10 Succulents that Look Like Rocks and Stones

With compact, clustered growth and an earthy look, these Succulents that Look Like Rocks and Stones make for a unique indoor addition!

Whether you are a succulent enthusiast looking for some unique varieties or just want to complement your mini tabletop rock garden, these Succulents that Look Like Rocks or Stones are the best fit! Not only do these plants share a close resemblance to rocks, but their ability to survive in neglect also makes them the first choice of busy or novice gardeners.

Succulents that Look Like Rocks

1. Baseball Plant

10 Succulents that Look Like Rocks and Stones 1

Botanical Name: Euphorbia obesa

This captivating succulent resembles a small, round stone or, as its name suggests, a baseball. It has a symmetrical, globe-like shape with ridges that resemble the stitching on a baseball. The plant’s smooth, pale green to bluish-green skin further enhances its rock-like appearance.

2. Split Stones

Botanical Name: Pleiospilos nelii

True to their name, these small, compact plants feature two succulent leaves with a distinctive fissure down the center, resembling a cracked stone. The leaves have a rounded, plump shape and are usually grayish-green or grayish-brown in color. The Split Stones exhibit a fascinating growth pattern where new leaves emerge from the center and gradually push the older leaves outward.

3. Star Cactus

10 Succulents that Look Like Rocks and Stones 2

Botanical Name: Astrophytum spp.

Belonging to the Astrophytum genus, this succulent resembles a small, globular rock in gray-green color, covered in star-shaped markings. Star Cacti have a spherical shape with numerous ridges covered in small, hair-like structures called trichomes, which protect the succulent from excessive sunlight and retain moisture.

4. Rubra

Botanical Name: Lithops optica v. ‘Rubra’

These rock-like succulents have a low, compact growth habit, with pairs of thick, leaf-like structures emerging from the ground. Rubra’s leaves are typically rounded or slightly cone-shaped and have a distinct split down the center, creating the illusion of two separate stones fused together. The leaves have a vibrant reddish-brown coloration, giving it a more pronounced look.

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5. Haworthia Cooperi

10 Succulents that Look Like Rocks and Stones 3

Botanical Name: Haworthia cooperi var. truncata

Haworthia Cooperi has short, cylindrical leaves arranged in dense rosettes, resembling a cluster of rounded stones. The leaves are prized for their translucent tips, allowing light to penetrate, which creates an interesting play of colors. It grows in clumps, with mature plants reaching around 2 inches in height, making it an ideal plant for containers or small garden spaces.

6. Maughan’s Haworthia


Botanical Name: Haworthia truncate var. Maughanii

This variety of Haworthia features triangular-shaped leaves that grow in a rosette formation, with their tips forming a neat, rounded surface. The leaves have a beautiful dark green to bluish-green color with intricate white patterns or lines, adding to the stone-like appearance.

7. Conophytum

10 Succulents that Look Like Rocks and Stones 4

Botanical Name: Conophytum

Conophytum species are dwarf Succulents that Look Like Rocks or Stones. They come in various shapes, colors, and sizes and typically have two fleshy leaves that form a slit-like opening between them, resembling a rock crevice. The leaves are smooth or textured, depending on the species, with colors ranging from green to gray, brown, or even reddish tones.

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8. Moon Stone

Botanical Name: Pachyphytum oviferum

The plump, rounded leaves are thick and fleshy with a delicate powdery coating, giving them an appearance similar to river stones or pebbles. The plant tends to grow in clusters, similar to a pile of smooth, polished stones, further enhancing the resemblance.

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9. Karoo Rose

10 Succulents that Look Like Rocks and Stones 5

Botanical Name: Lapidaria margaretae

Karoo Rose features thick, rounded leaves that form a compact, rosette-like shape, resembling a cluster of polished rocks with a dusty rose hue. The leaves exhibit subtle variations in color, ranging from pale pink to deep reddish-brown. Karoo Rose is highly valued for its unique coloration, making it a focal point in succulent arrangements.

10. Lithops Hallii

Botanical Name: Lithops hallii

Hallii is a unique succulent featuring a pair of thick, leaf-like structures that resemble connected stones with their rounded, rectangular shape, center cleft, and natural rock-like patterns. The color ranges from green to gray, brown, or even reddish tones, contributing to its stone-like appearance.

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