19 Unique Ways to Use Ladder to Display Houseplants

Get inspiration from these unique Plant Ladder Display Ideas and step up your home’s greenery game!

If you have a knack for sprucing up spaces with greenery, we have some of the best plant ladder display options that suit both potted and vining stunners!

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Unique Ways to Use Ladder to Display Houseplants

1. Place Terrariums on the Steps

plant ladder terrarium

What could be a better place to nestle those not-so-handy terrariums than a ladder? Leave them in a corner and watch them slay!

2. Amp it up with LED Stripes

plant Ladder with Integrated LED Lights

Drape some LED lights around your ladder stand because your plants deserve their own nightly light show, obviously.

3. Ladder as Room Divider with Plants

plant ladder room divider

Who needs walls when you can have a plant-filled ladder? Just divide and conquer with style!

4. Make a Ladder Out of Bamboo Pieces

Give your ladder decor a chic touch with bamboo pieces, and suspend them with rope. You can grow any shallow root plants like herbs or succulents.

5. Grow a Ladder Herb Garden

Step up your culinary game with a ladder herb garden; your pasta is bored of store-bought basils now!

6. Hang some Leafy Houseplants from the Ladder

Dangle some leafy houseplants from a horizontally suspended ladder for an instant jungle vibe right in your living space.

7. Use Baskets as Rungs

plant ladder with baskets

Basket-laden ladder steps offer a rustic option to flaunt your green buddies!

8. Macrame Hanging  Ladder

Add a boho twist with some macrame hangers so the lush vines dangle down those crafty knots.

9. Pair it up with a Large Foliage Plant

Let a large foliage plant at the ladder’s base anchor your green cascade with a burst of tropical lushness. Here are the best options to pick from!

10. Trail a Lush Vine by the Stairwell Window

This is probably the easiest decor option! Just lean a ladder by your stairwell window and let a vining plant do the rest!

11. Let Your Pothos Trail Around

Set your Pothos free on a ladder; watch it conquer each rung like a leafy ninja. Add some extra jazz with a family frame or maybe your favorite artwork!

12. Place it Horizontally for Potted Plants

This idea serves as a unique display option for a couple of pots, each housing thriving plants.

13. Create Your Own Plant Propagation Station

horizontal plant ladder

Flip the script (and the ladder) and turn it into a shelf for propagating plant cuttings because who wouldn’t want a baby plant factory?

14. Opt for a Rustic Look with a Weathered Wood Ladder

Unique ways to use ladder

An aged ladder can be repurposed as a support structure for your lush vining plant, as you see in the picture!

15. Use it as a Trellis for your Holey Plants

plant ladder trellis

How cool does this Swiss cheese plant look as it trails on a petite ladder? It’s a must-try idea. It’ll go well with other holey plants, too!

16. Grow Flowers for a Decorative Look

plant ladder with flowers

Transform your ladder into a blooming tower of color with an array of flowering plants.

17. Mount Glass Bottles for Water Propagation

A ladder lined with glass bottles for water propagation turns plant science into art.

18. An ‘Instragrammy’ Ladder Planter

ways to display houseplants

How beautiful is this A-shaped ladder planter for the perfect Instagram shot? Just where greenery meets trendy design!

19. Use Mini Ladders as Plant Stands

Turn mini ladders into standalone plant stands for a vintage decor idea!

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