18 Indoor Plant Ideas for Windows

Explore these creative Indoor Plant Ideas for Windows and utilize the vertical space to breathe life into your home!

Give your sun-loving houseplants a dose of natural light with these Indoor Plant Ideas for Windows. Pick the north or east-facing windows so they can bask in the mild morning and evening sunlight without scorching under the direct heat!

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Indoor Plant Ideas for Windows

1. Pothos Vining Up the Window

Indoor Plant Ideas for Windows 1

Create a vibrant green display by training the pothos vines to trail up and around your window frame. Use fixture clips or doublesided tapes to keep the vines in place.

2. Herb Garden by the Window

Freshen up your kitchen or living space with a windowsill herb garden, where herbs like basil, rosemary, and thyme bask in the sunlight and are easily accessible for cooking.

3. Hanging Macrame Garden from the Curtain Rod

Indoor Plant Ideas for Windows 3

Add a bohemian flair to your window with macramé plant hangers suspended from the curtain rod, showcasing a variety of houseplants.

4. Tiered Houseplant Garden by Tall Windows

Maximize your window space by setting up a hanging tiered plant setup, perfect for displaying vining or cascading houseplants.

5. Potted Indoor Plants on a Ledge by the Window

Indoor Plant Ideas for Windows 5

Utilize the ledge space by arranging an array of potted plants, creating a miniature indoor garden that enjoys ample sunlight.

6. Plants in Colorful Planters by the Kitchen Sink

Indoor Plant Ideas for Windows 7

Brighten up your kitchen by placing small plants in colorful planters on the windowsill above the sink, adding a lively touch to your daily chores.

7. A Well-Lit Plant Shelf by the Window


Install a floating shelf in front of the window to provide an ideal spot for light-loving plants, especially in the colder months.

8. Living Curtain of Pothos

Indoor Plant Ideas for Windows 9

Hang a pothos near your window and train the vines along the curtain rod so they drop down while filtering the light and purifying the air. Here are some more interesting ideas to display a Pothos indoors.

9. Beautiful Orchid Garden by the Window

Showcase a collection of orchids on your windowsill, where they can bask in indirect sunlight, adding elegance to your indoor space.

10. Succulents Hanging from a Driftwood

Indoor Plant Ideas for Windows 11

Create a rustic, natural look by suspending a piece of driftwood above the window and hanging a variety of succulents or other houseplants of your choice.

11. Hanging Houseplant Trio!

Group three different types of houseplants in hanging pots at varying heights near the window, creating a dynamic green display. Opt for different foliage patterns for an elevated look!

12. Potted Houseplants on Tiered Shelves by the Window

Indoor Plant Ideas for Windows 13

Utilize the vertical space in the corner by arranging a variety of potted houseplants on the shelves, ensuring each plant receives ample sunlight.

13. Array of Succulents by the Window

Experiment with an assortment of succulents in different shapes and colors on your windowsill. Go with a few flowering varieties for a diverse look.

14. Hanging Shelf for Sun-Loving Houseplants

Install a hanging shelf in front of the window specifically for sun-loving plants, providing them with a suitable environment to grow.

15. Array of Tall Houseplants by a Sunny Window

Indoor Plant Ideas for Windows 19

Place tall houseplants like fiddle leaf figs or snake plants by a sunny window, creating an impressive green backdrop of the room.

16. Arrangement of Potted and Hanging Plants

Mix and match potted and hanging plants around your window, creating layers of greenery at different heights for a lush look.

17. Mix n’ Match of Succulents and Houseplants on Glass Shelving

Blend textures by arranging succulents, vining and potted plants on transparent glass shelves, offering a modern display by the window.

18. Indoor Flower Garden by the Window

Transform your window space into an indoor flower garden, with blooming plants that thrive in the filtered light, in a typical household environment.

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