18 Beautiful Red and Yellow Roses

Add unique charm to your garden and floral arrangements with these Red and Yellow Roses, radiating beauty with their gradient tones!

Tap on to sheer elegance doubled with a refreshing scent around your home and garden with these beautiful Red and Yellow Roses. Not just for your garden, we have listed some stunning varieties for pots and indoor displays as well!

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Best Red and Yellow Roses

1. Joseph’s Coat

Best Red and Yellow Roses 1

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Joseph’s Coat’

Rosa ‘Joseph’s Coat,’ is a true spectacle of color variation. Its multi-colored petals showcase shades of red, yellow, and even orange. This rose variety blooms abundantly during the spring and continues to offer sporadic blooms throughout the growing season.

2. Masquerade Red and Yellow

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Masquerade Red and Yellow’

The Masquerade Red and Yellow rose is a captivating blend of crimson and gold. Its rich red petals are adorned with golden edges, giving it a striking appearance. With a compact growth habit, this rose is ideal for both borders and containers.

3. Sunrise Rose

Best Red and Yellow Roses 2

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Sunrise’

The name says it all—the Sunrise Rose, or Rosa ‘Sunrise,’ offers a sensational mix of yellow centers with fiery red tips. It blooms from late spring to early fall, offering a sweet, fruity fragrance. Suitable for both container and ground planting, this variety is a versatile choice.

4. Rainbow’s End Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Rainbow’s End’

The petals of this Red and Yellow Rose transition from deep red at the center to golden yellow at the edges. This rose variety boasts a compact growth habit, perfect for smaller gardens or even as a potted plant on your patio.

5. High and Magic Rose

Best Red and Yellow Roses 3

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘High and Magic’

The High and Magic rose, or Rosa ‘High and Magic,’ lives up to its name by delivering a captivating performance of color transformation. The outer petals are deep red, gradually transitioning to a vibrant yellow center.

6. Konfetti Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Konfetti’

Rosa ‘Konfetti’ is one of the most beautiful Red and Yellow Roses that grace the garden with their petite, bi-colored flowers combining shades of red and yellow, creating a confetti-like effect. It is well-suited for borders and beds, bringing a cheerful and festive ambiance to your outdoor space.

7. Circus Rose

Best Red and Yellow Roses 4

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Circus’

Circus Rose showcases a stunning blend of red and yellow, often appearing as if painted by an artist. It blooms from spring until fall, offering a moderate fragrance. Well-suited for mass plantings, its vibrant colors can energize any garden setting.

8. Ketchup and Mustard

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Ketchup and Mustard’

Rosa ‘Ketchup and Mustard’ offers a delectable blend of colors that resonate with culinary delights. The deep red petals are reminiscent of ketchup, while the vibrant yellow center mirrors the bright hue of mustard.

9. Rio Samba

Best Red and Yellow Roses 5

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Rio Samba’

Rio Samba displays a dazzling medley of yellow centers with red edges that intensify with sun exposure. Blooming from late spring to early fall, it adds a tropical flair to any garden. This hybrid tea rose is prized for its robust growth and excellent disease resistance.

10. Dream Come True

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Dream Come True’

Dream Come True features striking yellow petals suffused with ruby-red tips. This grandiflora rose blooms repeatedly throughout the growing season. Its upright growth habit makes it ideal for garden beds and borders, and it’s an award-winning variety known for its vigor.

11. Cherry Brandy

Best Red and Yellow Roses 6

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Cherry Brandy’

Cherry Brandy rose, or Rosa ‘Cherry Brandy,’ is a rose variety that mirrors the rich tones of its namesake beverage. Its deep red petals carry undertones of velvety crimson, resembling the color of brandy. Due to its disease resistance, this hardy hybrid rose is an excellent choice for novice gardeners.

12. Charleston

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Charleston’

The Charleston rose pays homage to the elegance of the southern city it’s named after. Its red and yellow petals blend exudes a timeless charm reminiscent of the antebellum era. These Red and Yellow Roses are complemented by their strong fragrance, making them versatile for garden beds and bouquets.

13. Piccadilly

Best Red and Yellow Roses 7

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Piccadilly’

Piccadilly showcases vibrant yellow petals highlighted with striking red streaks. It blooms generously from late spring to early fall. Suitable for multiple garden styles, its bushy growth habit and high disease resistance make it a practical choice for any setting.

14. High Noon

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘High Noon’

High Noon is known for its bright yellow flowers with occasional red flushes on the petal edges. This climbing rose blooms primarily in the spring and early summer. With its vigorous growth and stunning color combination, it’s a standout choice for arbors and trellises.

15. Charisma

Best Red and Yellow Roses 8

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Charisma’

Charisma wows with its bold red and yellow bi-colored petals. Typically blooming from spring to fall, this hybrid tea variety is highly fragrant. Renowned for its long vase life, Charisma makes an excellent choice for floral arrangements.

16. Tequila Sunrise

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Tequila Sunrise’

Tequila Sunrise enchants with its yellow to deep red gradient, resembling a morning sky. This hybrid tea rose blooms from late spring until early autumn. Its vibrant colors and strong, sweet fragrance make it an attention-grabbing addition to any garden.

17. Campfire

Best Red and Yellow Roses 9

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Campfire’

Campfire captures attention with its yellow petals that transition to fiery red tips. This hardy shrub rose blooms continuously from late spring to early fall. Known for its resilience to cold climates, it’s an excellent choice for northern gardens.

18. Betty Boop

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Betty Boop’

Betty Boop showcases white petals with red edges, often featuring a yellow center. This floribunda rose blooms abundantly from spring until fall. The bushy, compact growth habit makes these Red and Yellow Roses ideal for smaller gardens or as a vibrant border plant.

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