27 Trees that Start With W

These Trees that Start with T are sure to beautify your landscape with their appearance and unique benefits!

These wonderful trees that start with W bring together a world of diversity, with each specimen telling its own tale of aesthetics, beneficial uses, and much more!

Trees That Start With W

1. Walnut Tree

Trees that start with W

Botanical Name: Juglans regia

Its wood is a big deal in furniture making, and those tasty walnuts are a delicious bonus. It’s got this dignified look that screams Southern Europe charm.

2. White Pine

Trees that start with W

Botanical Name: Pinus strobus

The White Pine produces wood that is light and easy to work with, making it a go-to for construction and carpentry. It’s a common sight in forests, with its soft needles and slender cones adding to its charm.

3. White Oak

Trees that start with W

Botanical Name: Quercus alba

The lobed leaves, grayish-white bark, and abundant acorns of this tree make it an ecological cornerstone. Beyond its natural role, white oak wood is treasured for barrel production.

4. White Ash

Trees that start with W

Botanical Name: Fraxinus americana

The White Ash is a spectacle in autumn with its vibrant yellow leaves. Beyond its beauty, this tree is known for its strong, flexible wood, widely used in making sports equipment and tools.

5. Western Red Cedar

Trees start with W

Botanical Name: Thuja plicata

Western Red Cedar is a towering figure known for its aromatic leaves and versatility. Its wood is used in everything from construction to canoe building, making it a jack-of-all-trades in the timber world.

6. Wild Service Tree

Sorbus torminalis tree with serrated leaves

Botanical Name: Sorbus torminalis

Known for its white flowers and red fruits, the Wild Service Tree is one of the most beautiful trees on the list. It is found in mixed deciduous forests and limestone hills, where it plays a vital role.

7. Wild Cherry

Blooming Wild Cherry tree

Botanical Name: Prunus avium

The Wild Cherry is a beauty with its glossy leaves and clusters of white flowers. Not only does it provide a crucial food source for birds with its cherries, but its wood is also highly prized for woodworking projects.

8. Winterberry

Ilex verticillata

Botanical Name: Ilex verticillata

This is a slow-growing deciduous tree with vibrant red berries that provide essential food for birds and small mammals. Winterberry Tree thrives in moist soil and adds a touch of color to wetland areas.

9. Willow Oak

Trees start with W

Botanical Name: Quercus phellos

Willow Oak combines the elegance of willow leaves with the strength of an oak. Often found near water, its acorns are an essential food source for local wildlife. It’s a tree that gracefully bridges the gap between beauty and utility!

10. White Birch

Trees names start with W

Botanical Name: Betula papyrifera

The White Birch is notable for its striking white bark and vibrant yellow foliage in the fall. Often used for ornamental purposes, this tree is a common sight in well-designed landscapes.

11. Water Gum

Tristaniopsis laurina

Botanical Name: Tristaniopsis laurina

This tree enhances any space with its leathery leaves and small yellow flowers. It’s a real champion in urban landscaping, often used to line streets and parks thanks to its ability to thrive in temperate climates.

12. Wax Palm

A tall palm tree

Botanical Name: Copernicia prunifera

The Wax Palm stands out with its fan-like leaves and distinctive black fruits. Not just a tropical beauty; it’s a practical tree, too. Its natural wax is quite handy and used in various products for hardening or gelling.

13. Wheel Wingnut

Cyclocarya paliurus: a deciduous tree

Botanical Name: Cyclocarya paliurus

Wheel Wingnut is something of a show-off with its unique winged fruits and serrated leaves. Its cascading foliage is a crowd-pleaser, making it a top pick for tree collectors and garden enthusiasts alike.

14. White Jade Orchid Tree

Trees names start with W

Botanical Name: Magnolia alba

A mix of Magnolia champaca and Magnolia Montana, the White Jade Orchid Tree is an evergreen stunner. Known for its gorgeous white flowers; it’s got various medicinal uses, too.

15. Weeping Fig

commonly known as the weeping fig

Botanical Name: Ficus benjamina

The Weeping Fig, with its round crown and ovate leaves, is perfect for bonsai lovers. It’s a popular indoor plant, bringing a touch of nature’s elegance to any room it graces.

16. Western Hemlock

Trees names start with W

Botanical Name: Tsuga heterophylla

Western Hemlock is not just another conifer. Its wood is valued for its light weight and strength, making it a preferred choice for construction and paper production.

17. White Poplar

Populus alba: A white poplar tree

Botanical Name: Populus alba

With its white bark and silvery leaves, the White Poplar is as ornamental as it is functional. Historically, it’s been valued for its medicinal properties, especially the bark, making it a tree of both beauty and benefit.

18. White Spruce

Trees names start with W

Botanical Name: Picea glauca

White Spruce is a sun-lover that’s okay with a bit of shade. Its needle-like leaves and cylindrical cones make it a go-to choice for hedges, adding a dash of green sophistication to landscapes.

19. Water Oak

Trees names start with W

Botanical Name: Quercus nigra

Water Oak has lobed leaves, which thrive in wet and swampy conditions. It serves as a habitat for various wildlife species, and its acorns are a valuable food source.

20. Western Red Cedar

A tall evergreen tree

Botanical Name: Thuja plicata

The Western Red Cedar is an iconic conifer with a towering presence and remarkable wood. Its durable and decay-resistant wood is popular for many applications, from building materials to canoes.

21. Witch-Hazel Tree

Trees names start with W

Botanical Name: Hamamelis virginiana

This small tree with yellow blossoms is famous for its extract, which is used in skincare products. Its wavy-edged leaves that turn a lovely yellow in fall make it a charming addition to gardens, especially in Eastern North America

22. White Mangrove Tree

White Mangrove Tree

Botanical Name: Laguncularia racemosa

This coastal beauty thrives in sunny, well-drained spots, where it plays a crucial role in stabilizing shorelines and providing habitat for wildlife.

23. Whiteberry Yew

Trees names start with W

Botanical Name: Pseudotaxus chienii

This unique evergreen stands out with its dark green foliage and white berries. Plus, it’s a great choice for shady areas where other plants might struggle.

24. Whitebeam

Trees names start with W

Botanical Name: Sorbus aria

The Whitebeam tree stands out with its grayish-white bark and creamy-white spring flowers. Come fall, it bears small red berries, adding another layer of interest to the landscapes.

25. Weeping Willow

Trees names start with W

Botanical Name: Salix babylonica

The Weeping Willow is a dreamy addition to any waterside setting, with the long, flowing branches creating a picturesque scene. Not only does it beautify the land, but it helps stabilize banks and prevent erosion.

26. White Willow

Trees names start with W

Botanical Name: Salix alba

This fast grower is popular for its attractive bark and adaptability to various soils. Commonly found near water bodies, it’s also important for soil erosion control. Plus, its bark has been historically used for its medicinal properties.

27. Wingnuts

A Pterocarya spp. tree featuring cascading branches

Botanical Name: Pterocarya spp.

Wingnuts bring a unique landscape aesthetic with their compound leaves and striking catkins. They reach pretty heights, making them a favorite for adding visual interest to outdoor spaces.

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