9 Plants on Fridge Ideas

Give your home a tropical makeover with these Plants on Fridge Ideas that breathe life into an otherwise bland spot!

What could be a better way to fill up a blank space in your home than growing lush houseplants? These Plants on Fridge Ideas not only bring a slice of nature indoors, but they are also a calming addition to a techy space!

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Plants on Fridge Ideas

1. Place Potted Plants on the Fridge Top

Plants on Fridge Ideas 1

Utilize the often-unused space on top of your refrigerator by placing potted plants there. Select plants like small herbs, succulents, or vining Pothos, which thrive in the indirect light and warmer air here. Remember to place a tray under the pots to keep your fridge safe from water damage.

2. Use Compartment Hooks to Hang Plants

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Make the most of your fridge’s side by installing hooks or racks for hanging plants. From herb baskets to charming mason jar planters, this idea lets you create a vertical garden without eating up your floor space. Just double-check that the hooks are sturdy enough for your green buddies.

3. Hang Vines Near the Fridge

Plants on Fridge Ideas 3

If you lack the space to grow plants directly on the fridge, consider enhancing the surrounding area with hanging vines for an elevated look. Choose easy-to-maintain vines like Pothos or Ivy and let them drape naturally, creating a dynamic vibe in the space.

4. Install Magnetic Plant Holders

Plants on Fridge Ideas 9

Attach sleek magnetic plant holders directly onto the fridge door. Small succulents, cacti, or even herbs are a good choice for such containers. It will also add a decorative element to your refrigerator, while smartly saving your space.

5. Build Shelving Around the Fridge for Plants

Surround your fridge with small shelves for a dedicated plant area. Mix it up with flowering plants, ferns, or herbs at various levels. You might even add a spice jar or cutlery stand for extra utility. Get some inspiration here.

6. Keep Terrariums on the Fridge

Arrange a collection of small terrariums on top of your fridge. Fill them with low-maintenance plants like succulents or air plants, along with some decorative stones or miniature figures. It can be a mini garden that’s both attractive and space-efficient.

7. Turn an Old Fridge into a Greenhouse

Plants on Fridge Ideas 7

Give a new life to an old fridge by converting it into a mini greenhouse. Clear out the shelves, give it a good clean, and set up an LED grow light strip. This is ideal for plants that need more controlled conditions or if your place receives extreme temperatures.

8. Train Vining Plants on Top of Fridge

Train vining plants to grow over and around your refrigerator. Start by placing them on top and use fixture clips or double-sided tapes to guide their tendrils to around the space. It will create a tropical draping appearance naturally.

9. Turn an Old Refrigerator into Plant Shelf

Plants on Fridge Ideas 9

Repurpose an unused refrigerator by removing its shelving and cleaning its interior. You can also paint it for a fresh look, and use the shelves to display a variety of potted plants. Opt for plants of different sizes to fill up the whole space like this.

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