23 Stunning Indoor Coleus Pictures for Inspiration

Prized for bold and colorful foliage, here are some stunning Indoor Coleus Pictures that will lure you into growing them today!

If you want to grace your indoors with vibrant, eye-catching specimens, that too without spending a lot of time and effort on nurturing them, these stunning Indoor Coleus Pictures will have your heart!

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Indoor Coleus Pictures

1. Inferno

23 Stunning Indoor Coleus Pictures for Inspiration 1

The Inferno coleus boasts fiery, serrated leaves with warm shades of orange, red, and yellow, creating a blazing display in any garden. This medium-sized plant reaches 18-24 inches in height and will thrive near the east-facing windows of your room.

2. Wizard Velvet Red


A compact variety, the Wizard Velvet Red coleus boasts deep burgundy-red leaves with delicate, velvety textures. Reaching up to 12-14 inches tall, this plant’s elegant foliage is accentuated by subtle, contrasting green edges and random spots.

3. Black Dragon

23 Stunning Indoor Coleus Pictures for Inspiration 2
This enigmatic coleus features deep purple-black leaves with serrated edges, creating a striking contrast against lighter-hued plants. Its scalloped foliage showcases a mix of dark shades, making it a dramatic addition to any garden.

4. Henna Red


The Henna Red coleus showcases intricately lobed, copper-burgundy leaves with chartreuse margins, creating a dazzling, metallic effect. This medium-sized plant grows up to 24 inches tall and thrives in partial sun to light shade conditions, making for one of the best Indoor Coleus with Pictures.

5. Sky Fire

23 Stunning Indoor Coleus Pictures for Inspiration 3
With a celestial touch, the Sky Fire coleus features bold, serrated leaves displaying shades of dark purple, accented with green edges. This eye-catching plant reaches up to 24-30 inches in height and thrives in both sun and partial shade environments.

6. Fishnet Stockings

A unique coleus variety, Fishnet Stockings displays vibrant green leaves with intricate, purple-red vein patterns resembling the delicate mesh of fishnet stockings. The eye-catching foliage brings a splash of color and texture to any garden or container planting.

7. Fairway Mosaic

23 Stunning Indoor Coleus Pictures for Inspiration 4

With its intricate blend of greens, yellows, and reds, Fairway Mosaic presents a stunning mosaic-like pattern on its foliage. The irregularly-shaped leaves are adorned with a patchwork of colors, adding visual interest to an ornamental garden.

8. Wizard Jade


Boasting lush, jade-green leaves, Wizard Jade coleus presents a monochromatic display. The foliage features slightly serrated edges and subtle, silvery veins and midrib, making it a versatile and sophisticated choice for plant parents.

9. Wizard Scarlet

23 Stunning Indoor Coleus Pictures for Inspiration 5

Sporting brilliant scarlet-pink leaves, Wizard Scarlet coleus, captivates with its fiery, vibrant color and compact growth habit. The velvety foliage texture further enhances the look of this indoor coleus.

10. Superfine Rainbow

Superfine Rainbow

Showcasing a kaleidoscope of colors, Superfine Rainbow coleus features intricately veined leaves with maroon centers, surrounded by green margins and a touch of yellow, creating a stunning visual display, just like this Indoor Coleus with Picture.

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11. Giant Exhibition

23 Stunning Indoor Coleus Pictures for Inspiration 6

As the name suggests, Giant Exhibition coleus boasts large, showy leaves with a velvety texture and a spectacular mix of burgundy, red, and green hues, making it a bold focal point in any garden.

12. Coral Sunrise

Coral Sunrise coleus enchants with its radiant coral-pink leaves, complemented by deep burgundy veins and a subtle green edge, evoking the soft warmth of sunrise. It is certainly one of the best Indoor Coleus with Pictures.

13. Main Street Ruby Road

23 Stunning Indoor Coleus Pictures for Inspiration 7
Main Street Ruby Road is a stunning plant with dark green luscious foliage that is covered with maroon-red. Its unique foliage makes it stand apart, making it an ideal plant for its heat-tolerant and low-maintenance nature.

14. Haines

Haines coleus showcases a unique blend of rich purple and green variegation, with its foliage displaying splotches of purple and dark emerald green, creating a sophisticated appearance.

15. Painted Nettles

23 Stunning Indoor Coleus Pictures for Inspiration 8

With its stunningly patterned leaves, Painted Nettles boast a tapestry of colors, including pink, red, maroon, and green. These plants exhibit striking variegation, creating a visual feast for the eyes. The foliage is often serrated or lobed, adding further interest to this ornamental plant.

16. Stinging Nettle


A perennial herbaceous plant, Stinging Nettle features serrated, dark burgundy leaves highlighted with prominent green edges. The beautifully variegated foliage crowning small pots makes for a fantastic focal point in any indoor space.

17. Blumei Hybrid

23 Stunning Indoor Coleus Pictures for Inspiration 9

The leaves of Blumei Hybrid are typically large and heart-shaped, with intricate green- silver variegation that makes this variety a standout choice for gardens and containers alike.

18. Black Prince


The Black Prince coleus showcases dark purple to black leaves, giving it a dramatic and mysterious appearance. The foliage often features a subtle variegation, with contrasting shades of deep burgundy and green. The leaves are typically oval-shaped, creating a sophisticated presence in the garden.

19. Pink Coleus

23 Stunning Indoor Coleus Pictures for Inspiration 10

The most popular specimen, Pink Coleus, comes with a slight variegation of pink foliage with dark burgundy edges, making for a visual treat. You can display it among other houseplants creating a striking focal point in the room.

20. Ruffled Magic


Boasting intricately ruffled leaves, this coleus variety features a stunning variegation of deep burgundy and vibrant green, yellow, and pink. The variegation appears as a mesmerizing, painterly pattern on the foliage, making it one of the most attractive Indoor Coleus with Pictures on the list.

21. Premium Sun Chocolate Covered Cherry

23 Stunning Indoor Coleus Pictures for Inspiration 11

A sophisticated indoor coleus, this specimen features velvety foliage with a blend of scarlet pink and purple, highlighted by green edges. It is perfect for adding a pop of color to any houseplant collection.

22. Wizard Coral Sunrise


Boasting a mesmerizing blend of pale pink and green hues, Wizard Coral Sunrise features stunning variegation with a gradient effect. Its compact growth habit and scalloped leaves make it an excellent option for mixed borders or indoor pots.

23. Premium Sun Watermelon

23 Stunning Indoor Coleus Pictures for Inspiration 12
This eye-catching coleus variety displays luscious, green-edged leaves with a vibrant watermelon-pink center, creating a refreshing contrast. The serrated, medium-sized foliage captures attention, making it a perfect choice for gardens or containers in sunnier locations.

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