19 Purple Flowers with Yellow Center Varieties

Want to add a dash of color to your garden? These Purple Flowers with Yellow Center Varieties will do just that!

When it comes to breathing life into your garden, there’s no more vibrant color duo than—Purple Flowers with Yellow Center Varieties! Nature’s artistry at its finest, these beautiful flowers are not just visually appealing but a magnet for pollinators, further cementing their place as an effective addition!

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 Purple Flowers with Yellow Center Varieties

While we have listed some of the most beautiful varieties, do note that some flowers may exhibit tints of magenta, lilac, or lavender, giving them yet more appealing touch!

1. Pickwick Crocus

Botanical Name: Crocus vernus ‘Pickwick’

Featuring feathered purple petals that appear as if hand-painted, Pickwick Crocuses open to reveal vibrant yellow stamens. These early-spring bloomers are low growing, making them ideal for planting en masse or in rock gardens.

2. Bittersweet Nightshade

Purple Flowers with Yellow Center 11

Botanical Name: Solanum dulcamara

Bittersweet Nightshade adorns gardens with its elegant purple flowers, each centered with bright yellow stamens. This perennial vine, blooming from late spring to early fall, should be handled with care due to its potential toxicity.

3. Pasque Flower

Botanical Name: Pulsatilla vulgaris

Pasque Flowers charm with their bell-shaped, purple blooms and bold, yellow centers. Their unique, feathery foliage adds texture, are a perfect fit for rock gardens and borders.

4. Purple Cloud Aster

Purple Flowers with Yellow Center 13

Botanical Name: Aster ‘Purple Cloud’

Offering robust, deep purple blossoms clustered around sunny yellow centers, Purple Cloud Asters enhance gardens from late summer through fall. Thriving in full sun, these hardy perennials are a home to beneficial pollinators.

5. Prairie Gentian

Botanical Name: Eustoma exaltatum spp. russellianum

Prairie Gentians are admired for their large, bell-shaped flowers, featuring vibrant purple hues and a distinct yellow throat. Blooming in summer and early fall, these Purple Flowers aith Yellow Center Varieties stand out in containers and cut flower arrangements.

6. Balloon Flower

Purple Flowers with Yellow Center 1

Botanical Name: Platycodon grandiflorus

The Balloon Flower is striking for its balloon-like buds that burst open into star-shaped violet blossoms. Showcasing a vivid purple hue with a subtle cream-yellow center, this perennial blooms from late spring through summer.

7. Butterfly Bush

Botanical Name: Buddleja davidii

A magnet for butterflies, the Butterfly Bush features elongated clusters of purple flowers surrounding a orange-yellow. Its cascading branches make it a favorite choice for hedges and decorative borders.

8. Coneflower

Purple Flowers with Yellow Center 3

Botanical Name: Echinacea purpurea

Often associated with herbal remedies, the Coneflower sports daisy-like petals in vibrant magenta-purple surrounding a spiky, yellowish-brown central cone. Thriving in well-drained soil, it offers a long blooming season from late spring to early fall.

9. Daylily


Botanical Name: Hemerocallis

Renowned for their hardiness, Daylilies offer trumpet-shaped, deep purple flowers with bright yellow centers. With minimal care, these perennials excel in diverse settings—from borders to containers.

10. Foxglove

Purple Flowers with Yellow Center 5

Botanical Name: Digitalis purpurea

Standing tall with a spiky arrangement of tubular purple flowers, Foxgloves offer a captivating contrast with their light yellow interiors. These biennials bloom in late spring to early summer and prefer partially shaded conditions.

11. Pansy

Purple Flowers with Yellow Center 7

Botanical Name: Viola tricolor var. hortensis)

Distinguished by their velvety blue-purple petals, Pansies boast a vivid yellow center that creates a striking contrast. These annuals are perfect for spring and fall gardens, adapting well to both sun and partial shade.

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12. Gazania

Purple Flowers with Yellow Center 7

Botanical Name: Gazania rigens

Gazanias are renowned for their daisy-like appearance and rich purple petals that encircle a bright yellow core. Thriving in full sun, these perennials bloom primarily in the summer months.

13. Japanese Anemone

Botanical Name: Anemone hupehensis

Japanese Anemones present a delicate blend of soft purple petals surrounding a golden-yellow stamen. These perennials bloom in late summer to early fall, offering a fresh burst of color when many other plants are fading.

14. Orchid

Purple Flowers with Yellow Center 9

Botanical Name: Orchidaceae

Displaying a rich spectrum of purple hues, Orchids captivate with their exotic, intricate petals and contrasting yellow centers. Perfect for indoor cultivation,these Purple Flowers with Yellow Center require a humid environment and indirect sunlight.

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15. Purple Burst Aster

Purple Flowers with Yellow Center 15

Botanical Name: ‘Purple Burst’ China Aster

The Purple Burst Aster lives up to its name with dynamic violet petals radiating from a bright yellow center. A favorite for cutting gardens, its vivacious colors breathe life into any floral arrangement.

16. Adrian Primrose

Botanical Name: Primula auricula

Adrian Primroses showcase a remarkable purple hue combined with a vivid yellow center. Flourishing in partial shade, their vibrant, velvety petals and sweet fragrance make them an exquisite choice for woodland gardens and borders.

17. New England Aster

Purple Flowers with Yellow Center 17

Botanical Name: Symphyotrichum novae-angliae

New England Asters burst forth in a spectacle of deep purple, paired with sunny yellow centers. These native perennials bloom from late summer to early fall, providing essential nectar for monarch butterflies.

18. Dwarf Iris

Botanical Name: Iris reticulata ‘Katharine Hodgkin’

The Dwarf Iris ‘Katharine Hodgkin’ offers an enchanting display of pale purple flowers adorned with yellow markings. Compact and resilient, these irises are perfect for rock gardens, borders, and containers, where their delicate beauty can be truly appreciated.

19. Morning Glory

Botanical Name: Ipomoea

Morning Glories present captivating purple blooms that unfurl beautifully in the morning light, revealing a soft yellow interior. Fast-growing and vigorous, these annual vines bloom in the warmth of summer and prefer full sun.

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