bonsai Trees with Variegation

Botanical Name:  Ulmus parvifolia

This elm variety showcases small, variegated leaves with irregular patterns of green and yellow, which easily adapt to various light conditions. Chinese Elm Bonsai is often used in the art of creating miniature landscapes, also called “penjing,”.

6. Variegated Japanese Boxwood

Indoor Variegated Bonsai Trees

Botanical Name: Buxus microphylla ‘Variegata’

Featuring small, glossy leaves with creamy-white edges, this bonsai is loved for its dense growth, offering the flexibility to grow in any desired form. Plus, its compact growth habit makes it perfect for formal bonsai forms.

7. Variegated Money Tree

Variegated Indoor Bonsai Trees 1

Botanical Name: Pachira aquatica

This popular indoor plant is loved for its uniquely braided trunk and vibrant green leaves splashed with white and cream spots. Plus, this can be a lucky addition to your home if you believe in the principles of Feng Shui.

8. Gardenia Bonsai

indoor bonsai plant 4

Botanical Name: Gardenia jasminoides

Admired for its glossy, dark green leaves and highly fragrant white flowers, the Gardenia bonsai is the perfect blend of beauty and fragrance. Place the plant in a well-lit spot to support flower production.

9. Dwarf Weeping Fig

Botanical Name: Ficus benjamina

This plant reaches a taller size, so you can also keep it as a houseplant or train it into a bonsai. The variegated cultivars of Ficus benjamina, such as ‘Starlight,’ ‘Kinky,’ and ‘Golden King,’ feature a combination of green, cream, and yellow leaves, while the regular ones have glossy green foliage.

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