29 Romantic Pink Dahlia Varieties

Pink Dahlia Varieties are perfect to add a subtle romantic touch to gardens, floral arrangements, or bridal bouquets!

With semi-double to double blooms, Pink Dahlia Varieties come in diverse shades ranging from sweet pastel hues to bold hot pinks. Some specimens are also blushed with slight lavender or burgundy tones that blend beautifully on the ruffled petals. Read on to learn more about these dynamic blooms!

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Pink Dahlia Varieties

1. Edinburgh


Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Edinburgh’

‘Edinburgh’ is a captivating Pink Dahlia that showcases large, fully double blooms with layers of petals in various shades of pink. The color palette ranges from soft pastel pinks to vibrant and bold tones, adding a sense of vibrancy to any garden or floral arrangement.

2. Franz Kafka


Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Franz Kafka’

The flowers of ‘Franz Kafka’ exhibit a mesmerizing blend of pink shades, ranging from soft blush to deep magenta. What sets ‘Franz Kafka’ apart is its flower shape, which features pointed or elongated petals that radiate from the center, creating fuller, pom-pom life flowerheads.

3. Frigoulet

Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Frigoulet’

‘Frigoulet’ is a charming Pink Dahlia that exudes elegance and delicate beauty with flowers showcasing a range of pink shades, from soft baby pink to deeper rose hues. The pretty blend of hot pink and white colors makes it an attractive addition to cut flowers and floral arrangements in vases.

4. Gerrie Hoek



Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Gerrie Hoek’

This delightful Pink Dahlia variety commands attention with its vibrant and cheerful presence. The blooms are large and exhibit a semi-double to fully double form in soft pink to bold hot pink shades.

5. Henriette

Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Henriette’

‘Henriette’ is a captivating pink dahlia variety that stands out with its elegant and sophisticated appearance. The medium-sized, double blooms showcase a beautiful blend of soft and warm pink tones, adding a romantic, feminine touch to any floral arrangement.

6. Alfred Grille

Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Alfred Grille’

The flowers feature large, fully double blooms with layers of petals in various shades of pink ranging from delicate pastels to vibrant and bold tones, creating a visually striking display. The plant produces abundant blooms throughout summer under full sun exposure.

7. American Dream

Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘American Dream’

What sets this Pink Dahlia apart is its captivating color variation within each bloom, with lighter and darker shades of pink blending together harmoniously. It is highly valued for its aesthetic impact and is believed to add a sense of energy and vibrancy to any floral arrangement.

8. April Dawn


Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘April Dawn’

The flowers of ‘April Dawn’ showcase a range of pink shades, from soft and blush pinks to deeper rose hues, and exhibit a semi-double to fully double form. It has petals with a unique and graceful shape, often with gently curved edges, lending a soft, feminine beauty to gardens.

9. Cafe Au Lait Rose

Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Cafe Au Lait Rose’

‘Cafe Au Lait Rose’ is a sophisticated pink dahlia that commands attention with a combination of soft pink blush to warm rose hues, creating a delicate and captivating color palette. The petals are elegantly arranged, often with a slightly ruffled or fringed texture, perfect for bouquets and vases.

10. Dutch Explosion

Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Dutch Explosion’

The flowers of ‘Dutch Explosion’ exhibit a combination of deep pink, fuchsia, and magenta tones, creating a dynamic and energizing display. Sitting atop 3-4 feet tall flower stalks, each bloom consists of layers of elongated petals, giving them a round, fuller look.

11. Honka Surprise

shutterstock/Alex Manders

Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Honka Surprise’

This captivating Pink Dahlia comes with a stunning blend of pink and yellow hues on medium-sized flowers that exhibit a semi-double to fully double form. What makes ‘Honka Surprise’ truly special is its flower shape, which resembles a waterlily, and its eye-catching color contrast.

12. Jan Van Schaffelaar

Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Jan Van Schaffelaar’

‘Jan Van Schaffelaar’ showcases a beautiful blend of pale pink and blush tones, creating a soft and delicate color palette. The blooms are large and exhibit a fully double form that serves as a focal point in any garden or floral setting.

13. Kilburn Rose

Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Kilburn Rose’

The ‘Kilburn Rose’ dahlia showcases a rich and intense pink color, exuding a sense of boldness and drama. The blooms are medium to large in size and exhibit a fully double form with tightly packed petals, creating a lush and full flower head.

