Glacier Pothos vs N’Joy | Difference between Njoy and Glacier Pothos

Looking for the differences and similarities between two Pothos cultivars? This Glacier Pothos vs N’Joy Guide will help you!

Glacier Pothos vs N’Joy | Difference between Njoy and Glacier Pothos 1

If you are a Pothos lover and confused about which one to pick between the two most gorgeous cultivars— Glacier and N’Joy. Here’s an extensive Glacier Pothos vs N’Joy guide to compare them. Albeit both the houseplants are at par and can be difficult to distinguish at a young age, they show their true colors as they grow up—just like humans!

What is Glacier Pothos?

 Glacier Pothos is popular as the Old Man N’Joy, for its appearance, sporting a more speckled, wrinkled, mottled version of its distinct cousin—N’Joy. It is botanically known as Epipremnum aureum ‘Glacier’ and has smaller leaves than most Pothos cultivars with slow-growing traits and easy-to-care nature.

With bright white and soft green foliar variegation, Pothos Glacier reaches a height of about 6 feet and more, with offsets growing around if not kept in check. Perfect for living privacy curtains and green wall makeovers, Glacier Pothos is one of the most sought-after cultivars.

What is N’Joy Pothos?

Glacier Pothos vs N’Joy | Difference between Njoy and Glacier Pothos 2

N’joy pothos is one of the most beautiful pothos cultivars, popular for its variegated leaves and vining growth habit. The plant features a striking variegation of dark green and cream-to-white splotches on the mottled foliage, with vines reaching about 10 feet indoors.

Exhibiting thinner foliage and more pronounced areas of variegation than most of its cousins, Njoy Pothos looks beautiful in hanging baskets, tabletop planters, and trailing down the shelves.

Similarities between Glacier and N’Joy Pothos 

  • Both the Pothos cultivars are hardy to USDA Zones 10-11.
  • Pothos N’Joy and Glacier thrive best when positioned in medium to bright light.
  • With similar watering requirements, both prefer to enjoy some dry spells in between watering to prevent root rot.
  • Considering the soil requirements, these houseplants grow best in a well-drained, indoor plant potting mix.
  • None of the cultivars are heavy feeders. A dose of diluted, balanced liquid fertilizer is enough to satiate them.
  • They aren’t a friend of humans or animals if ingested—mouth irritation, swelling, and throat infections are common complications.

Glacier Pothos vs N’Joy


       Name                                                   Glacier Pothos                                     N’Joy Pothos 

Scientific Name                                Epipremnum aureum ‘Glacier’                      Epipremnum aureum ‘N’Joy’

USDA Zones                                                     10-11                                                           10-11

Mature height Indoors                            6-8′ (1.8-2.4m)                                                   10′ (3.0m)

Growth rate                                                      Fast                                                               Slow

Light Requirement                                  bright, indirect                                                    bright, indirect

Soil Type                                               light, free-draining                                       moist, well-drained

Pests                                                    spider mites, mealybugs                          spider mites, mealybugs

Watering                                                   Every 5-8 days                                                 Every 5-8 days

  • Glacier Pothos features light green, silver, and white variegation patterns, while the N’Joy has a more striking variegation of creamy white splotches on the dark green foliage.
  • The streaky variegation in Glacier Pothos directs from the center to the outwards, while N’Joy Pothos features variegation starting from the edges of the leaf and moving inward.
  • Glacier Pothos has a soft, silky texture in its leaves. On the other hand, N’Joy Pothos has a waxy leaf texture with a leathery bottom.
  • N’Joy Pothos grows taller than its competitor but doesn’t spread much, while Glacier Pothos sends more offshoots and remains shorter.
  • When it comes to flowers, the N’Joy Pothos hardly blooms. However, the Glacier Pothos flowers at maturity.
  • Glacier Pothos loves warmer temperatures with minimal fluctuations, while N’Joy Pothos can do well in temperatures as low as 50F or 10C.

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