8 Spiders that Look Like Tree Bark

Did you ever see a Spider that Looks Like Tree Bark? Well, we have listed some of the best doppelgangers below!

If you are a dendrophile at heart, a spider that looks like tree bark might have been your unexpected companion on a jungle hike! If not yet, keep your eyes peeled on your next forest escapade, and you might just spot these masterful mimics hiding in plain sight.

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Spiders that Look Like Tree Bark

1. Bark Crab Spider

Spider on Tree Bark 1

Scientific Name: Bassaniana

Bark Crab Spiders are masters of disguise with their rugged, bark-like texture and coloration, blending seamlessly into tree trunks and branches. Its mild venom immobilizes small insects it preys upon without harming humans.

2. Huntsman Spider

Spider that Look Like Tree Bark 2

Scientific Name: Heteropodidae

Huntsman spiders have a flat, wide body with a brown, mottled pattern that mimics the appearance of tree bark like an absolute look-alike.

3. Orb-Weaver Spider

Araneidae - Spider that Look Like Tree Bark

Scientific Name: Araneidae

These nature engineers even use bits of bark in their webs to trick their prey. Plus, their intricate texture and dark brown color make them difficult to spot on a tree bark.

4. Running Crab Spider

Scientific Name: Philodromidae

With streamlined bodies and textured patterns, the Running Crab Spiders adjust their color to match the specific type of bark, and don’t worry if they bite you, as it will hardly itch for a minute or two!

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5. Ground Spider

Gnaphosidae on Tree Bark

Scientific Name: Gnaphosidae

Ground Spiders often display a dark, mottled brown color similar to bark, helping them to camouflage on tree surfaces and the forest floor. These nocturnals prey on various insects and stand out with their incredible speed.

6. Lichen Huntsman Spider

Pandercetes Gracilis - Look Like Tree Bark

Scientific Name: Pandercetes Gracilis

Didn’t that picture send a shiver down your spine? This master of mimicry wonderfully imitates the lichen-covered tree bark and even uses bits of lichen in their web to cement their camouflage.

7. Jumper Spider

Spider that Look Like Tree Bark - Salticidae

Scientific Name: Salticidae

These agile spiders can leap great distances and often mimic the texture of tree bark in their rocky habitats. Bites from jumper spiders are extremely rare and, if they do occur, are usually no more harmful than a minor bee sting.

8. Net-Casting Spider

Scientific Name: Deinopidae

These spiders literally look like pieces of dried tree bark with a thin body and mottled brown color. With a unique hunting technique, they throw their web over prey, similar to casting a net.

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