12 Indoor Plants with Rare Colors

Bring home these Indoor Plants with Rare Colors for a classy makeover that’s not so easy to copy!

If you are one of those trendsetters who embrace the extraordinary, these Indoor Plants with Rare Colors just match your vibe!

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Indoor Plants with Rare Colors

1. Auricula Prague

Indoor Plants with Rare Colors

Botanical Name: Primula auricula

This show-stopper looks more like a flower with a mix of green, purple, white, and yellow centers, much like a baroque costume in plant form.

2. Peperomia Caperata

Indoor Plants with Rare Colors

Botanical Name: Peperomia caperata

Textured in a deep green that looks almost black, it’s occasionally highlighted with some cream spots, too. In case you are looking for some really textured specimens, we have handpicked the best ones for you!

3. Colocasia Mojito

Indoor Plants with Rare Colors

Botanical Name: Colocasia esculenta ‘Mojito’

Speckled with a mix of green and black, purple and whatnot, this plant brings to mind a mojito cocktail after it’s had a bit too much fun with the mint.

4. Mrs. Cox Pelargonium

Indoor Plants with Rare Colors

Botanical Name: Pelargonium domesticum ‘Mrs. Cox’

Showcasing a colorful medley of green, cream, and pink leaves—Mrs. Cox surely knows how to throw a color party on her foliage under bright sun exposure.

5. Stromanthe ‘Triostar’

Plants with Rare Colors - Stromanthe sanguinea 'Triostar'

Botanical Name: Stromanthe sanguinea ‘Triostar’

With a mix of green, white, and pink on each leaf, it looks like an artist’s brush has gone wild in the best way possible. Mist the plant every now and then to maintain humidity on dry days.

6. Alocasia Cuprea

Plants with Rare Colors

Botanical Name: Alocasia cuprea

With a metallic sheen that’s not at all usual, it features a combination of dark purple, green, and silver hues. The Alocasia cuprea loves a warm environment with indirect light.

7. Echeveria ‘Blue Metal’

Rare Colors

Botanical Name:  Echeveria spp.

This succulent looks more like a pastel color palette, mixing up shades of pink, purple, yellow, and blue! Place it in a spot with 2-3 hours of morning sunlight to enjoy the best colors.

8. Costus Arabicus


Botanical Name: Costus arabicus

Coupled with a unique leaf arrangement, this plant exhibits strokes of creamy white and green that thrive best in bright, indirect sunlight.

9. Leopard Plant

Botanical Name: Farfugium japonicum var. giganteum

Looks like someone just splattered white colors against the green leaves during a spirited art session. Provide it with partial shade, and don’t let the medium dry out completely.

10. Browningia Hertlingiana

Indoor Plants

Botanical Name: Browningia hertlingiana

Towering and blue-green, it’s like the gentle giant of the cactus world, minus the hugability factor. Ensure it gets a good amount of sunlight throughout the day!

11. Star Cactus

Beautiful Astrophytum

Botanical Name: Astrophytum

This cactus has Star-shaped heads dotted with flecks for those who like their stars grounded! Being a true cactus, it requires a good amount of sun exposure with minimal watering.

12. Rex Begonia

Botanical Name: Begonia rex

This one boasts dramatic leaves patterned in silver, green, and a hint of burgundy, as if the creator just spilled off all his vibrant colors across its foliage.

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