14 Plants that Look Like Marijuana

Grow these Plants that Look Like Marijuana in your garden and confuse your visitors with their sheer resemblance!

With palmate leaf structure and serrated edges, these Plants that Look Like Marijuana could be an interesting addition to your garden!

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Plants that Look Like Marijuana

Marijuana plants have serrated, palmate leaves with a distinctive seven to nine leaflets structure, typically exhibiting a vibrant green color.

1. Spider Flower

Botanical Name: Cleome

With its lush green foliage and delicate, elongated leaves, the Spider Flower bears an uncanny resemblance to marijuana. However, unlike the weed, the Spider Flower boasts tall, spiky blooms in pink, white, or purple hues, adding a graceful charm to any garden.

2. Cassava


Botanical Name: Manihot esculenta

Cassava is a tropical root vegetable easily mistaken for marijuana due to its similarly shaped, serrated leaves. Nevertheless, this plant is an excellent addition to gardens, providing a starchy food source while showcasing its vibrant green foliage.

3. Sunn Hemp

Botanical Name: Crotalaria juncea

Boasting feathery, bright green leaves, Sunn Hemp is another Plant that Looks Like Marijuana. Additionally, the plant’s ability to enrich the soil through nitrogen fixation makes it a valuable asset in sustainable agriculture.

4. Okra

Botanical Name: Abelmoschus esculentus

Okra, a popular vegetable in many cuisines, exhibits deeply lobed leaves that create the impression of marijuana. The younger leaves share a closer resemblance, while the leaves grow broader as the plant matures.

5. Japanese Hop

Botanical Name: Humulus japonicus

Members of the same family, Japanese Hop displays palmate leaves similar to marijuana, but its climbing nature and tiny hop-like structures set it apart. This plant is an ideal ornamental vine, adding a touch of greenery to trellises and fences.

6. Scarlet Rosemallow


Botanical Name: Hibiscus coccineus

With its striking red blossoms and serrated, maple-like leaves, the Scarlet Rosemallow catches the eye with its resemblance to marijuana. This perennial plant thrives in wetland gardens, creating a stunning focal point with its vibrant colors.

7. Chinese Chaste Tree

Botanical Name: Vitex negundo

The Chinese Chaste Tree, known for its palmately compound leaves, can be mistaken for marijuana at first glance. However, its showy spikes of lavender or white flowers make it an attractive choice for gardens, especially in warmer climates.

8. Southern Marigold


Botanical Name: Tagetes minuta

Featuring pinnate Leaves that Look Like Marijuana, the Southern Marigold stands out with its delightful, golden-yellow blooms. These aromatic flowers are natural pest repellents, making them valuable companions in vegetable gardens.

9. Kenaf

Botanical Name: Hibiscus cannabinus

Kenaf has leaves that can resemble marijuana at a quick glance due to their serrated edges and similar leaf shape. However, unlike marijuana, Kenaf leaves are often larger, and the plant produces conspicuous hibiscus-like flowers.

10. Sweet Fern

Botanical Name: Comptonia peregrina

The Sweet Fern’s jagged, toothed leaves make this Plant Look Like Marijuana, but its fragrance sets it apart. Emitting a delightful, sweet aroma, this plant is a fantastic addition to aromatic gardens and natural landscapes.

11. Mint

Botanical Name: Mentha

Mint’s serrated leaves resemble marijuana, but its refreshing aroma and culinary applications make it an irreplaceable addition to herb gardens. From spearmint to peppermint, the variety of flavors and scents make mint a cherished plant.

12. Japanese Maple Tree

Botanical Name: Acer palmatum

Japanese Maple, with its palmate leaves and serrated edges, can superficially resemble marijuana plants. However, its vibrant red or purple foliage, a standout feature in most varieties, distinguishes it from the typically green marijuana plant.

13. Coralbush

Botanical Name: Jatropha multifida

With its striking, deeply divided leaves, Coralbush evokes images of marijuana, but its vibrant red flowers are what truly make it captivating. This drought-tolerant shrub brings a burst of color to gardens in warm climates.

14. Hops

Botanical Name: Humulus lupulus

Hops, commonly known for their use in brewing beer, share a leaf shape with marijuana. These climbing plants have serrated, palmate leaves and cone-like flowers called hops.

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