30 Plants For North Facing Window

Got a dimly lit home that welcomes only the morning light? These plants for north-facing windows have your back!

North-facing windows are often viewed as the underdogs of indoor gardening, but they hold a secret charm. While they may lack the sun-drenched beams of their southern counterparts, these spots offer a stable environment with a few hours of mild morning sun and considerable humidity. So, if you have such a window in your house, these plants should be on your cards!

Plants For North Facing Window

1. Cast Iron Plant

Aspidistra Elatior plant with dark green leaves

Botanical Name: Aspidistra elatior

With its ability to thrive in low light, the Cast Iron Plant champions north-facing windows, bringing greenery to less sunny spaces. If you are a busy gardener, this hardy plant could be your best friend with minimal maintenance.

2. Snake Plant

A close-up of a green and yellow striped leaf

Botanical Name: Sansevieria trifasciata

This NASA-verified air purifier is an excellent fit for those less sunny corners due to its adaptability to low light and almost no fancy requirements except some basic ones. Plus, its tall architectural structure adds a vertical interest to dull spaces.

3. Spider Plant

Chlorophytum Comosum: A green plant

Botanical Name: Chlorophytum comosum

Coming with a number of variegated options, spider plants can be a stylish addition to those low-light corners of the room. Its arching leaves and cascading “spiderettes” make it an even stronger contender for this list.

4. Peace Lily

A beautiful houseplant

Botanical Name: Spathiphyllum 

With its love for shade and ability to purify air, Peace Lilies are a sublime choice for north-facing windows. If you love its glossy foliage way too much, here are some sheer alternatives!

5. Monstera Adansonii

Monstera adansonii

Botanical Name: Monstera adansonii

Monstera Adansonii is fond of indirect light and thrives in the diffused light of north-facing windows. Plus, its unique holey leaves bring the signature tropical touch to any space!

6. Nerve Plant

Plants For North Facing Window

Botanical Name: Fittonia

The patterned foliage of this plant requires soft lights to bar any risk of leaf scorching, and a spot near the north-facing window allows just that!

7. Never Never Plant

Plants For North Facing Window

Botanical Name: Ctenanthe

Similarly, this plant requires the right balance of soft light to keep its vibrant foliage from turning crisp yet retaining its colors. What could be a more suitable spot than these shallow-lit windows?

8. Moth Orchid

Plants For North Facing Window

Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis

North-facing windows are like a spa retreat for these exotic orchids. They get just the right amount of diffused light to bloom without the stress of direct sun scorching their delicate petals.

9. ZZ Plant

Botanical Name: Zamioculcas zamiifolia

ZZ Plants are the chill-out experts that prefer gentle sun exposure. A north-facing window offers them such a relaxed vibe with enough light to keep their glossy leaves shining, but not so much that they feel overwhelmed.

10. Golden Pothos

Epipremnum Aureum Plants For North Facing

Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum

Pothos nails the shade game, but a hint of mild morning sun really makes its golden streaks pop, minus any risk of sunburn. Dangle it in a basket near a north-facing window for that perfect sun-kissed touch.

11. Rattlesnake Plant

Botanical Name: Goeppertia insignis

Rattlesnake Plants flaunt dramatic foliage but hate the gruesome intensity of the sun’s rays. North-facing windows provide the perfect stage with soft, indirect light, keeping their patterned leaves bold and beautiful.

12. Chinese Evergreen

Plants For North Facing Window

Botanical Name: Aglaonema spp.

North windows provide a cozy spot for these laid-back green buddies where they can show off their varied leaf patterns without getting too much direct sun causing distress.

13. Maidenhair Fern

Plants For North Facing Window

Botanical Name: Adiantum spp.

With their delicate, lacy foliage, this fern adds a sense of airiness to those dimly-lit coorners. Plus, the gentle light bars any risk of foliar damage.

14. Cebu Blue

Plants For North Facing Window

Botanical Name: Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Cebu Blue’

Cebu Blue’s cascading, silvery-blue leaves become more pronounced in the diffused light of a north-facing window, making it a stunning, low-light-tolerant showpiece.

