25 Indoor Plants in Mason Jar Ideas

These Indoor Plants in Mason Jar Ideas are well-suited for growing a variety of houseplants, herbs, and succulents in a limited space!

If you are looking for space-efficient plant display options without burning a hole in your pocket, these Indoor Plants in Mason Jar Ideas are the best bet. Not only do these look beautiful, but you can also design them at your home with some upcycled glass jars!

Indoor Plants in Mason Jar Ideas

1. Houseplants in Wall-Mounted Mason Jars

Indoor Plants in Mason Jar Ideas 1

Create a vertical green space by hanging mason jars on wall-mounted hooks. Paint the jars in your favorite shades or add some motifs for a blend of nature and artistry to your decor.

2. DIY Mason Jar Plant Hanger

Craft your own plant hangers using mason jars to bring a rustic and personalized feel to your indoor plant display. All you need is a mason jar and some basic craftimg supplies mentioned here.

3. Large Houseplant in Mason Jar Display

Indoor Plants in Mason Jar Ideas 3

Showcase a single large houseplant in a spacious mason jar, creating a simple yet elegant focal point in any room. Opt for large foliage plants such as Philodendrons or Alocasias.

4. Lush Monstera Jar on the Kitchen Counter

Indoor Plants in Mason Jar Ideas 37

Breathe life into your kitchen counter by placing a lush plant cutting such as a Monstera or Pothos in a mason jar.

5. Hydroponic Houseplants in Hanging Jar Display

Set up a hanging display of mason jars with hydroponically grown houseplants, offering a unique and water-efficient way to grow plants indoors or outdoors.

6. Mason Jar Herb Garden by the Window

Indoor Plants in Mason Jar Ideas 7

Utilize your window space by arranging a row of mason jars with various herbs. Perfect for east or west facing windows that’ll allow the herbs to bask in a few hours of mild sunlight.

7. Succulents in Mason Jars

Indoor Plants in Mason Jar Ideas 19

Plant succulents in mason jars for a low-maintenance and stylish indoor garden. Their varied textures create an appealing aesthetic, while making for living centerpieces.

8. Colorful Mason Jar Planters for Growing Herbs

Paint mason jars in vibrant colors to give those regular jars a lively makeover. Not only herbs, you can use them to grow foliage plants or succulents as well.

9. DIY Hanging Flower Vase

Convert a mason jar into a hanging flower vase, ideal for displaying fresh flowers. You can also make this mason jar plant display on your own, following the steps mentioned here.

10. Bunch of Herbs Growing in Mason Jars

Indoor Plants in Mason Jar Ideas 9

Grow a variety of herbs in mason jars to create a convenient and aesthetically pleasing kitchen garden. It’ll ensure fresh herbs are always at hand while cooking.

11. Upcycled Mason Jar Flower Vases for a Rustic Look


Transform mason jars into rustic flower vases by decorating them with robes and chalk paint for a rustic home decor makeover.

12. Succulents in a Chalk-Painted Mason Jar

Plant a bunch of different succulents in mason jars and decorate them with contrasting shades of chalk paint, mod podge, and glitters for a personal touch. Get the details here.

13. Leaf Cutting Propagator

Indoor Plants in Mason Jar Ideas 11

Use mason jars as leaf cutting propagators that are also pleasing to look at. Simply place leaf cuttings in water-filled jars and watch the roots develop while doing your chores.

14. Mini Mason Jar Centerpiece

Indoor Plants in Mason Jar Ideas 15

Create a dynamic centerpiece with a mini mason jar, hosting a succulent or bushy houseplant. You can make a couple of them upcycling old mason jars and some craft supplies, as discussed here.

15. DIY Herb Garden in Colorful Jars

Brighten up your kitchen windowsill with mason jars painted in cheerful designs, each growing a different herb. It’s a vibrant, fragrant, and practical way to add a splash of color to your daily life. Make yours like this.

16. DIY Mason Jar Wall Planters

Indoor Plants in Mason Jar Ideas 17

Craft a unique wall feature with mason jar planters holding a mix of herbs, houseplants or succulents that don’t require regular care and can thrive on their own. Here‘s how you can make one for yourself.

17. Mini Mason Jar Desert

Fill the jars a layer of pebbles and sand to create a mini desert ecosystem for your succulents. Pick different varieties and display them together for some visual contrast.

18. Grow Edibles in a Mason Jar

Indoor Plants in Mason Jar Ideas 35

Experiment with growing some edibles in a mason jar hydroponically or using leca balls. Just ensure to provide it with ample sunlight to encourage growth.

19. Vertical Garden on a Wooden Pallet

Indoor Plants in Mason Jar Ideas 21

Mount mason jars on a repurposed wooden pallet to create a vertical garden, perfect for urban gardeners who want to bring home some nature in a limited space.

20. Lush Spider Plant in a Tall Mason Jar

A tall mason jar is an ideal vessel for a spider plant, offering a clear view of its roots and cascading foliage. Go with the variegated varieties for a touch of green elegance, while the jar’s transparency adds a modern twist.

21. DIY Succulent Terrarium

Indoor Plants in Mason Jar Ideas 25

Craft your own succulent terrarium in a mason jar following this guide. This low-maintenance and stylish piece of living decor is perfect for displaying on coffee tables or even home appliances.

22. Beautiful Anthurium in a Mason Jar

Indoor Plants in Mason Jar Ideas 27

The jar’s minimalism highlights the plant’s glossy leaves, creating an eye-catching piece, perfect for modern and minimalist spaces.

23. Mini Succulent House in a Glass Jar

Construct a mini succulent house in a glass jar, creating a tiny, self-contained world of greenery. This indoor plant in a mason jar setup is ideal for adding a touch of nature to small spaces like office desks or shelves.

24. Hoya Growing in a Mason Jar

Grow a hoya in a mason jar to enjoy its lush, trailing vines and occasional star-shaped flowers. Look for a taller jar or of different shapes to beautifully complement your plant.

25. Mason Jar Cut Flower Arrangement

Use a mason jar as a unique vase for a cut flower arrangement. The transparency adds a minimal sophistication that goes well with garden blooms or market finds, making for a natural decor.

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