34 Trees that Start with Q

Embrace nature’s diversity with Trees that Start with Q, each contributing its unique presence to the tapestry of natural beauty!

Whether you’re aiming for shade, wood production, or soil stabilization, this list of Trees that Start with Q offers a specialized option for almost every gardening need!

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Trees that Start with Q

1. Quercus Robur

Trees that Start with Q 1

Botanical Name: Quercus robur

Popular as English Oak, the Quercus robur stands tall with its sturdy trunk and distinctively lobed leaves. These leaves turn a rich shade of brown in autumn, adding a touch of warmth to the landscape.

2. Quercus Suber


Botanical Name: Quercus suber

Quercus Suber boasts distinctive bark harvested to produce cork. Its evergreen leaves provide year-round interest, while its ability to regenerate cork makes it an eco-friendly choice.

3. Quercus Virginiana

Trees that Start with Q 2

Botanical Name:  Quercus virginiana

Quercus virginiana, popular as Live Oak, showcases sprawling branches adorned with leathery, dark green leaves. Its grandeur and longevity make it a symbol of strength in southern landscapes.

4. Quince


Botanical Name: Cydonia oblonga

The tree’s delicate blossoms transform into aromatic fruit, known for its culinary versatility. From jams to preserves, the Quince’s bounty graces kitchens, while its ornamental beauty adorns gardens in spring.

5. Quaking Aspen

Trees that Start with Q 3

Botanical Name: Populus tremuloides

Renowned for its shimmering leaves, this deciduous tree creates captivating groves. It thrives in well-drained soil and elevations that offer cold winters. In fall, the foliage turns golden, providing seasonal appeal.

6. Queen’s Palm

Botanical Name: Syagrus romanzoffiana

A symbol of elegance, the Queen’s Palm boasts graceful feather-like fronds that crown its slender trunk. These Trees that Start with Q grace landscapes with their tropical allure, adding a touch of sophistication to gardens and avenues.

7. Queensland Umbrella Tree

Trees that Start with Q 4

Botanical Name: Heptapleurum actinophyllum

The Queensland Umbrella Tree lives up to its name with its broad, umbrella-like foliage shed. This evergreen tree brings a touch of the tropics to gardens and urban spaces. Its glossy leaves and unique growth pattern make it a true botanical spectacle.

8. Queensland Firewheel Tree

Jerry Coleby-Williams

Botanical Name: Stenocarpus sinuatus

The Queensland Firewheel Tree creates a fiery display with clusters of red flowers resembling a spinning wheel of flames. Native to Australia, this tree adds a burst of color and intrigue to subtropical landscapes.

9. Quercus Alba

Trees that Start with Q 5

Botanical Name: Quercus alba

The Quercus alba, or White Oak, showcases leaves with rounded lobes against distinctive light gray bark. Its strong wood has made it historically significant, while its elegance and shade make it a favored choice in contemporary landscapes.

10. Quercus Aliena


Botanical Name: Quercus aliena

The Quercus aliena, or Oriental White Oak, stands out with its deep green foliage and acorns in cup-like structures. It flourishes in well-drained soil and partial shade. The tree adds an exotic touch and also benefits local ecosystems.

11. Quercus Hartwissiana

Trees that Start with Q 6

Botanical Name: Quercus hartwissiana

Hailing from the Caucasus region, the Quercus hartwissiana features intricate foliage with serrated edges, creating a captivating texture. Its acorns add to its appeal, providing sustenance to wildlife and a natural charm to the landscape.

12. Quercus Ilex

Botanical Name: Quercus ilex

The Quercus ilex boasts evergreen leaves with a glossy sheen, contributing to its year-round visual impact. This Mediterranean native adapts well to diverse climates and is a reliable companion in formal and informal gardens.

13. Quercus Infectoria

Trees that Start with Q 7

Botanical Name: Quercus infectoria

Known for its distinctive acorns with fringed caps, Quercus infectoria is recognized for its historical use in herbal medicine. This oak’s unique characteristics add a touch of fascination to landscapes while carrying a connection to traditional practices.

14. Quercus Kelloggii

Botanical Name: Quercus kelloggii

The Quercus kelloggii showcases dark, deeply lobed leaves that create dramatic contrasts in the landscape. Its acorns provide sustenance to wildlife, and its presence in Western ecosystems underscores its ecological significance.

15. Quercus Leucotrichophora

Trees that Start with Q 8

Botanical Name: Quercus leucotrichophora

The Quercus leucotrichophora stands out with its silvery undersides of leaves that shimmer in the light. Native to the Himalayas, this oak offers a touch of exotic beauty and adapts to various garden settings.

16. Quercus Lyrata

Botanical Name: Quercus lyrata

The Quercus lyrata features distinct acorns that seem to sit atop the cup, giving it a unique appearance. Its growth near water sources makes it an eco-friendly choice for wetland restoration, showcasing its contribution to environmental balance.

