10 Hacks for Indoor Plants that Come from Your Kitchen

These simple Hacks for Indoor Plants that Come from Your Kitchen will save you pretty bucks on fancy gardening tools!

Gardening can be anything but expensive! All you need is your creative take to turn those day-to-day equipment into functional gardening tools. These Hacks for Indoor Plants that Come from Your Kitchen are some easy-peasy options to start with!

Indoor Gardening Hacks From the Kitchen

1. Repurpose a Colander as a Hanging Basket

Upcycle an old colander into a unique and airy hanging basket! Line it with coir or sphagnum moss, add your chosen plant, and hang it with sturdy wire or rope just like this. This setup is ideal for both flowering plants and trailing vines that will beautifully drape over the edges.

2. Turn a Mason Jar into a Mini Terrarium

Plant Hacks that Come from Your Kitchen 2

Turn a mason jar into a miniature self-sustaining ecosystem by following some simple steps. It is best for moisture-loving plants, especially if your place experiences extremely chili or hot weather.

3. Spice Racks Can be Spacious Plant Shelves

Plant pots can easily deck up an unused spice rack in your kitchen. Hang it on the wall, stand it on a countertop, or mount it on the fridge—whichever way you please. You can plant small cacti or succulents, but growing a bunch of herbs would add to its functionality even more.

4. DIY Your Own Plant Mister

Plant Hacks that Come from Your Kitchen 4

Don’t waste money on a store-bought plant mister! Simply grab an old perfume bottle or a clean spray bottle and fill it with water like this. You can even add a few drops of essential oils like clove or peppermint for a refreshing scent and pest-repellent properties.

5. Aerate the Soil with a Fork

Forget fancy tools; grab a fork! Gently loosen compacted soil by poking it with the tines of a fork. This improves air circulation and drainage, which is especially beneficial for plants that dislike soggy roots.

6. Kill those Pesky Fungi with Baking Soda

Plant Hacks that Come from Your Kitchen 6

Don’t let fungus take over! Whip up an effective fungicide by blending a teaspoon of baking soda with a quart of water. This homemade mix, perfect for spraying on your plant’s leaves and stems, is especially potent against pesky problems like powdery mildew.

7. Start New Seeds in Newspaper Pots

Plant Hacks that Come from Your Kitchen 7

Save on seed trays by folding old newspapers into small, drainable shapes filled with soil. These biodegradable mini-pots let you transplant seedlings directly into larger pots without root disturbance. Here‘s a detailed tutorial.

8. Use a Rice Cooker to Boost Humidity on Dry Days

On days when indoor air is particularly dry, a rice cooker can become a natural humidifier. Simply operate it with water to release steam. Turn on the “keep warm” setting to create a gentle mist that won’t shock your plants either! Here are the details.

9. Use Aluminium Foil to Keep Your Cat from Digging in

The crinkling sound of aluminum foil seems more high-pitched to cats than it does to humans. So, when they step on it, the crinkly texture and noise startle them, effectively deterring them from digging in plant pots. All you need is to cover the plant base with the foils. However, don’t forget to tend the plant in intervals to meet its specific needs.

10. Use a Kitchen Sponge to Sprout Seeds

Do you know those dishwashing sponges can work as an excellent sprouting ground for seeds? Place the seeds on a damp sponge and mist them every other day to prevent any dry scenes. Once sprouted, cut the sponge into small pieces and place them directly in the soil to avoid root disturbance.

You can germinate flowers such as petunias and snapdragons that are too small to handle or those that require a consistently moist environment, like onion or chives.

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