11 Mesmerizing Purple and Yellow Tulips

Shower your yard with a touch of regal elegance with these Purple and Yellow Tulips, perfect for garden borders and container gardening!

With an essence of nobility and vitality, these Purple and Yellow Tulips offer an unexpected blend of elegance and vibrancy that can turn your garden from ordinary to extraordinary!

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Purple and Yellow Tulips

1. Purple Prince

11 Mesmerizing Purple and Yellow Tulips 1

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Purple Prince’

A royal delight, the Purple Prince showcases deep, rich purple petals with a velvety texture. Ideal for creating a vibrant contrast, this Purple and Yellow Tulip stands out from the rest.

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2. Purissima

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Purissima’

Known for its creamy white petals, Purissima takes on a soft yellow hue as it matures. Its elegant form looks even more beautiful, with hints of purple along its petals, offering a serene backdrop.

3. Prinses Irene

11 Mesmerizing Purple and Yellow Tulips 2

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Prinses Irene’

Featuring warm orange-yellow petals tinged with purple flames, Prinses Irene creates a captivating interplay of colors. A striking addition to any garden, these elegant Purple and Yellow Tulips are a must-have for floral enthusiasts.

4. Passionale

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Passionale’

With lavender to purple petals, Passionale lends a gentle, calming ambiance. Its slender form and smooth petals make it an exquisite companion to flower gardens.

5. Merlot

11 Mesmerizing Purple and Yellow Tulips 3

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Merlot’

Boasting wine-colored, deep purple petals transitioning to bright yellow edges, Merlot offers sophistication to tulip gardens. The colorful fringes add an extra layer of beauty to the flowers.

6. Brown Sugar

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Brown Sugar’

Brown Sugar features warm, bronzed petals tinged with purple highlights. Its striking color palette creates a unique focal point amid purple and yellow tulips.

7. Amazing Parrot

11 Mesmerizing Purple and Yellow Tulips 4

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Amazing Parrot’

Showcasing a blend of yellow and purple feather-like petals, Amazing Parrot offers an exotic touch. Its intricate petal structure adds texture to gardens, making them a sought-after variety among Purple and Yellow Tulips.

8. Blumex

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Blumex’

Blumex boasts multi-colored petals combining fiery orange, yellow, and subtle hints of purple. It’s a kaleidoscope of color that complements well among floral arrangements.

9. Apricot Parrot

11 Mesmerizing Purple and Yellow Tulips 5

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Apricot Parrot’

The ‘Apricot Parrot’ tulip is a captivating and distinctive variety that showcases a mesmerizing blend of purple and yellow tones within its petals.

10. Muvota

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Muvota’

Muvota presents deep maroon petals that appear almost purple in certain lighting. Its dark tones serve as a rich contrast to the fiery yellow-orange streaks along the petals.

11. Flaming Parrot

11 Mesmerizing Purple and Yellow Tulips 6

Botanical Name: Tulipa ‘Flaming Parrot’

Flaming Parrot tulip got its name from the vivid and intricate plumage of a parrot. This tulip variety features flame-like petals that exhibit a mesmerizing blend of vivid burgundy-purple and subtle creamy yellow shades.

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