15. Silver Philodendron

Botanical Name: Scindapsus pictus

With its satin-like leaves speckled in silver, this philo thrives in the soft light of north-facing windows, offering a subtle shimmer to its appearance!

16. Heart Leaf Philodendron

Heart Leaf

Botanical Name: Philodendron hederaceum

The glossy, heart-shaped leaves of this plant thrive in the soft and indirect light, making it ideal for north-facing windows. You can pot it up or hang it in a decorative planter to benefit from its air-purifying qualities.

17. Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm A beautiful houseplant

Botanical Name: Chamaedorea elegans

It infuses a touch of the tropics into north-facing spaces with its graceful, feathery fronds. Plus, the sunlight exposure is just right to meet the plant’s requirements.

18. Bromeliads

Plants For North Facing Window

Botanical Name: Various genera including Aechmea, Neoregelia, Guzmania

Bromeliads exhibit striking colors and unique shapes and adapt well to the indirect light of a north window, creating an exotic display without needing bright light.

19. Philodendron Brasil

A variegated trailing plant

Botanical Name: Philodendron hederaceum ‘Brasil’

Philodendron Brasil’s vibrant green and yellow leaves gain a special luster in the soft light of a north-facing window, making it a lively, low-light-loving addition.

20. Aluminum Plant

Botanical Name: Pilea cadierei

With its distinct metallic-silver patterns on green leaves, the aluminum plant finds the subdued lighting of north-facing windows ideal for showcasing its unique appearance.

21. Dumb Cane

Plants For North Facing Window

Botanical Name: Dieffenbachia

Dumb Cane’s bold, variegated leaves become a striking focal point in the moderate light of a north-facing window, thriving without the need for intense sunlight.

22. Bird’s Nest Fern

A vibrant green fern with broad

Botanical Name: Asplenium nidus

This fern, with its crinkled, funnel-shaped leaves, relishes the soft light and humidity near these windows, adding a lush feel to any indoor setting.

23. Lucky Bamboo

Dracaena sanderiana

Botanical Name: Dracaena sanderiana

Lucky Bamboo thrives in the soft light of a north-facing window, bringing a zen-like calm and a touch of green serenity to any space.

24. Button Fern

Botanical Name: Pellaea rotundifolia

It has button-like leaflets, and its small size makes it a compact charmer that flourishes in the subdued light conditions. They love high humidity levels that’s more pronounced in these corners due to the low sun intensity.

25. Prayer Plant

Plants For North Facing Window

Botanical Name: Maranta leuconeura

Prayer Plant is famous for its expressive, moving leaves that loves the soft, diffused light of these corners. Plus, its vividly patterned color needs a shield from the harsh rays of south or west-facing windows.

26. Hoya

Botanical Name: Hoya carnosa

This succulent vine does best in the muted light of north-facing windows. Plus, it loves a good dose of humidity that’s again quite pronounced in these corners.

27. Jade Plant

Crassula ovata: A small, succulent plant

Botanical Name: Crassula ovata

Apart from its significance in Feng Shui, this plant is popular for storing water in its oval leaves that definitely require a spot with indirect sunlight to thrive!

28. Ponytail Palm

A unique plant with a thick, bulbous trunk and long, arching leaves

Botanical Name: Beaucarnea recurvata

The whimsical Ponytail Palm, with its cascading leaves and bulbous trunk, adapts well to the lower light levels of a north-facing window, adding a playful desert vibe. Its easy-going nature makes it one of the best additions for busy gardeners.

29. Rubber Plant

Botanical Name: Ficus elastica

Known for glossy, dark-green leaves, the resilience and adaptability of this plant make it a dependable choice for low-light environments. Plus, it elevates the aesthetic of your room with its stately charm!

30. English Ivy

Plants For North Facing Window

Botanical Name: Hedera helix

With its classic trailing vines, English Ivy loves the cool, indirect light setting of north-facing windows, making it a decorative addition to low-lit homes. Here are some more vines you can grow!

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