11 Ways To Grow Geraniums Indoors

While best suited for the outdoors, there are some fantastic ways to grow Geraniums indoors that are worth trying!

Geraniums are sun-loving plants, and though you might think they can only survive outdoors, that is not true. If you can replicate the right growing conditions for geraniums, they will not only grow well indoors with thick, compact, bright green leaves but also produce the most beautiful blooms. After choosing the healthiest stem cuttings, try out these fantastic ways to grow Geraniums indoors!

Ways To Grow Geraniums Indoors

1. On A Sunny Windowsill

Ways To Grow Geranium Indoors

Geraniums love the sunlight and need some strong rays to bloom. So, if you wish your geraniums to bloom indoors, place them on your brightest windowsills. For this reason, south or west-facing windows are ideal as they provide ample light. You should also rotate the planters regularly to ensure even plant growth.

2. On Window Boxes

Ways To Grow Geranium

Not only do window boxes become interesting focal points, but you can also choose the ones that fit in with your overall aesthetic. You can also tweak the location of your windowboxes housing geraniums, such as whether you want them under your windows, along a wall, or out on the balcony.

Just ensure good drainage and that the plants get a good amount of bright, indirect sunlight for at least 6 to 8 hours a day.

3. Hanging Baskets in Balcony

Grow Geranium Indoors

If you’ve already decorated your balcony with other hanging planters, why not add some geraniums to the mix, especially if it gets a good mix of indirect and direct sunlight? Just remember, aside from ensuring they get enough light, you’ll also need to keep up with their watering and fertilizing to keep them looking their best.

4. Grow them Along a Potted Trellis

Grow Geranium Indoors

If you are fond of creeping geranium varieties, there is an excellent way to not only grow them but also display them! Make them grow up and not out. How to do that? Well, first things first, you need to choose the pot in which you will be growing your geranium and ensure it has enough space for a handmade trellis. Tie the geranium stems to the trellis with twine, and watch your lovely plant climb high!

5. Tabletop Displays

Geranium on Tabletop Displays

Get creative with growing your geraniums by simultaneously displaying them on tabletops. If the location does not get enough direct sunlight, ensure that you are providing your plant with bright overhead lights for proper overall growth of the plant.

Pro Tip: Grow several different varieties of geraniums for a colorful arrangement. 

6. Let it Train on the Wall

Train on the Wall

Yet another way to display climbing geranium varieties instead of a potted trellis is to let them grow up a wall by the window, especially if you are growing them on a balcony or the deck. Not only do you not have to go to any extra lengths to create support for the plant (as they will climb up the wall, supporting themselves), but you will have them in a location where their light and other requirements are met!

7. Display it on a Plant Stand

Display it on a Plant Stand

Growing geraniums indoors can be super easy. Thanks to their beauty, you don’t need to go to extra lengths to display them beautifully. You could get a plant stand of your choice with color, texture, and aesthetic that you prefer and start growing geraniums indoors!

8. Tiered Plant Stands

Tiered Plant Stands

Tiered plant stands are a way to maximize vertical space while creating a beautiful arrangement. You could get several different varieties of geraniums, grow the taller ones on the top tiers of the plant stand, and any trailing varieties on the bottom. For this arrangement, you must ensure that you have that multi-tiered plant stand in a location that gets enough sunlight throughout the day.

9. Grow in Combination with Other Plants

Combination Planters To Grow Geranium

Mix and match your favorite indoor plants by putting them together in a large combination planter. It’s quite straightforward—choose a big planter and gather plants like ivy and ferns that thrive under similar light and water conditions. Just make sure to use a high-quality potting mix that meets the needs of all the plants you’re grouping together.

10. Along the Railing

Along the Railing

A simple yet one of the best ways to ensure meeting your sun-loving plants’ needs while also technically growing them indoors is by housing them on your balcony. But you can make that extra fancy by growing your geraniums along the railing of your balcony with wall-mounted planters.

This way, not only do your geraniums get enough sunlight, but you can also enjoy them from a window or when you step out for a breath of fresh air mixed in with the sweet fragrance of geraniums!

11. Grow a Mini Geranium Garden

Grow a Mini Geranium

If you have already found your geraniums flourishing indoors, why not get more? You can create an indoor garden of geraniums in your home with similarly themed or similar-colored planters in a location that receives enough sunlight. Just ensure that all the planters have good drainage, monitor your watering schedule and you will have the most amazing indoor geranium garden!

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