17. Quararibea Cordata

Trees that Start with Q 9

Botanical Name: Quararibea cordata

The Quararibea cordata entices with its heart-shaped leaves and fragrant flowers that resemble cocoa pods. Originating from Central America, this tree offers a tropical allure and showcases its botanical charm through various stages of growth.

18. Quillaja Saponaria


Botanical Name: Quillaja saponaria

Also known as the Soap Bark Tree, the Quillaja saponaria boasts bark that produces natural foamy saponins, historically used for cleaning purposes. This Chilean native prefers well-drained soils and full sun to partial shade.

19. Quintinia Serrata

Trees that Start with Q 10

Botanical Name: Quintinia serrata

Hailing from New Zealand, the Quintinia serrata displays serrated leaves and delicate white flowers. Its role in local ecosystems underscores its ecological importance, and its distinct appearance adds to the beauty of landscapes.

20. Quercus Macrocarpa

Botanical Name: Quercus macrocarpa

The Quercus macrocarpa, popular as Bur Oak, earns its name from its large acorns and distinctively textured bark. This tree, native to North America, offers shade and visual interest, making it a valuable addition to urban and rural gardens.

21. Quercus Montana

Trees that Start with Q 11

Botanical Name: Quercus montana

Also known as Chestnut Oak, the Quercus montana showcases coarsely toothed leaves reminiscent of chestnut trees. Its sturdy wood and textured appearance contribute to its popularity in various applications, from furniture-making to garden design.

22. Quercus Acutissima

Botanical Name: Quercus acutissima

Thriving in well-drained soil, Quercus Acutissima features lance-shaped leaves with serrated margins. These deciduous Trees that Start with Q show a moderate growth rate and full canopy, making them ideal for creating shade.

23. Quercus Phellos

Trees that Start with Q 12

Botanical Name: Quercus phellos

Quercus phellos, commonly known as Willow Oak, has narrow, willow-like leaves that are favored for their aesthetic appeal. It grows best in moist, acidic soils and tolerates wet conditions. With a deep root system, it’s an excellent choice for erosion control.

24. Quercus Palustris

Botanical Name: Quercus palustris

This fast-growing oak, Quercus palustris, boasts deeply lobed leaves that turn a brilliant red in the fall. These Trees that Start with T are particularly effective in providing a habitat for local fauna.

25. Quercus Shumardii

Trees that Start with Q 13

Botanical Name: Quercus shumardii

Featuring a tall, straight trunk and dark green foliage, Quercus shumardii is highly resilient to urban pollution. The Shumard Oak’s strong wood and adaptability make it a valuable landscaping asset.

26. Quercus Lobata

Botanical Name: Quercus lobata

Native to California, Quercus lobata sports deeply lobed, gray-green leaves and a sturdy trunk. Requiring well-drained soils, this tree is drought-resistant once established. The Valley Oak is an eco-friendly option for xeriscaping.

27. Quercus Falcata

Trees that Start with Q 14

Botanical Name: Quercus falcata

The Southern Red Oak, Quercus falcata, offers three-lobed, glossy leaves that turn reddish-orange in the fall. Adapted to various soils, it shows a preference for sandy or clay-based types.

28. Quercus Coccinea

Botanical Name: Quercus coccinea

Quercus coccinea is celebrated for its vivid fall foliage that turns a brilliant scarlet. This tree serves as an ornamental focal point and attracts various bird species.

29. Quercus Rubra

Trees that Start with Q 16

Botanical Name: Quercus rubra

With strong wood and a well-balanced canopy, Quercus rubra is a popular choice for shade and timber. This tree’s acorns are an important food source for wildlife.

30. Quercus Muehlenbergii

Trees that Start with Q 17

Botanical Name: Quercus muehlenbergii

Native to the United States, Quercus muehlenbergii flourishes in limestone-rich, well-drained soils. The tree sports lanceolate leaves and produces edible acorns, which are a food source for various wildlife.

31. Quercus Imbricaria

Botanical Name: Quercus imbricaria

The Shingle Oak, Quercus imbricaria, is characterized by unlobed, glossy green leaves. This low-maintenance tree is commonly used in residential landscaping and urban settings.

32. Quercus Durandii

Botanical Name: Quercus durandii

Quercus durandii, commonly known as Bluff Oak, displays elliptic leaves with a shiny surface, adding a unique texture to the landscape. Its deep root system helps in erosion control and makes it a viable choice for challenging terrains.

33. Quercus Nigra

Botanical Name: Quercus nigra

With a preference for moist, acidic soils, Quercus nigra is commonly found in floodplains and near water bodies. Its leaves are spatula-shaped, offering a unique aesthetic.

34. Quercus Stellata

Botanical Name: Quercus stellata

Quercus stellata features cross-shaped leaves and provides dense shade, making it a favorable option for sun-sensitive plants. The Post Oak’s hardy nature makes it a long-lasting, low-maintenance choice for gardens.

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