30 Trees that Start with D

From towering specimens to the flowering varieties, these Trees that Start with D will inspire you to grow them in your yard!

Featuring diverse shapes, sizes, and characteristics, these Trees that Start with D include some of the most valuable species out there!

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Trees that Start with D

1. Devilwood

Trees that Start with D 1

Botanical Name: Osmanthus americanus

Native to the Southeastern U.S., Devilwood is a small, resilient evergreen. It’s a widely loved specimen with glossy leaves and sweet-smelling white blossoms that are a magnet for butterflies.

2. Smooth Devil’s-Claws

Trees that Start with D 3

Botanical Name: Pisonia rotundata

A unique choice for the tropical gardener, the Smooth Devil’s-claws stands out with its broad leaves and attractive claw-like fruits. Gardeners prefer this tree for its unique appearance and the towering height, especially in larger spaces

3. Douglas Fir

Trees that Start with D 5

Botanical Name: Pseudotsuga menziesii

The Douglas Fir is a towering conifer loved for its pyramid-like shape and soft, needle-like leaves. Valued for timber this tree that starts with D prefers well-draining soil and requires ample space to grow.

4. Dogwoods

Botanical Name: Cornus spp.

Dogwoods are native to temperate regions worldwide and are celebrated for their showy flowers and vibrant foliage. They adapt well to various environments and offer diversity in landscaping.

5. Giant Dracaena

Botanical Name: Cordyline australis

Also known as the Cabbage Tree, the Giant Dracaena has a palm-like appearance, featuring long, arching leaves atop a thick trunk. It stands as a tropical beauty in gardens, growing impressively tall, perfect for larger landscapes.

6. Wild Dilly

Trees that Start with D 6

Botanical Name: Manilkara jaimiqui

The Wild Dilly is a rare gem native to tropical regions, boasting glossy, leathery leaves and small greenish-yellow flowers. It’s perfect for landscapes with rich, moist soil and partial shade.

7. Dog-Banana

Botanical Name: Asimina triloba

Also known as the Pawpaw tree, the Dog-banana boasts large, banana-like fruits that have a sweet, custard-like taste. Native to North America, it’s not just a fruit-bearing tree but also a stunning sight in fall when its leaves turn a vibrant yellow.

8. Dahoon

Trees that Start with D 8

Botanical Name: Ilex cassine

The Dahoon is an evergreen tree featuring glossy deep green leaves and bright red berries. These trees that begin with D attract a hoard of birds to any place they grow.

9. Deviltree

Botanical Name: Alstonia spp.

The Deviltree is an evergreen specimen that produces fragrant white flowers with yellow centers in the fall. This tree is a valuable timber species and is widely loved for its medicinal properties.

10. Dragon Tree

Botanical Name: Dracaena draco

The Dragon Tree is a living sculpture with a stout, sculptural trunk and rosettes of long, sword-shaped leaves. Native to the Canary Islands, it’s a drought-tolerant, slow-growing tree that adds a mystical touch to landscapes.

11. Dove Tree

Trees that Start with D 11

Botanical Name: Davidia involucrata

Also called the Handkerchief Tree, the Dove Tree is a true showstopper. Native to China, it features large, heart-shaped leaves and unique white flowers that look like doves or handkerchiefs fluttering in the breeze, making every body’s favorite.

12. Desert Ironwood

Trees that Start with D 15

Botanical Name: Olneya tesota

The Desert Ironwood showcases small, feathery leaves and stunning purple flowers that bloom after rainfall. This small tree’s dense wood makes it a valuable material for carvings and crafts.

13. Date Palm

Trees that Start with D 13

Botanical Name: Phoenix dactylifera

With elegant, feather-like fronds, the Date Palm is native to the Middle East. It’s prized for its sweet dates, often used in various culinary delights, and a symbol of prosperity in many cultures.

14. Darlingplum

Botanical Name: Reynosia septentrionalis

Hailing from the Caribbean, the Darlingplum is a bit of tropical charm with its heart-shaped leaves and purple fruits that look like tiny plums. These Trees that Start with D grow well in both sunny and shaded regions.

15. Desert Willow

Trees that Start with D 15

Botanical Name: Chilopsis linearis

Native to the Southwest U.S. and Mexico, the Desert Willow features stunning trumpet-shaped flowers and a wispy, open canopy, resembling a willow. It attracts hummingbirds and butterflies, and is widely used for ornamental purposes.

