11 Beautiful Rare Philodendrons for Collection

Flaunt your houseplant collection with these rare philodendrons that are not just pretty but super easy to maintain!

Tired of the same old greenery and want to jazz up your garden with something extraordinary? Get your hands on these fantastic philodendrons that’ll leave people admiring, or (maybe) envying your collection!

Beautiful Rare Philodendrons

1. Ring of Fire

Beautiful Rare Philodendrons

This showstopper stands by its name with a mix of yellow, neon green, and some occasional variegations. It’s a bit of a diva when it comes to care—survives in indirect sunlight but would love to bask in a few hours of the morning sun.

2. White Princess

White Princess Beautiful Rare Philodendrons for Collection

Elegant and almost royal in appearance, the ‘White Princess’ might confuse you with ‘white knight,’ but this one might surprise you with occasional pink splashes amidst green and white.

3. Variegated Florida Beauty

philodendron Florida beauty's Beautiful Rare Philodendrons for Collection

The foliage shape is enough to set this beauty apart, let alone those green and yellow variegations. It loves to sit in humid spots, so keep a humidifier handy or shift it with your shower plants for those dry days.

4. Spiritus Sancti

Beautiful Rare Philodendrons

The ‘Spiritus Sancti’ is a rare treasure with slender, glossy leaves that blend in elegance and simplicity. Provided its sleek appearance, it demands a stable environment with high humidity and indirect light.

5. Jose Buono

Philodendron Jose Buono

The large and elongated heart-shaped leaves exhibit a stunning marbling of cream, white, and green variegation. Plus, its impressive leaf size demands an open space with indirect sun exposure to boast the best display. Here’s how you can provide the best care!

6. White Knight

Rare Philodendrons for Collection

The White Knight is beautifully splashed with dark green and white, creating a stark contrast that’s soothing to the eye. Place it near your north-facing window for that balance of light and shade it needs to keep up its vibrancy.

7. Pink Princess

pink-princess-philodendron Beautiful Rare Philodendrons for Collection

Justifying its name, this plant flaunts a beautiful pink variegation paired with dark green and white speckles. Keep it away from too bright sun exposure and clean the foliage weekly to retain its shine.

8. Philodendron Gloriosum

Rare Philodendrons for Collection

If you are into large foliar specimens, Gloriosum will have your heart with its typical heart-shaped foliage in a rich green shade. Plus, its soft, velvety texture adds another layer of sophistication to its look.

9. Philodendron Royal Queen

Rare Philodendrons

The ‘Royal Queen’ is a rapid grower, flaunting deep burgundy leaves that mature into a lush green. A mix of indirect light and humidity is the secret to maintaining its majestic colors.

10. Variegated Thai Sunrise

The Thai Sunrise brings a burst of brightness with its green leaves streaked with sunny yellow variegation. This rarity appreciates consistent watering to showcase its unique colors; however, don’t end up overwatering.

11. Variegated Black Cardinal

This Philodendron is a drama queen with its deep burgundy to almost black leaves, accented with unpredictable white to creamy yellow variegation. Provide medium light exposure in a well-draining soil mix and watch it flaunt the best colors.

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