7 Best Snake Plant Uses

If a sansevieria is on your ‘carts,’ these snake plant uses will lure you into ordering them (or maybe getting one from the nursery this weekend)!

Best Snake Plant Uses

While Snake plants are undoubtedly the sturdy guys of the plant world, do you know about their multifaceted uses? If not yet, it is high time you start paying attention to this often-neglected houseplant, as it can be a boon to your home, especially for urban dwellers!

Snake Plant Uses

1. Purifies the Air

Best Snake Plant Uses

Snake plant is like your home’s natural air defender. One of the NASA verified list of plants, It’s quite efficient in filtering out formaldehyde, commonly found in cleaning products, and benzene, often present in plastics and synthetic fibers.

However, for that purpose, it is a good idea to place one by the window or maybe a couple of them for enhanced action. However, remember not to leave it in the harsh afternoon sunlight for long and monitor any signs of distress.

2. Stands Out as a Low-Maintenance Decor

Snake Plant Uses - Low-Maintenance Decor

If you are a couch potato who wants to bring home some low-maintenance greenery, get a snake plant right away! You can also trick them into growing taller and these statement pieces by the entrance.

Not just that, hanging in macrame, creating a living wall, placing them on a coffee table—options are endless!

3. Improves Indoor Humidity

Snake Plant Uses - Improves Indoor Humidity

Combat the discomfort of dry indoor air with the snake plant’s subtle humidifying effect. Research shows that snake plants have a higher transpiration rate than most air-purifying plants.

Hence, it helps fight common issues like dry skin and respiratory irritation, making your home feel more comfortable and inviting.

4. Boosts Oxygen Production

Snake Plant Uses - Oxygen Production

The snake plant has a unique superpower — it boosts oxygen levels in your home, even at night. A study at Naresuan University in Thailand revealed a significant finding—placing 2 to 5 snake plants in a room can reduce carbon dioxide levels by an impressive 23-28%, which indirectly boosts the presence of oxygen.

This makes it a great fit in bedrooms, where it can contribute to a more restful and refreshing sleep environment.

5. Brings Prosperity and Good Luck

Snake Plant Uses - Brings Prosperity and Good Luck

More than just a plant, the snake plant is considered a bearer of good luck and positive energy in Feng Shui. It’s believed to attract prosperity and shield your home from negative vibes.

Placing it near your entryway can create a welcoming atmosphere, infusing your space with a sense of balance and positivity.

6. Creates an Easy-Growing Centerpiece

How about adding a living centerpiece to your collection? Snake plants can be a cool option as they don’t require regular maintenance and can survive well even in water. Plus, its sleek architectural form brings an elite, sophisticated feel to any space.

7. Saves Time and Energy

Snake Plant - UsesTime and Energy

For the busy bees out there, the snake plant is a godsend. Its undemanding nature means you can enjoy the benefits of indoor greenery without the time commitment.

It thrives with minimal care, allowing you to focus on other productive tasks while your plant grows happily on its own.

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