14. Magenta Star


Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Magenta Star’

‘Magenta Star’ features large blooms in a deep magenta-pink color. The petals are elegantly arranged, often with a slightly curved and pointed shape, that sets it apart from the other pink dahlia varieties.

15. Pink Giraffe


Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Pink Giraffe’

The medium-sized flowers of ‘Pink Giraffe’ showcase a fascinating pattern of pink and white, resembling the spots of a giraffe. The coloration varies within each bloom, with different shades of pink blending together with white, creating a mesmerizing look.

16. Strawberry Ice

Botanical Name:  Dahlia ‘Strawberry Ice’

‘Strawberry Ice’ features soft pink petals with a hint of creamy white at the center, resembling the shades of a ripe strawberry. Its blooms are medium-sized and exhibit a fully double form. The petals of ‘Strawberry Ice’ are gently curved and elegantly arranged, creating a sense of grace and beauty.

17. Surprise


Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Surprise’

‘Surprise’ is a standout dahlia variety known for its unexpected display of vibrant and contrasting colors. Its medium to large blooms showcases a captivating play of colors, arranged in a semi-double to fully double form with fringed or ruffled petal edges.

18. Teesbrooke Audrey


Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Teesbrooke Audrey’

The ‘Teesbrooke Audrey’ dahlia is a gentle pink variety, distinguished by its large, fully double blooms. Its soft pink color, reminiscent of blush tones, exudes an elegant and feminine charm. The slight overlap in its petal arrangement adds to the flower’s beauty.

19. Wizard of Oz

Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Wizard of Oz’

The ‘Wizard of Oz’ dahlia brings a whimsical touch to any garden with its soft and enchanting pink hue. The medium-sized, fully double blooms carry a playful aura, with petals exhibiting a slight curl or twist.

20. Belle of Barmera

Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Belle of Barmera’

The ‘Belle of Barmera’ stands tall among other dahlias, admired for its generously sized blooms. Its petals, colored in a radiant pink hue, form a full and dense flower head, creating a truly remarkable presence in any garden setting or floral design.

21. Pink Attraction

Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Pink Attraction’

The ‘Pink Attraction’ dahlia, true to its name, attracts attention with its vibrant pink blooms blushed with a milky white hue. These Pink Dahlias create a delightful visual appeal, making them a favored variety for those looking to add a burst of color to their floral displays.

22. Bristol Stripe

Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Bristol Stripe’

‘Bristol Stripe’ is a unique Pink Dahlia variety, characterized by its distinct striped pattern. Each bloom flaunts a combination of pink and white stripes, with ruffled petals, creating an appealing contrast amidst floral arrangements or garden.

23. Pink Perfection

Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Pink Perfection’

As the name suggests, the ‘Pink Perfection’ dahlia boasts perfectly formed pink blooms that exude a sense of elegance and sophistication. This variety’s large, fully double flowers make a bold statement, offering an exceptional touch to gardens and floral designs.

24. Pink Pet


Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Pink Pet’

The ‘Pink Pet’ dahlia offers a subtle charm with its small to medium-sized pink blooms. Its simple yet attractive appearance makes it a versatile addition  to gardens, vases, and bridal bouquets.

25. Pink Sunset

Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Pink Sunset’

‘Pink Sunset’ captures the essence of a beautiful sunset with its warm pink hues. This dahlia’s vibrant blooms, complemented with emerald green foliage, bring a sense of calm and tranquility reminiscent of a serene evening sky.

26. Rosemary Webb


Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Rosemary Webb’

The ‘Rosemary Webb’ features a stunning display of pink petals arranged in a way that creates an inviting and engaging aesthetic. Its medium to large blooms are perfect for adding drama to garden borders or as a front yard display.

27. Rosy Wings


Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Rose Wings’

The ‘Rosy Wings’ dahlia is cherished for its delicate pink blooms that seem to have a fluttering effect, much like wings. Additionally, the golden yellow center enhances its beauty multifold.

28. Pink Twinkle


Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Pink Twinkle’

The ‘Pink Twinkle’ dahlia sparkles with its medium-sized, vibrant pink blooms. Its lively presence adds a fun and delightful element to any garden, living up to its twinkling namesake.

29. Tickled Pink

Botanical Name: Dahlia ‘Tickled Pink’

This Pink Dahlia radiates joy and charm with its bright pink blooms with wavy, ruffled petals. Its vibrant flowers, arranged in a fully double form, make ‘Tickled Pink’ a cheerful addition to any garden or floral display.

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