18 Plant Display Ideas In Old and Unused furniture

These plant display ideas using old and unused furniture are the ticket to eco-chic heaven for the upcycling champions!

Why discard those furniture pieces when you can transform them into mini gardens? We have listed some really cool ideas that are also pretty easy on your pocket!

Plant Display Ideas In Old and Unused Furniture

1. Repurpose a Dresser into a Flower Garden

Display Ideas In Old and Unused furniture

Transform that dresser you’re tired of looking at into a flower or herb garden like this. You can also grow some cascading varieties or maybe place some potted ones on the top shelf.  It’s like giving your old clothes’ home a whole new, flowery lease on life.

2. Grow Vines in a Foraged Bathtub

Display Ideas In Old and Unused furniture

Ever thought a bathtub could be more than just a place to scrub-a-dub? Plant some flowering vines in it, and watch your bathroom staple turn into a green haven!

3. Let some Flowers Sit on that Old Chair

Display Ideas In Old and Unused furniture

That chair nobody wants to sit on? Perfect throne for your flowers! Get some fantastic ideas here.

4. Design a Tiered Flower Garden Out of Old Furniture

Display Ideas In Old and Unused furniture

Got an outdated cabinet that no longer goes with your aesthetics? Well, you can create a tiered garden that’s as chic as it is space-saving.

5. Display Potted Plants on a Metal Chair

Plants In Old and Unused furniture

Metal chairs aren’t just for sitting anymore. Pop a potted plant on one and watch it become a statement piece. You can also paint in your favorite shade for a cleaner look.

6. Play with Colors

Plants In Old and Unused furniture

Dress up your plants for a daily gala by painting any old furniture piece in a vibrant shade and contrasting it with colorful plants and flowers, just like this.

7. Add Life to an Old Cabinet

Plants In Old and Unused furniture

Fill that old, creaky cabinet with some sun-loving plants and let them bask in the sun. Suddenly, it’s less of a storage snooze and more of a green showstopper! Here‘s how you can make!

8. Let some Greenery ‘Sink’ in!

Plants In Old and Unused furniture

Just look how an old sink can make your yard the center of attraction! Just block the overflow hole with some pebbles, and you have your own rustic garden bed! Here are the exact steps.

9. Repurpose an Old Drawer into a Vintage Plant Stand

Plants In Old and Unused furniture

An old drawer can be the perfect stage for your plants, turning forgotten wood into a rustic, chic display. Here are the steps.

10. Treasure Your Green Buddies!

Old and Unused furniture

Place your beloved plants in unexpected spots, like in an old treasure chest, for an idea that’s not just aesthetic but sustainable.

11. Turn a Mini Wooden Case into a Plant Stand

Old and Unused furniture

Got a tiny wooden case? Deck it up with some small flowers and vines trailing all around! It’s like a high-rise for your green buddies but cozier.

12. Turn an Old Chair into a Vintage Garden Decor Piece

Old and Unused furniture

Who knew that rickety old chair could turn into a garden showstopper? Just plop a pot plant on it or follow these steps, and voilà—vintage chic meets green thumb.

13. Grow Herbs and Flowers in Old Drawers

Grow Flowers in Old Drawers

Those old drawers aren’t just for socks and forgotten treasures. Fill ’em with soil, plant some herbs and flowers, and watch your garden grow in the most unexpected places.

14. Give Your Old Cabinet a Floral Makeover

Grow Flowers in Old Drawers

What could be easier than just nestling those potted plants in the drawers and tucking a few plant hangers on the knob?

15. Arrange Succulents in an Old Drawer

Grow plants in Old Drawers

Succulents in an old drawer? Yes, please! It’s the perfect combo of desert vibes and rustic charm, with zero effort needed. Get the instructions here.

16. Use Candle Holders to Grow Shallow Rooted Plants

Grow plants in Old furniture

Those candle holders aren’t just for romantic dinners. Stick some shallow-rooted plants in them and let the greenery lighten up your space like this.

17. Transform a Birdcage Planter

Grow plants in Old furniture

That old birdcage can house more than just memories. Fill it with plants, and you’ve got yourself a quirky planter that could be hung or just displayed anywhere. Here are the steps to follow!

18. Grow some Food in your Dining Table

Grow plants in Old furniture

Why just eat at your dining table when you can grow food on it, too? It’s farm-to-table taken literally, and it doesn’t get fresher than this! Try growing flowers or succulents too, with this idea.

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