13 No Soil Indoor Garden Ideas

Do you love plants but don’t prefer digging in soil every now and then? Here are some easy No Soil Indoor Garden Ideas for you!

Looking for dirt-free ways to grace your home with plants? Here are some super easy No Soil Indoor Garden Ideas that’ll help you grow your favorite plants effortlessly without the mess and maintenance of soil!

No Soil Indoor Garden Ideas

1. Grow a Vertical Garden

A soil-less vertical garden saves space and can be an artistic feature in your home. It’s specifically ideal for small apartments or areas with limited ground space. You can use vertical frames or wall-mounted shelves, or simply attach some soil-less potted plants on the wall like this.

2. Opt for Aquaponics

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Combine aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics in an ecosystem where fish waste provides nutrients for plants, and plants filter and purify the water for fish—a win-win show!

Start by setting up a fish tank and a plant growing bed. Connect the two with a water pump and piping system. Introduce fish to the tank and the plant in a soilless medium above the tank. Here are the exact steps to follow!

3. Grow Plants in an Open Terrarium


Open terrariums are ideal for plants that prefer less humidity and more air circulation, such as succulents or small desert plants.

To create one, choose a clear, open container and fill the bottom with a layer of stones or pebbles for drainage. Add a layer of sphagnum moss or coco peat that retains water in it followed by your favorite succulents. Here‘s a detailed explanation.

4. Use a Closed Terrarium to Grow Plants

If your place tastes the extremes of temperature, then creating a controlled environment with a closed terrarium is a practical option. It recycles water and requires very little maintenance, making them perfect for busy individuals, or those who don’t like dealing with soil. Plus, there’s no chance of the medium spillage in closed terrariums.

Make one for yourself like this.

5. Try Kokedama Balls

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Kokedama is a japanese technique to grow plants in a soil-less medium that also, stands out as an aesthetic addition.

Wrap the plant roots in a ball of sphagnum moss, then secure it with string. Keep the moss moist and hang or place the Kokedama in a bright area with indirect sunlight.

6. Grow Plants in Water

Growing plants in water is another easy way to nurture indoor plants without soil. This approach not only simplifies plant care but also gives you a clear view of the roots as they grow. However, you need to routinely change the water every 3-5 days.

7. Create a Plant Propagation Station

You can also create an indoor plant cutting propagation station using water as the medium. Opting for soil-less propagation, specifically water will help you keep an eye on its root development. Also, it eliminates the risk of soil-borne diseases. Here are some easy ideas you can follow!

8. Select Plants that Grow Naturally in Water

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Plants naturally adapted to water environments, like horsetail or lucky bamboo, are robust and and won’t require you to give extra efforts in growing them without soil.

Just pant such species directly in the water or in a substrate that’s kept submerged. Ensure they get enough light and keep changing the water to support growth.

9. Grow Plants Hydroponically

Hydroponics is a practical choice for soil-less gardening, allowing you to nurture plants in a nutrient-packed, water-based environment. Using Leca balls or foam pads is a smart move here – they will retain moisture and also provide aeration. It also wards off the common soil-borne pests and diseases, and you’ll likely see your plants growing faster too. Here‘s a tutorial for you!

You can easily grow herbs, leafy greens, and even small fruit-bearing varieties like cherry tomatoes using hydroponics.

10. Make a DIY Moss Dish Garden

Moss gardens bring a serene, Zen-like quality to your space. Plus, it is low maintenance, doesn’t require much light, and can be created without soil. You can create it in a shallow tray or even a dish like this.

11. Grow an Airplant Garden

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If you want an absolutely low-maintenance garden, airplants could be your best buddies. They can grow without any medium, as they absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves. Mist the plants 2-3 times a week or soak them for 30 minutes every couple of weeks.

You can grow them in open terrariums, mounted on boards, or simply place in decorative containers, all without soil!

12. Grow a Herb Garden in Soil-less Mason Jars

Growing herbs in soil-less mason jars is both practical and visually appealing to get some fresh herbs without soiling your hands.

Just fill mason jars with a soil-less medium like perlite or vermiculite and plant the seeds or cuttings. You can also opt for water, as long as you can make sure to change it weekly.

13. Go with Faux Plants

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If you prefer no-maintenance greenery, consider using high-quality artificial plants and succulents. They offer a lifelike appearance without the need for watering or ongoing care. To enhance their natural look, you can blend these faux plants with real ones, creating a display that’s both realistic and effortlessly maintained.

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