10 Best Grey Flowers

Enhance the beauty of your garden with the subtle charm of Grey Flowers, creating striking contrast amidst the lush green foliage.

Ditch the ordinary vibrant blooms and tap your fingers on these Best Grey Flowers. Tinged with hints of white and silver, these unique blooms add a layer of sophistication to the landscape.

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Best Grey Flowers

1. Silver Lace

shutterstock/Burning Bright

Botanical Name: Polygonum aubertii

This vigorous, fast-growing climber boasts sprays of small, white, fragrant flowers that bloom in late summer and fall. Its heart-shaped green leaves have a silvery sheen, creating an elegant lace-like effect.

2. Mountain Daisy


Botanical Name: Celmisia semicordata

A native of New Zealand, the Mountain Daisy features vibrant white petals and a yellow center. It blooms in the summer, and the silvery foliage forms a compact mound, providing year-round interest.

3. Mouse Ears


Botanical Name: Cerastium

This low-growing perennial showcases delicate white, star-shaped flowers in late spring and early summer. The plant’s grey-green leaves have a fuzzy texture, similar to the appearance of mouse ears.

4. Edelweiss Flower


Botanical Name: Leontopodium nivale

The Edelweiss Flower features soft, silver-gray woolly leaves and clusters of small, star-shaped grey flowers with a velvety texture. Its distinct appearance and historical significance make it a sought-after addition to rock gardens or alpine-themed landscapes.

5. Low Ho Silver Iris


Botanical Name: Iris germanica ‘Low Ho Silver’

This majestic gray flower features large, ruffled silver-white petals with gray undertones and a yellow beard. Its tall, robust stems and sword-shaped green leaves make it a standout in any garden.

6. Silver Scheherazade Lily


Botanical Name: Lily ‘Silver Scheherazade’

This lily presents large, creamy white flowers with a hint of green at the center that give it an overall gray tint. It blooms in mid to late summer with its gracefully curved petals giving it a truly regal appearance.

7. Silver Shadows Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Silver Shadow’

This hybrid tea rose displays elegant, large, gray-lavender flowers throughout the summer season. Its long stems are perfect for displaying as cut flowers. The glossy green leaves provide a beautiful contrast to the unusual gray color of the flowers.

8. Globe Thistle

shutterstock/Przemyslaw Muszynski

Botanical Name: Echinops sphaerocephalus

An impressive perennial with striking globe-shaped, metallic blue-grey flowers that bloom from mid to late summer. The spiky texture and silvery-green foliage of the plant add to its unique appearance and makes it a favorite among butterflies.

9. Silver Sage

Botanical Name: Salvia argentea

This biennial herb is renowned for its large, silvery-grey leaves. In its second year, it produces a tall flower stalk adorned with woolly grey flowers. This striking contrast of silver and white creates a focal point in herb gardens or mixed perennial beds.

10. Dusty Miller


Botanical Name: Jacobaea maritima

A popular bedding plant, Dusty Miller boasts attractive, finely cut, silvery-gray foliage. While it does produce small grey-white flowers during the summer, it’s primarily grown for its leaves, which provide a beautiful contrast in the garden.

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