20 World’s Most Ugly Flowers You’ll Ever See

Discover the World’s Most Ugly Flowers that’ll change your narrative of beauty and introduce you to nature’s less-celebrated creations!

From bizarre shapes and peculiar colors to their fascinating survival strategies, the World’s Most Ugly Flowers exhibit some really unconventional features. While they do count as ‘ugly,’ should we really confine these natural wonders to the human definition of beauty? Well, why don’t you explore the varieties and decide!

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World’s Most Ugly Flowers

1. Corpse Flower

World's Most Ugly Flowers 1

Botanical Name: Rafflesia arnoldii

The Corpse Flower, known for its massive, reddish-brown bloom, is infamous for emitting a strong odor similar to that of decaying flesh. This Indonasian native, lacking visible leaves, stems, or roots, is a parasitic plant that attracts carrion flies for pollination.

2. African Hydnora


Botanical Name: Hydnora africana

African Hydnora, emerging from underground as a fleshy, bizarre-looking flower seems to be a cross between a fungus and a plant. Its brownish color, deeply wrinkled texture and a foul odor contribute to its reputation as an ugly flower.

3. Titan ArumWorld's Most Ugly Flowers 3

Botanical Name: Amorphophallus titanum

Titan Arum, famous for its enormous inflorescence, can reach over 10 feet in height and exudes a powerful stench akin to rotting meat. This rare plant has a deep maroon interior and a central spadix that looks like a decaying animal, attracting carrion-eating beetles and flies for pollination.

4. Dutchman’s Pipe


Botanical Name: Aristolochia cymbifera

This unconventional flower boasts a peculiar pipe-like shape often mottled with purplish-brown and yellow markings. This South American native also emits an unpleasant odor, further adding to its unattractiveness.

5. Dragon Arum

World's Most Ugly Flowers 5

Botanical Name: Dracunculus vulgaris

Dragon Arum stands out with its large, spadix enveloped by a dark purple spathe, giving it a dragon-like appearance. Like most ugly flowers, it is notorious for its pungent rotten meat-like odor that attract flies for pollination.

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6. Giant Pelican Flower

Botanical Name: Aristolochia gigantea

This exotic flower, known for its large, bizarrely shaped blooms, often resembles a pelican’s gaping beak. Its deep maroon color and pale yellow veining, combined with a pungent, unpleasant smell makes it an unappealing addition to any garden.

7. Starfish Flower

World's Most Ugly Flowers 9

Botanical Name: Orbea variegata

The Starfish Flower, with its star-shaped, fleshy petals, is notorious for its striking yet repulsive look. Its color palette ranges from yellow to deep maroon, often with speckled patterns resembling rotting flesh, inherently designed to attract flies.

8. Hammer Orchid

Botanical Name: Drakaea glyptodon

Resembling a dangling, malformed hammer, the Hammer Orchid’s unique structure is unappealing to many. Its greenish-brown color and deceptive pollination tactic, where it mimics female wasps to attract male wasps, add to its pecuiliarity.

9. Bat Flower

World's Most Ugly Flowers 11

Botanical Name: Tacca chantrieri

The Bat Flower stands out in this list of ugly flowers with an eerie, bat-like appearance exhibiting black or dark purple petals and long, hanging filaments. Its unusual form and dark colors make it an attractive member of the floral kingdom.

10. White Veined Dutchman’s Pipe

Botanical Name: Aristolochia fimbriata

This plant is known for its small, pipe-shaped flowers that feature an intricate pattern of white veins on a dark purple background. This odd, somewhat ugly flower is often used as a ground cover or in hanging baskets in unconventional gardens.

11. Moth Orchid Bulbophyllum

World's Most Ugly Flowers 13

Botanical Name: Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis

Resembling a decaying moth, this orchid’s large, fleshy petals and deep maroon color give it a grotesque appearance. Its strong, musty odor attracts specific pollinators are generally off-putting to humans.

12. Carrion Plant

Botanical Name: Stapelia gigantea

The flowers are dark maroon covered in warty hair-like structures. This plant’s most notorious feature is its strong odor of decaying flesh, intended to attract carrion-feeding pollinators, which can be quite repulsive to humans.

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13. Gaping Dutchman’s Pipe

World's Most Ugly Flowers 17

Botanical Name: Aristolochia ringens

The Gaping Dutchman’s Pipe sports a bizarre, two-lobed appearance, with a greenish-yellow mouth and purplish-brown, veined lobes. While unique in form, the flower’s unusual shape and color combination makes it a not-so-beautiful floral variety.

14. Jack-in-the-Pulpit


Botanical Name: Arisaema triphyllum

This North American native plant exhibits a peculiar flower encased in a hood-like structure to trap pollinators. The flower varies from green to purple, often with intriguing striped patterns bringing a somewhat eerie presence in woodland settings.

15. Jackal Food

World's Most Ugly Flowers 19

Botanical Name: Cytinus hypocistis

This parasitic plant, found in the Mediterranean region, emerges directly from the ground with small, fleshy, and peculiar flowers. Devoid of leaves, Cytinus hypocistis displays an odd, somewhat usighty look when clustered together.

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16. Kaempfer’s Pipevine

World's Most Ugly Flowers 23

Botanical Name: Aristolochia kaempferi

Kaempfer’s Pipevine is popular for its small, pipe-shaped flowers with a patterned, purple and white mottled appearance. With a  curved pipe or hookah-like shape combined with its modest size, this flower counts itself as an ugly variety.

17. Stinking Hellebore

World's Most Ugly Flowers 25

Botanical Name: Helleborus foetidus

Despite its elegant, bell-shaped, greenish flowers, the Stinking Hellebore has a reputation of ugliness due to its strong, unpleasant rotting meat odor. The foul smell is in reality the flower’s defense mechanism to deter herbivores.

18. Voodoo Lily

World's Most Ugly Flowers 27

Botanical Name: Sauromatum venosum

The Voodoo Lily is notorious for its large, striking flower that emits a strong odor of decaying flesh. Its deep purple spathe and tall, central spadix further earns it the reputation of an unconventional choice.

19. Love-Lies-Bleeding

Botanical Name: Amaranthus caudatus

Love-Lies-Bleeding boasts long, drooping, tassel-like flowers, often a deep red or purple, giving it a pecuiliar appearance. While it might seem beautiful to some, the cascading flowers look like a stream of blood from a distance, making it an unsighty option.

20. Skunk Cabbage

World's Most Ugly Flowers 29

Botanical Name: Symplocarpus foetidus

Isn’t the name enough? Skunk Cabbage emits a foul odor, similar to skunk spray or rotting flesh, when its leaves are crushed. Plus, the plant features large, hood-like, purplish or green spathe surrounding a spadix, that no where looks like a conventional flower.

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