20 String of Pearls Display Ideas

If you love the whimsical show of those bulbous vines, these String of Pearls Display Ideas will have you trying them all!

This article will inspire you to experiment with your decor and give you some creative options to flaunt those string plants in style. These String of Pearls Display Ideas are not just confined to this particular plant but any vine you desire!

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String of Pearls Display Ideas

1. Spill it from a Hanging Vase

string of pearls display 1

2. Display it in a Cup

3. Cascade Bushy Vines From Hanging Baskets

string of pearls in hanging basket

4. Place it in a Decorative Planter

5. In a Kokedama Display

string of pearls in kokedama

6. Display a Spilling Plant with Other Succulents

7. Place it on a Woven Baset on a Bookshelf

string of pearls display on bookshelf

8. Grace it on a Plant Stand

9. Hang Flowering Senecio for an Interesting Display

10. Let it Cascade from a Cup

11.’ Stringy’ Hair Display

12. Grow them in a Window Box

13. Place a Senecio on a Plant Ladder

14. Opt for a Water Display

15. Place a Potted Plant on a Floating Shelf

16. String of Pearls Family

17. Create a Senecio Shelf


18. String of Pearls Tower

19. Hang the Vines at a Height

20. Spill them Off a Pot

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