6 Attractive Flowers that Look Like Lips

Would you like to get your hands on some interesting Flowers that Look Like Lips? You are definitely in for a treat!

Awestruck your guests with a collection of attractive Flowers that Look Like Lips in your garden! These beautiful blooms will create a welcoming vibe around your house!

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Flowers that Look Like Lips

1. Girlfriend Kiss

6 Attractive Flowers that Look Like Lips 1

Botanical Name: Palicourea elata

Just like its name, this flower aptly captures the essence of a pair of luscious, inviting lips! Its vibrant, glossy red petals unfold in a rounded shape, much like a pair of red lips, while the velvety texture invokes a desire to caress them, further cementing its resemblance.

2. Salvia Hot Lips

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Botanical Name: Salvia x jamensis ‘Hot Lips’

This flower’s two-toned red and white blossoms look like open lips ready for a kiss. It attracts pollinators as well and brightens up any garden with its vibrant appearance.

3. Persian Cyclamen

6 Attractive Flowers that Look Like Lips 2

Botanical Name: Cyclamen persicum

Persian Cyclamen has delicate petals that curve upwards, resembling the soft curves of lips. They come in vibrant colors like white, pink, purple, and magenta.

4. Parrot’s Beak


Botanical Name: Lotus berthelotii

True to its name, the Parrot’s Beak flower has curved, elongated petals that look like a bird’s beak, or you may say the bird’s lips. Its bright orange and red hues garner attention from a distance.

5. Lady Slipper Orchid

6 Attractive Flowers that Look Like Lips 3

Botanical Name: Paphiopedilum

The Lady Slipper Orchid has a unique, slipper-shaped petal that looks like a delicate pair of rosy lips. Its captivating blooms vary in color, ranging from soft pinks and purples to vibrant yellows and greens.

6. Conophytum Pygmy

Botanical Name: Conophytum pygmy

Not really a flower, but how do we not include this cute succulent on our list? Just look at the picture!

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