5 Best Monsteras for Hanging Baskets

With a lush, cascading beauty, these Monsteras for hanging baskets will effortlessly infuse greenery into your space !

Want to flaunt your green thumb without compromising on the floor space? Grow these beautiful Monsteras for hanging baskets, and let those vines level up your indoor aesthetics!

Best Monsteras for Hanging Baskets

1. Adansonii

Monstera Adansonii- Monsteras for Hanging Baskets

This beautiful Monstera cascades down with its heart-shaped leaves, each dotted with holes, like nature’s own version of Swiss cheese. Hang it up in a basket to let those leaves spill over the edge, perfectly hiding any not-so-pleasant spot in your room.

2. Obliqua

obliqua Monsteras for Hanging Baskets

Don’t let this beauty confuse you for Adansonii, but a notched-up version! The Obliqua’s leaves have more and bigger holes, creating a delicate, airy vibe when hung up!

3. Pinnatipartita

Monsteras for Hanging Baskets 3
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Watching this monstera in a hanging basket is like a slow dance of leaves, especially if you notice their transition. The Pinnatipartita starts with full leaves, which gradually split and open up, creating this evolving display.

4. Siltepecana

siltepecana Monsteras for Hanging Baskets

Silver is the new green with this variety. Plus, it doesn’t mimic the typical split-leaf look of its cousins. So, if you are looking for a Monstera that’s not so common, drape it over a hanging basket and enjoy!

5. Peru

Monstera Karstenianum

Last but not least, the ‘Peru’ brings texture to the table. Its leaves are thick, with a deep, crinkly texture that catches the light and shadows beautifully. It prefers to vine upwards, so you may train it around the hanger or even tuck in a pot stake for support.

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