How to Grow Anthurium forgetii Indoors | Anthurium forgetii Care

Noted for round, sinus-less foliage with prominent silver veins, growing Anthurium forgetii Indoors doesn’t require much effort!

How to Grow Anthurium forgetii Indoors | Anthurium forgetii Care 1

Native to Columbia, Anthurium forgetii hails to the Araceae family and makes for an excellent houseplant with its compact structure, attractive foliage, and easy demands. Learn How to Grow Anthurium forgetii Indoors and liven up your interiors!

  • Botanical Name: Anthurium forgetii
  • USDA Zones: 9-11
  • Slow-grower, perfect for growing in small spaces
  • Round, sinus-less foliage with silvery veins
  • Prefers bright, indirect sunlight
  • Prone to root rot

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Anthurium forgetii Plant Profile

Anthurium forgetii steals the show with its round, velvety foliage veined in prominent silvery lines on a dark green hue. The missing lobes give them the unique shape of teardrops that spread considerably under favorable growing conditions. Also, the long-lasting flowers add to their charm.

The plant reaches a decent height indoors; however, its slow-growing and compact nature make it an ideal choice for small spaces. You can easily keep an indoor Anthurium forgetii’s growth in check by modifying the growing conditions, and display it on your bookshelf or a coffee table in the living!

Ideal Pot Size for Anthurium forgetii Plant

Anthurium forgetii is a slow grower and can do pretty well in a 6-8 inches pot. Getting the right pot size is crucial for an Anthurium forgetii for its susceptibility to root rot —an oversized container will invite just that!

The best trick to determine an ideal pot for houseplants is to get a 1-2 size bigger than the plant’s root ball. It pretty much works for all houseplants, the Anthurium forgetti, too!

Propagating Anthurium forgetii Indoors

How to Grow Anthurium forgetii Indoors | Anthurium forgetii Care 2

Root Division:

  • Unpot the plant gently without hurting the leaves.
  • Detangle the roots manually and brush off the excess soil.
  • Use sterile scissors to separate the offsets from the mother plant.
  • Prepare a pot with a loose, well-draining growing medium and plant the offset.
  • Water well, and let it grow in a bright location receiving indirect sunlight.

You’ll notice new growth in a couple of weeks.

Stem Cuttings:

  • Cut a healthy stem just below the leaf node, the spot on the stem opposite to where the leaf grows, so that you have a section that includes a leaf or two and the node.
  • Take a glass of non-chlorinated water and dip the cutting.
  • Place it in a warm place with filtered sunlight and keep changing the water every 2-3 days or when it looks muddy.

New roots will appear in a couple of weeks, post which you may transplant the cuttings to their final destination.

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Requirements for growing Anthurium forgetii Indoors



A well-drained medium is crucial for rearing a healthy Anthurium forgetii Indoors, as it is susceptible to fungal issues induced by root rot. Use a loose, chunky potting mix—ideally, a soilless mixture of orchid bark, perlite, vermiculite, peat, and shredded moss with a fistful of horticulture charcoal will provide the apt aeration and nutrition to the plant.


Anthurium forgetii will thrive in medium to bright light and ensure to keep it away from direct sunlight. An East or North facing corner that receives 2-3 hours of filtered light is an ideal spot for this houseplant.

If this plant gets too much bright light, you may notice dry brown spots or a “bleached” appearance on its dark-green leaves. Consider that a warning sign of changing its spot to a shady location.

Temperature & Humidity

Anthurium forgetii is a little moody when it comes to temperature! An ideal range of 65 to 70 F 18-21 C with minimal fluctuations will help your plant thrive at its best. Also, ensure to keep it away from heaters, air conditioners, fireplaces, or drafts. Treat your green buddy with consistent warmth to cherish the best appearance.

Also, the perennial absolutely loves humidity. Group your houseplants together or use a humidifier to boost the air moisture, helping your Anthurium forgetii to thrive indoors.


This pretty houseplant is quite a thirsty specimen and prefers an evenly moist medium. Never let the top one inch dry out completely in between the watering sessions. However, ensure not to let the medium turn soggy. Water as per the weather conditions of your place.

Anthurium forgetii Care


Anthurium forgetii requires the least fertilizers as it is a slow grower. Feeding the plant with a diluted balanced liquid feed once a month in the growing season will boost healthy foliage growth. Keep from fertilizing the plant in its dormant period in the cooler months.

Pests and Diseases

Some of the most damaging diseases that infect this plant are Anthracnose, spider mites, and aphids causing yellowish mottling of the leaves while root rot and leaf spot are other notable issues. Spray the plant with neem oil solution on spotting such signs.

Additionally, take care of the plant’s water, and light requirements to keep potential diseases at bay.

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