10 DIY Indoor Plant Walls Anyone Can Make

Want a green set-up but don’t have time for all that jazz? Here are some super easy DIY Indoor Plant Walls Anyone Can Make!

Whether you are tight on budget or just a couch potato, too lazy to move an arm, here are some DIY Indoor Plant Walls You Can Make without much ado!

Did You Ever Try Growing Pothos On a Wall?

DIY Indoor Plant Walls Anyone Can Make

1. Set Up a Mini Plant Wall

Plant Walls Anyone Can Make 1

Dreaming of a green nook but are tight on space? The Mini Plant Wall is easy, fun, and perfect for small spaces. Here’s the DIY.

2. Mount Colorful Pots on the Wall

Plant Walls Anyone Can Make 2

Add life to those bland walls by mounting some colorful pots on the wall. You can also twin them with some vibrant plants for an even more colorful display! Here‘s the detailed idea.

3. Install Plant Shelves on the Patio Wall

Plant Walls Anyone Can Make 3

Got a patio? Turn its wall into a stunning plant showcase with this personalized plant shelves idea.

4. Make a Vertical Succulent Garden

Plant Walls Anyone Can Make 4

Succulents + Vertical Garden—Absolute Magic! This project is perfect for beginners, letting you flaunt those sturdy beauties in style. Get the steps here.

5. Design a Slatted Plant Wall

Plant Walls Anyone Can Make 5

Fancy a touch of modern elegance? This Slatted Plant Wall idea can be your go-to option for bringing a chic touch to an otherwise boring space.

6. Hang Macrame Planters on a Wall-Mounted Broomstick

Give your space a bohemian makeover by hanging macrame planters from a broomstick. Fill up the bottom space with planters. Sounds tough? Here are the details.

7. Create a Lush Living Wall

Plant Walls Anyone Can Make 7

Imagine a wall so alive it breathes green! Creating a lush living wall is super easy; you just need a backboard, vinyl stickers, plant pockets, and some basic gardening tools discussed here.

8. Mount Potted Houseplants on the Wall

Plant Walls Anyone Can Make 8

This easy DIY project allows you to enjoy greenery at eye level, perfect for adding life to any room. Here‘s the tutorial!

9. Create a Small Wall Jungle

Creating your own small wall jungle is super easy and incredibly rewarding. Just fill those wall pockets with your favorite houseplants of all kinds. Here are some examples.

10. Attach Planters on a Pegboard

Attaching planters to a hanging grid is innovative, adjustable, and just plain cool. Head on to this tutorial and design it for yourself!

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