12 Greatest Tips to Grow Pothos for Years and Boost Longevity

Discover some expert Pothos Care Tips to Grow it for Years and Boost Longevity like a seasoned green thumb!

Wondering how to keep your pothos thriving year after year? This guide will help you achieve just that with the key strategies to Grow Pothos for Years, making it an evergreen addition to your home!

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Greatest Tips to Grow Pothos for Years

1. Water When the Soil Feels Dry

Watering can make or break your Pothos plant’s health. Overwatering can suffocate the roots and cause rot, while not giving enough water can leave your plant stressed.

To maintain optimal moisture levels, check the top inch of the medium with your fingers. If its feels dry to touch, give it a good shower thoroughly, ensuring excess water drains out completely. If not, wait for a day or two until the top layer dries out a bit. This will keep the roots adequately hydrated without waterlogging.

Be mindful of seasonal changes and don’t follow the same watering routine, ignoring the moisture level of the medium.

Pro Tip: If correct watering seems a bit of a task to you, try growing Pothos in water. Here‘s how you can do that!

2. Keeping it Root-Bound is the Trick to Faster Growth

Tips to Grow Pothos for Years and Boost Longetivity 3

A root-bound condition is the secret to a fast growing Pothos. When the roots are restricted, the plant focuses more on growing upwards and outwards, leading to the faster growth you want!

3. Location is the Key

For a long-lasting Pothos, find a sweet spot in your home that basks in bright, indirect light. While, Pothos are hardy enough to endure low-light conditions, but exposing them to a few hours of mild morning or evening sunlight can boost their health and vitality.

Just be mindful to shield them from harsh direct sun, which can harm their leaves, and avoid too dim area, as this can lead to leggy growth and underdeveloped leaves.

If you are growing a Pothos outdoors, keep it in shade to provide the right environment.

4. Let the Plant Grow in Neglect

Pothos are famously low-maintenance, perfect for beginners or those with hectic schedules. They don’t need constant attention, but do thrive on a balanced routine of light, water, and nutrients. Avoid tending the plant every now and then and let it grow on its own.

5. Use Soft Water

Tips to Grow Pothos for Years and Boost Longetivity 5

Often ignored, the quality of water used can largely impact the plant health. Tap water often contains chlorine and other minerals that can be harmful to plants in the long run. Use RO or filtered water to avoid salt accumulation in the medium.

If tapwater is your only option let it sit overnight before using.

6. Fertilize with Aquarium Water Occasionally

This might sound unconventional, but aquarium water can be a great natural fertilizer for Pothos. It’s rich in nitrogen and other micronutrients, thanks to fish waste. Use it once in a while after diluting to 1/4th its strength to provide your Pothos that extra dose of nutrients.

7. Grow Vertically

Tips to Grow Pothos for Years and Boost Longetivity 7

Pothos plants grow bigger and bold foliage when they have the opportunity to climb. Use trellises, poles, or wall hooks to guide your Pothos upwards and enjoy a natural lush backdrop in your home. Here are some Pothos wall ideas you’ll love. 

8. Maintain a Stable Temperature

Pothos prefer a stable, warm environment, without fluctuations. They can tolerate a bit cooler temperatures at night, but cold drafts or a sudden drop can harm the plant. Keep them away from air conditioning vents and drafty windows in the winter.

9. Prune Regularly

Tips to Grow Pothos for Years and Boost Longetivity 9

To keep your pothos lush and full for years, prune it regularly. Trim back the overgrown vines or yellow leaves to keep a check on the leggy growth. This will encourage the plant to grow more branches, leading to a denser appearance over time. You can prune any time of the year, but it’s especially effective during the growing season in spring and summer.

10. Propagate the Cuttings to Multiply Your Collection

The best way to ensure you have a never-ending collection of Pothos is to propagate it regularly. You can do so by using the pruned stems. Simply cut a 4-6 inches section of vine, making sure each cutting has at least 2-3 leaves and a couple of nodes. Place these cuttings in water or directly into soil, and in a few weeks, you’ll have new root growth.

11. Refresh the Soil at Intervals

Tips to Grow Pothos for Years and Boost Longetivity 11

Replenishing the soil every 2 years will provide fresh nutrients and prevent salt or mineral buildup from fertilizers. Use a well-draining potting mix designed for houseplants, and get with a one-size bigger container if the root ball is overly cramped.

Alternatively, you can also split the plant if it’s become too large, giving you more plants to enjoy

12. Keep an Eye on Pests

Pothos don’t often get pests, but mealybugs, scale, and spider mites could be the unwanted visitors. Regularly inspect your plants, especially under the leaves and along the stems. If you spot pests, treat the plant with neem oil or insecticidal soap. You can also snip off those pest-infected parts for a complete removal.

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