18 Houseplants with Spotted Leaves

These fascinating houseplants with spotted leaves are sure to grab attention no matter where you place them!

With the vast array of houseplant species and cultivars available, you’re bound to find some that really catch your eye, often thanks to their stunning flowers or impressive foliage. In this article, we’ll explore a selection of houseplants with spotted leaves that will become the centerpiece of any room!

Houseplants with Spotted Leaves

1. Polka Dot Plant

Houseplants with Spotted Leaves

Botanical Name: Hypoestes phyllostachya

The name says it all—it features a variegated appearance with polka dots that contrast with the color of the surface of its leaves. The color combination includes shades of pink, cream, yellow, and green.

2. Spotted Dracaena ‘Florida Beauty’

White leaves

Botanical Name: Dracaena surculosa ‘Florida Beauty’

If a potted plant is all you want without much drama, then this dracaena variety could be your choice! Its lovely ovate green leaves are covered with creamy white spots and splotches that would happily sit in an indirectly lit spot with sparse watering.

3. Satin Pothos

Satin Pothos

Botanical Name: Scindapsus pictus

With a misnomer, this plant isn’t a pothos at all. Rather, this climbing vine produces elongated heart-shaped leaves with irregular cream spots all over the surface. Give it some bright indirect light, and it will beautifully grace any hanging basket or a high spot.

4. Common Lungwort

Spotted Leaves

Botanical Name: Pulmonaria officinalis

A hardy perennial, great for filling in gaps in garden beds and borders, the common lungwort is not just known for its trumpet-shaped purple and pink flowers but more for its dark green fuzzy leaves that show spots of greyish-white.

5. Japanese Laurel ‘Crotonifolia’

 Spotted Leaves

Botanical Name: Aucuba japonica ‘Crotonfolia’

This hardy shrub is useful for privacy screening along the yard or even open balconies. It also adds visual interest to your space, thanks to its lush green foliage spotted with yellow and cream.

6. Bromeliad “Hallelujah”

Houseplants with Spotted Leaves

Botanical Name: Billbergia “Hallelujah”

Though bromeliads are most commonly known for their bright, colorful flowers, the ‘Hallelujah’ variety stands out for its waxy and stiff brown-red foliage, with white spots that make for an ornamental addition to any space.

7. Silver Squill

Houseplants with Spotted Leaves

Botanical Name: Ledebouria socialis

Besides being one of the easiest houseplants to care for, the Silver Squill is an excellent plant to pair with your other green beauties as its lance-shaped green-white spotted foliage would contrast well with non-variegated specimens.

8. Gold Dust Croton

Gold Dust Croton

Botanical Name: Codiaeum variegatum ‘Gold Dust’

A gorgeous tropical plant with a shrub-like growth habit, the Gold Dust Croton gets its name from the fact that its lush green leaves are spotted all over with yellow, giving it a subtle, elite look.

9. Begonia Maculata

Begonia maculata

Botanical Name: Begonia maculata

This easy-to-care begonia variety can steal your heart thanks to its stunning appearance. It features polka-dot-patterned foliage with white dots over the primary green and bright red on the undersides of the wing-like, rippled leaves. Avoid overwatering and grow it away from direct sunlight.

10. Aglaonema ‘Red Valentine’

Aglaonema 'Red Valentine' Spotted Leaves

Botanical Name: Aglaonema ‘Red Valentine’

With a love for dimly lit spots, there are many beautiful Aglaonema varieties out there. But the ‘Red Valentine’ stands out for its rose-pink foliage, splashed with dark green spots. Interestingly, this genus is also on NASA’s list of air-purifying houseplants, so you can decorate your home while keeping the air clean!

11. Leopard Plant

Spotted Leaves

Botanical Name: Farfugium japonicum

Aptly named, this pretty houseplant has many cultivars with spotted yellow or white patterns on their dark green lily pad-shaped leaves. You would also find varieties with crinkled leaves and a solid green color featuring the universal leathery, tropical look that is an instant attention-grabber.

12. Caladium

Spotted Leaves

Botanical Name: Caladium bicolor ‘Polka Dot’

If you want something of a focal point in your collection, this showy Caladium features large arrow-shaped leaves with a white and green coloration. But that’s not all! These leaves are mottled with pink and red spots, almost looking like polka dots.

13. Spotted Begonia

 Houseplants with Spotted

Botanical Name: Begonia amphioxus

The Amphioxus is a rare and exotic species of Begonia, showcasing thin, light green foliage with each leaf having lanced-shaped winged tips at both ends. The feature that stands out about this plant is that not only are the foliage edges red, but they also show large to medium red or maroon spots, giving it a somewhat alien-like appearance.

14. Angel Wings Begonia

 Houseplants with Spotted

Botanical Name: Begonia coccinea

Growing on upright stems, the angel wing begonia features one of the best-spotted foliage thanks to the silver spots that cover its beautiful dark green leaves, not to mention the magnificent display of flowers that also enhances the beauty of this plant.

15. Red Splash

Houseplants with Spotted Leaves

Botanical Name: Hypoestes phyllostachya ‘Red Splash’

This is quite a fascinating houseplant showcasing striking bright red and black foliage. But that’s not even the highlight of this plant. Its foliage also showcases spots of red, making it an amazing addition to any indoor plant collection.

16. Rattlesnake Plant

Calathea lancifolia - Spotted Leaves

Botanical Name: Calathea lancifolia

A wonderfully showy houseplant, the Calathea has upright, lance-shaped leaves with wavy edges and dark red undersides that start out as clumps and spread slowly over time. While the leaves may seem variegated at first glance, on a closer look, you will find dark green elongated spots over the light green background.

17. Peacock Plant

Peacock Plant Spotted Leaves

Botanical Name: Calathea makoyana

The Peacock Plant, especially well-known for its striking appearance, also resembles the above-mentioned Calathea with its dark green elongated spots over a light green background. This color scheme resembles peacock feathers, and the leaves feature undersides of rich purple.

18. Pink Brocade

Spotted Leaves

Botanical Name: Hypoestes phyllostachya ‘Pink Brocade’

A fast-growing spotted houseplant, it is one of the best ones with spotted foliage showcasing pink leaves spotted all over with fine green spots. You can properly enjoy the beauty of this houseplant in bright, indirect, or even full sunlight.

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