16. Devil’s Walkingstick

Botanical Name: Aralia spinosa

Native to eastern North America, the Devil’s Walkingstick is a deciduous tree that produces large, compound leaves and thorny stems.

17. Dawn Redwood

Trees that Start with D 17

Botanical Name: Metasequoia glyptostroboides

Once thought extinct and rediscovered in China, the Dawn Redwood grows rapidly, showcasing a pyramidal shape with bright green needles that turn orange-brown in fall.

18. Deodar Cedar

Trees that Start with D 19

Botanical Name: Cedrus deodara

Hailing from the Himalayas, the Deodar Cedar stands majestic with drooping branches and silvery-green needles. Revered as a sacred tree in Hinduism, it’s widely used in construction and landscaping for its durable wood.

19. Dakota Pinnacle Birch

Trees that Start with D 19

Botanical Name: Betula platyphylla ‘Fargo’

Popular for its narrow, upright form and striking white bark, the Dakota Pinnacle Birch is a popular choice for urban landscapes. It offers stunning yellow fall foliage and is resistant to common birch pests.

20. David Elm

Trees that Start with D 21

Botanical Name: Ulmus davidiana

Native to East Asia, the David Elm boasts a rounded canopy with glossy, green leaves. It’s notably resistant to Dutch Elm disease, making it a valuable species for urban planting and landscape design.

21. Drooping Juniper

Trees that Start with D 21

Botanical Name: Juniperus flaccida

This native of Mexico and the southwestern U.S. stands out with its drooping branches and blue-green foliage. The Drooping Juniper is often used in ornamental landscaping and for erosion control in arid regions.

22. Downy Serviceberry

Trees that Start with D 23

Botanical Name: Amelanchier arborea

The Downy Serviceberry delights with its early spring blossoms and edible berries. It features smooth, gray bark and brilliant fall colors, making it a favorite for wildlife gardens and naturalistic landscaping.

23. Desert Bloodwood

Trees that Start with D 23

Botanical Name: Corymbia opaca

Originating from Australia’s arid regions, the Desert Bloodwood is renowned for its resilience and hard, durable wood. It’s culturally significant to Indigenous Australians, who use it for tools and bush medicine.

24. Dyer’s Woad

Trees that Start with D 25

Botanical Name: Isatis tinctoria

Dyer’s Woad, found in the European and Central Asian steppes, is a historic source of blue dye. While typically a herbaceous plant, it can grow tree-like in certain conditions and has been used medicinally for centuries.

25. Dot-and-Dash Plant

Trees that Start with D 25

Botanical Name: Karwinskia humboldtiana

Native to Mexico and the southwestern United States, this medium sized tree is known for its striking bark pattern. While it’s attractive in appearance, the tree is toxic and should be handled with care.

26. Daintree Pine

Botanical Name: Gymnostoma australianum

A rare specimen of the Daintree in Australia, its needle-like foliage resembles a conifer, though it’s not related to pine trees. The leaves are small and scale-like that grow on slender grey-green twigs.

27. Diamond-leaf Oak

Trees that Start with D 27

Botanical Name: Quercus laurifolia

Native to the southeastern United States, Diamond-leaf Oak stands out with its unique, diamond-shaped leaves. It provides valuable habitat for wildlife and is used for its hardy wood in furniture and construction.

28. Dyer’s Sumac

Botanical Name: Rhus coriaria

From the Mediterranean region, Dyer’s Sumac is valued for its tannin-rich bark and leaves that are extensively used for dyeing and leather production. It grows as a somewhat small tree and finds its place in traditional medicine.

29. Desert Hackberry

Trees that Start with D 29

Botanical Name: Celtis pallida

This thorny tree is popular for its wildlife-friendly berries. Native to the southwestern U.S. and Mexico, Desert Hackberry is drought-tolerant and a common sight in private landscapes as well.

30. Dwarf Mountain Pine

Botanical Name: Pinus mugo

A European native, the Dwarf Mountain Pine is a compact conifer perfect for small gardens and rockeries. Its resistance to harsh, dry conditions makes it a popular choice for alpine and mountain landscaping.

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