14 Flowers that Look Like Tulips

Bring home these graceful Flowers that Look Like Tulips and enjoy the captivating floral display in your garden!

Whether you are looking for graceful blooming varieties or want a collection of vibrant cut flowers, these Flowers that Look Like Tulips will serve all your purposes!

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Flowers that Look Like Tulips

Tulips are loved for their iconic cup-shaped flowers with six petals that flare outwards, creating a beautiful silhouette. They come in vibrant shades of red, pink, yellow, orange, purple, and white atop slender, green flower stalks.

1. Bellflower

Botanical Name: Campanula

The bellflower boasts delicate bell-shaped blooms that come in an array of colors, including shades of blue, purple, pink, and white. The petals curve gently outward, creating a silhouette reminiscent of a tulip.

2. California Poppy


Botanical Name: Eschscholzia californica

The cup-shaped flowers of the California poppy atop slender stems create a visual similarity to tulips. These tulip-like flowers come in shades of pink, red, yellow, orange, or cream.

3. Carpathian Bellflower


Botanical Name: Campanula carpatica

A close relative of the bellflower family, these Beautiful Flowers that Look Like Tulips exhibit petite, bell-shaped flowers in shades of blue and white. The umbel form of the petals, along with the slender stems, mirrors the charm of tulips.

4. Crocus

Botanical Name: Crocus sativus

With its slender petals and many color options like purple, yellow, and white, the Crocus bears a resemblance to tulips. This early bloomer shows up in late winter or early spring and has grass-like leaves.

5. Crown Imperial

Botanical Name: Fritillaria imperialism

The Crown Imperial features Flowers that Look Like Tulips with clusters of downward-facing blooms in red, orange, and yellow. This perennial bulb blooms in the mid to late spring, surrounded by glossy, lance-shaped foliage.

6. Daffodils

Botanical Name: Narcissus

Daffodils, known for their trumpet shape and bright colors, share a resemblance to tulips. These iconic blooms come in shades of yellow, white, and orange amidst long, narrow, green leaves.

7. Japanese Magnolia

Botanical Name: Magnolia liliiflora

The Japanese magnolia graces the landscape with its elegant, goblet-shaped flowers that closely resemble tulips. These early spring blooming flowers emerge in shades of pink and purple with dark green foliage.

8. Lisianthus

Botanical Name: Eustoma grandiflorum

The Lisianthus, with ruffled petals in shades of pink, purple, blue, and white, looks somewhat like a tulip. This flower blooms in late spring or early summer and has blue-green leaves.

9. Little Volunteer Tulip Tree

Botanical Name: Liriodendron tulipifera ‘Little Volunteer’

True to its name, this tree shows off bright yellow flowers and green leaves that are shaped like tulip petals. Blooming in late spring, this deciduous tree can bring a touch of woodland charm to your landscape.

10. Mexican Prickly Poppy

Botanical Name: Argemone Mexicana

With its striking yellow, orange, or white blooms, the Mexican Prickly Poppy features tulip-like flowers. This hardy annual or biennial plant typically blooms in summer, sporting blue-green, prickly leaves.

11. Pasque Flower


Botanical Name: Pulsatilla vulgaris

The Pasque Flower’s bell-shaped petals in purple, white, or yellow are similar to those of tulips. This flower blooms in early spring and has finely divided leaves that look like feathers.

12. Daylilies


Botanical Name: Hemerocallis

Daylilies, with trumpet-shaped flowers in orange, yellow, pink, and red, have a tulip-like silhouette. These flowers bloom mostly in the summer and have arching, strap-like leaves.

13. Freesia

Kindra Clineff

Botanical Name: Freesia

Freesias feature elegant, funnel-shaped flowers that look like tulips from certain angles. These fragrant flowers bloom in various colors, such as white, yellow, pink, and purple, amidst green, sword-like leaves.

14. Gloxinia

Botanical Name: Sinningia speciosa

Gloxinias display exquisite, bell-shaped flowers in shades of red, pink, purple, or white. These flowers bloom in summer or fall, with curved petals that mirror the grace of tulips from a distance.

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