12 Orchids That Look Like Birds And Insects

Transform your garden into a living sanctuary with these beautiful Orchids That Look Like Birds And Insects!

While Orchids continue to attract with their unique shapes and colorful blooms, the charm of Orchids That Look Like Birds And Insects reaches new heights. We have listed some of the best varieties that’ll definitely allure you to bring them home!


Orchids That Look Like Birds And Insects

1. Blood Red Catasetum

Orchids That Look Like Birds 1

Scientific Name: Catasetum sanguineum

The Blood Red Catasetum stands out with its deep red to maroon flowers, which open widely like a bird with spread wings. Its petals and sepals curve gracefully, resembling the silhouette of a bird in mid-flight, adding to its dramatic appearance.

2. Green Swan Orchid

Scientific Name: Cycnoches chlorochilon

The Green Swan Orchid is adorned with elegant, greenish-yellow flowers that have a long, curved shape like a swan’s neck. Apart from its bird-like appearance, this orchid specifically stands out with a beautiful fragrance that lingers around the place.

3. Hummingbird Red Orchid

Orchids That Look Like Birds 3

Scientific Name: Phragmipedium besseae

Growing up in South America, its bright red flowers will remind you of the colorful plumage of the hummingbird. Plus, its floral structure, especially the petals and pouch also mimic the hovering stance of a hummingbird.

4. Parrot Flower

Scientific Name: Impatiens psittacina

When viewed from a side this orchid surprisingly mimics the form and posture of a flying parrot. Not only the shape, but the blend of violet, white, pink colors on the body and a curved green sepal further cement its resemblance to a resting parrot.

5. King of the Masdevallias

Orchids That Look Like Birds 5

Scientific Name: Masdevallia veitchiana

Characterized by its bright orange-red flowers with extended tail-like petals, this orchid’s appearance will remind you of the tropical birds, especially, when viewed from the top.

6. Duck Orchid

Orchids That Look Like Birds 7

Scientific Name: Caleana major

This late spring to summer blooming flower absolutely stands by its name with its beak-like labellum and colorful petal arrangement. These little orchids that look like birds are common in open forests and woodlands of Australia.

7. White Egret Orchid

Orchids That Look Like Birds 7

Scientific Name: Habenaria radiata

The flower’s long, flowing petals mimic an egret in full plumage giving the flower its common name. Native to parts of East Asia, this bird-like orchid is a common sight in wetlands and water gardens, further adding to the confusion.

8. Western Bearded Greenhood Orchid

Orchids That Look Like Birds 9

Scientific Name: Pterostylis barbata

This Australian native stands out with its green, hood-like flowers with a distinct ‘bearded’ lip, like a bird’s head. With a love for tree canopies, it can easily be confused for a resting bird from certain angles.

9. Bee Orchid

Orchids That Look Like Birds 9

Scientific Name: Ophrys Apifera

The name says it all—Bee Orchid looks more like a flying bee. With its petals and sepals arranged to mimic the wings and body of a bee, this orchid may trick you to confuse it with  a small insect landing onto a stem.

10. Dove Orchid

Scientific Name: Peristeria Elata

Popular as the Holy Ghost Orchid contains a structure remarkably similar to a dove in flight. Aside from its visual appeal, the Dove Orchid is titled as Panama’s national flower, exhibiting certain has cultural significance.

11. Bird Head Orchid

Orchids That Look Like Birds 11

Scientific Name: Habenaria Grandifloriformis

The Bird Head Orchid is unique for its blooms that strikingly resemble the head of a bird, complete with a protruding ‘beak’-like structure. Plus, the arrangement of petals and lip forms a distinct bird head silhouette, making it an unusual sight.

12. Butterfly Orchid

Scientific Name: Psychopsis Papilio

The spread of its large petals and the bold patterning give an impression of a bird in flight, rather a butterfly. With extended petals that resemble the wings to its flapping antennae, this flowers looks like an insect.


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