14 Flowers that Look Like Fire

With their vibrant shades and unique shapes, these Flowers that Look Like Fire will add a touch of blazing beauty to your yard!

Nature’s artistry never fails to astonish, and among its many wonders are these Flowers that Look Like Fire! Not only are these flowers visually attractive, but offer a home to pollinators, making them perfect for growing around vegetable gardens!

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Flowers that Look Like Fire

1. Blood Flowers


Botanical Name: Asclepias curassavica

Also known as Tropical Milkweed, Blood Flowers feature fiery red-orange petals that look like the flames of a bonfire. These flowers are home to butterflies, making them an excellent option for companion planting.

2. Pansy Swiss Giant Flame


Botanical Name: Viola x Wittrockiana Swiss Giant Flame

These flowers sport large, velvety petals in intense shades of orange and yellow, capturing the essence of dancing flames. Their lush texture and fiery colors bring a touch of opulence to any setting.

3. Kiss White Flame Gazania

Flowers that Look Like Fire 2

Botanical Name: Gazania rigens

Radiating in shades of red and orange, the fiery petals contrast against a yellow center. This sun-loving flower blooms all summer long and is perfect for growing along borders or patios.

4. Blaze Orange Asiatic Lily


Botanical Name: Lilium ‘Brunello’

The Blaze Orange Asiatic Lily features intense, bright orange petals that unfold into large, vibrant flowers. These Flowers that Look Like Fire have glossy petals, creating a glowing effect under bright sunlight.

5. Flame Lily

Botanical Name: Gloriosa superba

This climbing vine boasts stunning curled petals in shades of crimson, orange, and yellow, which mimic the flickering flames of a bonfire. While its fiery aesthetics are captivating, all parts of this plant are toxic if ingested.

6. Flaming Sword Flowers


Botanical Name: Vriesea splendens

The Flaming Sword Flowers Look Like a Flame with its vibrant red flower spike that emerges from the center. Its leaves are dark green and elongated like a sword, standing by its name.

7. Twisted Orange Fringe Tulips

Flowers that Look Like Fire 4

Botanical Name: Tulipa spp.

Twisted Orange Fringe Tulips stand out with their vibrant orange petals, edged with fringes that appear to be delicately shredded or frayed. The twisting petals create a dynamic, flame-like pattern, standing tall in spring gardens.

8. Red Spider Lily

shutterstock/Andreas Altenburger

Botanical Name: Lycoris radiata

This flower is bright red and has long, thin petals that look like spider legs. It blooms on a tall stem without leaves, which gives the flower look like a floating flame of fire!

9. Flame Flowers

Flowers that Look Like Fire 5

Botanical Name: Tropaeolum speciosum

The Flame Flower boasts vibrant red blossoms that mirror the flames of a fire. You can train this climbing vine to add color to fences, walls, or arches in your garden.

10. Flame Peony


Botanical Name: Paeonia ‘Flame’

This plant has bright red flowers that look like fire with a bunch of yellow parts in the middle. It blooms in late spring to early summer and mists the air with a light, floral fragrance.

11. Red Hot Poker


Botanical Name: Kniphofia

These striking flowers are red at the top and turn yellow at the bottom. It’s a tough plant that blooms from late spring to early fall, making it a great choice for attracting hummingbirds and butterflies to the garden.

12. Firecracker Plant


Botanical Name: Russelia equisetiformis

It features clusters of thin, tubular flowers that are bright red, giving the plant its firecracker name. Its slender, rush-like stems seem to be almost leafless, letting the bold flowers take center stage

13. Indian Paintbrush

Flowers that Look Like Fire 7

Botanical Name: Castilleja

The wildflower produces small and inconspicuous flowers surrounded by brightly colored bracts. These bracts create the impression of blazing flame with their red, orange, yellow, or pink color.

14. Red Poppy


Botanical Name: Papaver rhoeas

The Red Poppy features large, delicate, scarlet red petals that surround a black center. These flowers bloom in the late spring to early summer, swaying gently on their thin, hairy stems.

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