14 Rare Vanda Orchids You Must Grow

Tap on to nature’s exotic gifts—Rare Vanda Orchids that look elegant and will liven your garden with their sweet fragrance!

If you are into collecting not-so-common specimens for your garden, these Rare Vanda Orchids will have your heart with their unique color patterns and extraordinary looks!

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Rare Vanda Orchids

1. Blue Vanda

Rare Vanda Orchids 1

Botanical Name: Vanda coerulea

The Blue Vanda boasts striking blue to purple petals and is well-known for its vibrant coloration. Typically blooming from late summer to early fall, this orchid is a showstopper in any orchid collection. It often requires abundant light to maintain its rich hues.

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2. Tricolor Vanda

Botanical Name: Vanda tricolor var. suavis

Exhibiting a mix of white, pink, and brownish-red petals, this Vanda variety blooms primarily in the fall and winter. With a sweet, citrusy smell, its captivating tricolor scheme attracts a hoard of pollinators to the garden.

3. Checkerboard Vanda

Botanical Name: Vanda tessellata

A rare find, the Checkerboard Vanda boasts a blend of pale and darker lavender petals with a complex checkerboard pattern. Its long-lasting blooms are characterized by an intricate tessellation, living up to its botanical name.

4. Fox-Tail Vanda

Botanical Name: Vanda cristata

Fox-Tail Vanda is a scarce orchid distinguished by its long, pendulous inflorescence resembling a fox’s tail. The unique lip has pale yellow with brown stripes that instantly catches attention.

5. Japanese Wind Orchid

Rare Vanda Orchids 5

Botanical Name: Vanda falcata

Native to Japan, the Japanese Wind Orchid presents simple but elegant lavender-white petals and a delicate fragrance. Its small, waxy blooms are crescent-shaped, aligning with the meaning of “falcata,” which refers to a sickle.

6. Yellow-Centered Vanda

Botanical Name: Vanda helvola

A rare gem in the Vanda family, the Yellow-Centered Vanda features pale yellow petals surrounding bright pink lips. This striking contrast looks aesthetic as cut flower display and along garden borders.

7. Veined Vanda

Rare Vanda Orchids 7

Botanical Name: Vanda lamellata

Rare and visually striking, the Veined Vanda comes with uniquely veined petals that display a mix of pale yellow,  brown and lavender. The thin, branching veins form a captivating pattern, drawing the eye toward its intricate design.

8. Deare’s Vanda

Botanical Name: Vanda dearei

Deare’s Vanda, graces the world with its fragrant white-yellow petals, adorned with a delicate yellowish center. Originating from the Philippines, this Rare Vanda Orchid finds its habitat on the trunks of trees in tropical rainforests.

9. Hinds’ Vanda

Rare Vanda Orchids 9

Botanical Name: Vanda hindsii

Native to Australia and New Guinea, Hinds’ Vanda features striking combination of vibrant brown spots on and yellow petals. Unlike many other orchids, Hinds’ Vanda thrives as a lithophyte, meaning it clings to rocks and cliffs.

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10. Denison’s Vanda

Botanical Name: Vanda denisoniana

This orchid features elegant, star-shaped flowers that are yellow to orange with a white center. The petals are gracefully arranged and are slightly twisted, adding to its rarity.

11. Waling-Waling Vanda

Botanical Name: Vanda sanderiana

Waling-Waling Vanda, popular as “Queen of Orchids” in Philippine features an impressive display of large, vibrant flowers. These flowers come in shades of lavender to brownish-purple, often with contrasting spots and a yellow center.

12. Fan-Shaped Vanda

Rare Vanda Orchids

Botanical Name: Vanda flabellata

This species is known for its somewhat dark pink, fan-shaped blossoms. The petals and lip are elegantly curled, resembling a fan, which adds a unique aesthetic to the flower. Native to the Himalayas, it’s adapted to cool to intermediate conditions.

13. Roebling’s Vanda

Botanical Name: Vanda roeblingiana

Native to Borneo, this species features unique yellow-brown flowers with a lighter, yellowish lip. The petals are relatively broad and often bear spots or blotches, contributing to its unique visual appeal.

14. Merrill’s Vanda

Rare Vanda Orchids

Botanical Name: Vanda merrillii

Endemic to Philipines, this vanda orchid is known for its striking brown-yellow flowers with a contrasting white or pale yellow lip. The petals are large, flat, and exhibit a bold veining pattern, giving it an impressive visual display.

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