Top Indoor Plant Stakes Ideas

Everyone needs help sometimes to get up, even plants. Using Plant Stakes Indoors can really elevate the overall mood and display of the room.

Stakes are used to provide some support to the plant so that it can grow well, in a specific direction, and not spread about like wildflowers. Indoor Plant Stakes are useful when you need your space to look neat and clean.

Indoor Plant Stakes Ideas

1. Wooden Stake

A very quick and convenient idea is to put a wooden stake into your plant soil near the base of the plant so that as the plant grows, it naturally wraps itself around the plant stake and gains its support.

You can collect branches from your backyard and use them as stakes. Check out this video to know more.

You can simply use a wooden stick or put your creative brain at work and decorate it, works well either way.

2. Metal Stake

Different types of metals can be molded and used as stakes.

One popular idea is to use metal wires, bend them into different shapes and use them as plant stakes.

Check out this video for a really simple DIY Wire Stake, this for a DIY Copper Wire Stake, and click here for a DIY Jute-Wire Stake.

3. Bamboo Stakes

Bamboo is a safe and eco-friendly stake option. It is also a very hardy and strong plant, so it can be used as a stake for plants which sprout fruits or heavy flowers.

4. Moss Pole


Buy a Moss Pole and insert it in your pot, in between the stem of your plant. Wrap the stems around the pole. Moss provides additional nutrients to the plants as well.

5. PVC Pipes

You can use spare PVC Pipes in your house as a plant stake. It is absolutely safe to use and can be painted to make it decorative and fancy. Cut a clean pipe as per the required size, and it will be ready for use.

Here is a video about DIY with PVC Pipes.

6. Basket

Metal or wire baskets will make for good support for your plants. Keep your plant under an inverted basket and let it sprout out of the open spaces available.

7. Pencils


Pencils act as a really simple stake. They are made of wood, so it is safe for plants as well. It is as easy as putting a pencil in your flower pot.

8. Plastic Pole

Plastic stakes come in different attractive designs and colors. Check them out for your indoor plants.

9. Cloth Hanger

You can make a stake using a cloth hanger using a few tools.

Here is how.

10. Chopsticks


Chopsticks are made of bamboo, plastic or wood. They can be used as a simple stake, or you can DIY and turn them into interesting designs.

Click here to know how.

11. Ladder

Ladders make for great support for a climbing plant. You can DIY a simple wooden ladder and place it near your climbers, they will start climbing the ladder on their own.

Here is how.

You can also make a miniature ladder and stick it in the base of the pot.

13. Coconut Pole

You can make a Coconut Pole with some wooden stakes and wires. It looks and feels almost similar to a moss pole, except that there is coconut instead of moss. Here is how to do it!

14. Beaded Stake

Various designs and shapes can be created out of beads and wires. You can customize the design and the length.

Watch this video for an easy DIY stake idea.

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