17 Cleverly Insane Ways to Display Ferns Indoors

Tap into these Cleverly Insane Ways to Display Ferns Indoors and transform your home into a living sanctuary!

Level up your indoor decor game with these Fern Display Ideas that’ll not just add a dash of greenery but flaunt your creative green thumb as well!

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Cleverly Insane Ways to Display Ferns Indoors

1. Design a DIY Fern Wall


A DIY fern wall is perfect for adding a touch of natural beauty to any urban home, making it an inviting and refreshing addition to a bland wall. Design one for your home with the steps mentioned here.

2. Hang a Bushy Fern from the Ceiling

Suspend a beautiful fern in a decorative hanging pot from your ceiling, ideally in a spot with indirect sunlight, like near a window in your living room or kitchen. It adds an elegant, floating green element to your space.

3. Display Fern+y Front Door Planters

Cleverly Insane Ways to Display Ferns Indoors 3

Take inspiration from this DIY idea and place large planters crowned with vibrant ferns by your front door to welcome guests. This fern display idea will infuse your entryway with a hint of natural charm.

4. Grow Them in Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets filled with lush ferns can be a fantastic addition to your balcony or living room. These elevated green spots create a delightful, airy feel, making the best use of vertical space.

5. Perfect Tabletop Centerpieces

Cleverly Insane Ways to Display Ferns Indoors 5

Small ferns can be the perfect natural centerpiece for your dining or coffee table. Go with varieties like Kangaroo Paw Fern or those with textured foliage for the best display.

6. Grace Your Plant Stands

Cleverly Insane Ways to Display Ferns Indoors 9

Elevate the elegance of your room by placing ferns on wooden or rustic plant stands. This arrangement will create a lovely green corner in your home, ideal for a study, sunroom, or any space that needs a touch of greenery.

7. Create a Green Focal Point

Cleverly Insane Ways to Display Ferns Indoors 7

Design a stunning green focal point in your living space by grouping several large ferns together. You can also display them at varied heights using pots or plant stands.

8. Ferny Room Divider

Arrange a series of potted ferns on a sleek metal stand with multiple tiers to create a structured yet natural display; this will also create a perfect indoor plant room divider.

9. Crown a Rustic Metal Planter

Cleverly Insane Ways to Display Ferns Indoors 13

For a touch of rustic charm, place a lush fern in an antique metal container. This combination of old-world objects and vibrant greenery is perfect for a farmhouse kitchen or a cozy, country-style living area.

10. Mount a Living Fern Wall Frame

Create a living piece of art by mounting a staghorn fern within a large frame or pallet board.

11. Hang a Potted Fern Beside the Window

Cleverly Insane Ways to Display Ferns Indoors 23

Enhance your window space by hanging a potted fern in a chic planter beside it. The natural light filtering through the leaves creates a tranquil, airy ambiance, perfect for a kitchen or a reading corner.

12. DIY a Fern Terrarium

Check out one of its kind of tutorials at the world-famous Kew Garden’s website here!

13. Perfect for a Semi Outdoor Space

Cleverly Insane Ways to Display Ferns Indoors 25

Plants like bird’s nest ferns are perfect for semi-outdoor spaces, especially if you live in a frost-free warm climate.

14. Fern Pots in Glass Cabinet


Arrange a collection of ferns in a glass-front cabinet that’ll protect your delicate fern varieties from cold, besides making for an unconventional decor piece in your home.

15. Grow an Indoor Fern Garden

Create a mini-forest-like feel by placing different species of ferns together, perfect for a bright sunroom or a well-lit corner of your living space.

16. Let a Fern Spill Down a Floating Shelf

Cleverly Insane Ways to Display Ferns Indoors 33

Install a floating shelf and let the stems of your Asparagus Fern or anything similar cascade down elegantly. This arrangement will bring a sense of movement and natural beauty, ideal for a minimalist or modern interior.

17. Grow Ferns in a Zen Garden

Incorporate a fern into a Zen garden setup with rocks and sand for a calming, meditative display in your small space garden.

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