17 Beautiful Indoor Coleus Ideas

From vibrant crowned pots to cascading hanging baskets, these Beautiful Indoor Coleus Ideas fit every decor!

Want a colorful foliar show in your home? Get inspiration from these Beautiful Indoor Coleus Ideas that suit every corner of the house!

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Beautiful Indoor Coleus Ideas

1. Grow a Potted Coleus Tree on the Dining Table

Indoor Coleus

2. Grow Different Varieties Together

3. Grow Coleus Shrubs as Statement Plants

4. Start Your Indoor Coleus Propagation Center on a Window

5. Place a Variegated Coleus in a Fibergrass Stand

Beautiful Indoor Coleus Ideas 3

6. Pair a Potted Coleus with Other Houseplants

Beautiful Indoor Coleus Ideas 5

7. Display them in a Plant Box

Indoor Coleus

8. Plant Cuttings in Teacups

coleus in teacups

9. Display a Potted Coleus at the Entrance

Beautiful coleus plant

10. Grow Different Coleus Varieties in a Hanging Basket

coleus in hanging basket

11. Group a Colorful Coleus with Flowering Plants

Beautiful coleus plant

12. Grow a Vertical Coleus Garden

Indoor Coleus Ideas 13

13. Root Coleus Cuttings in a Glass Vase

Coleus in Water

14. Boost Your Curb Appeal with Coleus in a Window Box

Beautiful Indoor Coleus Ideas 15

15. Display a Couple of Varieties in Water

coleus plant window sill

16. Create a Low Maintenance Coleus Cutting Centerpiece in Water

Indoor Coleus Ideas 17

17. Group them Together for a Fuller Display

Beautiful coleus plant

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