22 Plants in Shower Ideas

Explore some unbelievable Plants in the Shower Ideas, perfect for adding an extra dose of serenity to your daily routine!

Keeping Plants in the Shower area is not just an eclectic addition, but it makes your bathroom more luxe as well. Plus, many of the humidity-loving species that prefer some extra moisture in the air don’t mind it.

Look at some Really Colorful Plants here

Plants in Shower Ideas

1. Arrange Fake and Real Plants Together for a Greener Look

Plants in Shower Ideas 1

2. Hang Potted Vines From the Ceiling

Plants in Shower Ideas 3

3. Trail Vining Plants Around the Window

Beautiful Plants in Shower 4

4. Keep a Planter on the Shelf and Train the Vines Around

Plants in Shower Ideas 5

5. Use U-Hooks to Hang Pots

Beautiful Plants in Shower 6

6. Let Potted Vines Cascade Down from a Height

Plants in Shower Ideas 7

7. Place a Lush Houseplant on the Ledge

 Beautiful Plants in Shower 8

8. Create an Indoor Bathroom Jungle with Large Foliage Plants

Plants in Shower Ideas 9

9. Fix a Hanging Basket in the Shower

Beautiful Plants in Shower ideas

10. Group Humidity Loving Plants at a Corner

Plants in Shower Ideas 13

11. Hang them at Different Heights to Create Vertical Interest

Plants in Shower Ideas 15

12. Create a Green Wall with Low Maintenance Houseplants

Plants near Shower

13. Place a Tall Plant by the bathtub with Hanging Orchids and Ferns

Plants in Shower Ideas 17

14. Hang Plants from a Suspended Ladder

Plants near Shower ideas

15. Create a Boho Shower Space with Plants in Macrame Pot

Plants in Shower Ideas 19

16. Mount Staghorn Ferns for a Tropical Feel

shower plant ideas

17. Use Branches to Create a Forest-Like Ambiance

Plants in Shower room

18. Give Space to Hanging Succulents

Plants in Shower Ideas 25

19. Create a Personal Rainforest with Plants All-Around

20. Hang a Vine from the Window

21. Cascade an Indoor Vine Near Your Mirror

22. Create a Bathroom Jungle

Which one of these shower plant ideas do you find good for your bathroom? Share in comments 😃

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