14 Plants That Look like Rhubarb

Discover some fantastic Plants That Look like Rhubarb but stand out with distinct features in any garden!

From the lush leaves to the vibrant stems, these Plants that Look Like Rhubarb will awestruck you with their uncanny resemblance to the veggie. However, be sure to do your research, as not all the plants listed below are edible, with some having pronounced toxic traits!

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Plants That Look Like Rhubarb

1. Himalayan Honeysuckle

Plants That Look like Rhubarb 1

Botanical Name: Leycesteria formosa

This ornamental shrub stands out with its red-purple stems and pendulous clusters of white flowers, reminding of rhubarb’s reddish stems. Plus, its overall stature and leaf structure adds to the resemblance.

2. Bistort

Botanical Name: Persicaria bistorta

This plant, also known as meadow bistort, displays spikes of pink or white flowers atop basal leaves that clearly evokes the image of rhubarb leaves. It thrives in damp habitats and adds a hint of color to wetland environments.

3. Canaigre Dock

Plants That Look like Rhubarb 3

Botanical Name: Rumex hymenosepalus

Canaigre Dock is noted for its thick, reddish stems and arrow-shaped leaves, echoing the appearance of rhubarb. This visual similarity, especially in the color and shape of its foliage, makes it an interesting rhubarb look-alike addition.

4. Swiss Chard

Botanical Name:  Beta vulgaris subsp. cicla

Swiss Chard is a leafy vegetable with vibrant, stout stems and large, green leaves, closely resembling rhubarb. The pronounced veins and colors ranging from green to red in its leaves and stems make it a culinary and ornamental twin to rhubarb.

5. Beetroot

Plants That Look like Rhubarb 5

Botanical Name: Beta vulgaris

Beetroot, loved for its edible, bulbous root, also has elongated, thick stems and vibrant leaves, similar to rhubarb. Additionally, its color palette, spanning deep reds to rich greens make them one of the most common plants that look like rhubarb.

6. Greater Burdock


Botanical Name: Arctium lappa

Greater Burdock features large, wavy-edged leaves and robust growth, sharing close resemblance to rhubarb’s foliage. With a striking leaf shape and size it also contributes to both culinary and medicinal applications.

7. Burdock Weed

Plants That Look like Rhubarb 7

Botanical Name: Arctium minus

Burdock Weed sports large, broad leaves and a stout, branching structure that will definitely remind you of rhubarb’s leafy, expansive growth. With a similar green, lush appearance, it makes for a strong contender of Plants that Look Like Rhubarb.

8. Arctium Minus


Botanical Name: Arctium minus spp.

This subspecies of Burdock showcases large, heart-shaped leaves with a coarse texture, closely mirroring the size and form of rhubarb leaves. Its thick stems and spreading habit further reminds of rhubarb’s robustness, making it a common look-alike.

9. Dogban

Plants That Look like Rhubarb 9

Botanical Name: Apocynum cannabinum

Dogban features elongated, green leaves and clusters of small, white flowers, which are quite different from rhubarb’s characteristics. However, its thick, upright stems and overall bushy appearance can give a fleeting impression of rhubarb from a distance.

10. Nightshade

Botanical Name: Solanum spp.

Various Nightshade species, known for their dark berries and often toxic nature, have a structural form that can look like rhubarb from a distance. Specifically, their broad leaves and the way they spread out might mimic the rhubarb’s foliage.

11. Skunk Cabbage

Plants That Look like Rhubarb 11

Botanical Name: Lysichiton americanus

Skunk Cabbage stands out with its large, bright green leaves and distinctive, often unpleasant odor. Its broad, lush foliage and stout stems closely resemble the shape and texture of rhubarb leaves, making it a convincing mimic in wet, marshy environments.

12. Pokeweed

Plants That Look like Rhubarb 13

Botanical Name: Phytolacca americana

With its thick, reddish-purple stems and large, green leaves, Pokeweed mimics rhubarb’s robust appearance. However, unlike rhubarb, it features clusters of dark berries. However, all parts of this plant are toxic if ingested.

13. Broad-Leaved Dock

Botanical Name: Rumex obtusifolius

This plant has broad, slightly arrow-shaped leaves and reddish stems, which can resemble young rhubarb plants. Broad-Leaved Dock, often found in grassy areas, lacks the edible stalks of rhubarb but shares a similar leafy presence.

14. Blood Sorrel

Plants That Look like Rhubarb 15

Botanical Name: Rumex sanguineus

With its vivid red stems and arrow-shaped leaves, blood sorrel closely resembles the ornamental appeal of rhubarb. While not commonly used in culinary purpose like rhubarb, it adds a touch of vibrant beauty to garden landscapes.

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