How to Grow Golden Bamboo Indoors | Phyllostachys aurea Care Guide

Want to Grow Golden Bamboo Indoors? Follow this Phyllostachys aurea Care Guide to propagate this stellar in your home!

How to Grow Golden Bamboo Indoors | Phyllostachys aurea Care Guide 1
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Phyllostachys aurea is an absolute stunner as a houseplant! Learn everything about How to Grow Golden Bamboo Indoors to help this handsome thrive in your home!

  • Botanical Name: Phyllostachys aurea
  • USDA Zones: 6-10
  • Popular as Golden Bamboo, Fishpole Bamboo, Monk’s Belly Bamboo & Fairyland Bamboo
  • Best bamboo species to grow indoors
  • Grows well under full sun and partial shade
  • Popular as privacy and hedge plants

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Golden Bamboo Plant Profile 

The golden bamboo is a perennial plant that belongs to the grass family (Poaceae). It is a woody, hollow, evergreen, perennial plant that can attain a considerable height outdoors but can be trained as a houseplant.

Known for its narrow, lance-shaped leaves that grow in clusters, this bamboo grows successfully indoors under ample light and humidity. Their unique shape and dense growth create an amazing privacy plant and indoor room dividers with a tropical touch. However, considering Phyllostachys aurea’s light requirements, homes that receive bright sunlight are only suitable for growing this perennial.

Phyllostachys aurea Propagation

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Since Phyllostachys aurea rarely flowers, it does not generally produce seeds that can be germinated and used for propagation. Most of the propagation of Golden Bamboo is done via cuttings.

While going for the propagation, cut a section of cane that’s around 10 inches long that contains at least three nodes (the rings around the canes). Dip one cut end of the cane into a powdered rooting hormone and plant it in a container of rich, well-draining potting soil deep enough to cover the node. Fill the center of the cut cane with water. Check every couple of days and replace water as needed to keep the cane mostly full.

Ensure you place the container in a warm area with partial sunlight while avoiding direct sunlight. If every condition is kept per requirement, the cutting will grow taller within a few weeks.

Ideal Pot Size

How to Grow Golden Bamboo Indoors | Phyllostachys aurea Care Guide 2

Golden Bambo grows at a mammoth height, so fragile plastic containers may not stand it, and it may break through them. It is better to use a metal or hardwood container with ample holes for drainage. Heavy pots that can anchor the weight of the bamboo canes are best.

While starting out, you may use 14-16 inches containers and repot the plant to 1-2 size bigger pots if you want your Golden Bamboo to attain a bigger height indoors.

Requirements for Growing Phyllostachys aurea Indoors


Golden bamboo isn’t particular about soil type but grows best in a moist, well-draining medium full of organic nutrients. If the soil lacks nutrients, your golden bamboo will not show off healthy clusters, compromising its overall look.

The best bet is to amend a houseplant growing medium with a fistful of manure to prepare the ideal blend for your Phyllostachys aurea.


Phyllostachys aurea does best in moist conditions, so frequent watering is a must for the plant. During the hot summer, water your bamboo frequently to keep the medium from drying out completely.  Although it will love moisture in the soil, ensure it is not waterlogged.


Place your Phyllostachys aurea in a spot where it can receive ample sunlight. This plant grows well under bright light but can tolerate shade as well. However, too much shade will impact its growth rate. A spot that receives bright, direct sunlight for 5-6 hours a day is best suited for its growth.

Southern corners or balconies will meet the plant’s light requirements. Alternatively, you may use medium-intensity grow lights when growing a Phyllostachys aurea indoors.

Temperature and Humidity

Phyllostachys aurea thrives best in areas with hot and moist climates. This species is also relatively cold-hardy and can cope with temperatures as low as 14 F or -10 Celsius, but it won’t grow taller in low temperatures. So, to train it indoors, a cold atmosphere is good. This bamboo grows best in temperatures between 68-86 F or 20-30 C.

Average household humidity is enough to aid plant growth.

 Phyllostachys aurea Care



Golden Bamboo grows well with a  fertilizer with a higher level of nitrogen to promote healthy growth of leaves and canes. You can also use a lawn fertilizer to feed your Phyllostachys aurea every 4-6 weeks in early spring and to mid-summer.

Aged manure is another choice that goes well with the plant. However, ensure to use a feed that does not give out an unpleasant smell, which will ward off your guests instead of attracting them.

Pests and Diseases

Bamboo is surprisingly resistant to pests and diseases. However, spots and discolorations do occur that indicate a problem. It is also prone to fungal spots, bamboo mosaic virus, sooty mold, and root rot.

Use an insecticidal spray every 3-4 weeks to keep the pests at bay.


Phyllostachys aurea grows tall, and pruning is essential to keep its growth in check. Prune your golden bamboo in the spring, removing dried stems or any part that is not growing well. Canes of bamboo can also be pruned to limit its growth as per your choice.

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