10 Creeping Charlies Look Alikes

Keep a close eye on these creeping charlie look alikes that might be eating up the nutrition of your garden!

Creeping Charlies

With its sneaky, invasive ways, Creeping Charlie might be hogging the nutrients in your garden, playing the villain to your veggies and flowers. But hold onto your hats because there’s a twist! These plants that look like creeping charlie could be crashing your garden party, and you might not even know it!

What Does Creeping Charlie Look Like?

You can identify creeping charlie(Glechoma hederacea) by its small, round, or kidney-shaped leaves, which boast a rich green color with slightly scalloped edges. The leaves display a fine, veined pattern that enhances their detailed appearance. During spring, the plant blooms with small, funnel-shaped flowers, typically in shades of soft lavender or purple.

This plant is known for its fast-spreading nature, quickly forming a thick carpet across the ground. It features slender but strong stems that frequently root at the nodes, contributing to its swift expansion. While Creeping Charlie is often appreciated for its aesthetics in gardens, do remember that it might go invasive, if not kept in check.

Creeping Charlie Look-Alikes

1. Garlic Mustard

Creeping Charlies Look Alikes- garlic mustard

Botanical Name: Alliaria petiolata

This plant’s heart-shaped, deeply toothed leaves have a glossy dark green color, paired with Creeping Charlie’s ground-covering tendency. However, Garlic Mustard is unique in its own right, differing in leaf shape and texture.

2. Ponyfoot

Dichondra carolinensis- Creeping Charlies Look Alikes

Botanical Name: Dichondra carolinensis

With small, circular leaves that are bright green, Ponyfoot shares the creeping growth pattern of Creeping Charlie. Yet, it stands out with its slightly more rounded leaves, offering a different texture on a closer look.

3. Henbit

Henbit- Creeping Charlies Look Alikes 3

Botanical Name: Lamium amplexicaule

Henbit’s heart-shaped, toothed leaves might echo Creeping Charlie’s look from a distance, but it sets itself apart with its square stem structure and purple flowers, offering a different aesthetic in a garden.

4. Persian Speedwell

Creeping Charlies Look Alikes 4

Botanical Name: Veronica persica

With its heart-shaped leaves and delicate, five-petaled blue or purple flowers, Persian Speedwell would trick you into considering it otherwise. Plus, their love for partially shaded areas adds to the confusion.

5. Common Mallow

plants that look like creeping charlie

Botanical Name:  Malva sylvestris

The heart-shaped leaves and pink-lavender flowers might confuse you, but pay attention to its slightly larger foliage shape, and you’ll know!

6. Purple Dead Nettle

Creeping Charlies Look Alikes 5

Botanical Name: Lamium purpureum

With heart-shaped leaves and mini flowers, Purple Dead Nettle also mimics the growth habit. However, there’s this purple tint in their foliage that sets them apart.

7. Pennywort

Botanical Name: Hydrocotyle spp

Pennywort’s scalloped leaves, resembling lily pads, and its glossy green color can remind you of Creeping Charlie. But this plant has a rounder leaf shape with a smoother texture, that’d help you identify them.

8. Creeping Mazus

Creeping Mazus

Botanical Name: Mazus reptans

Creeping Mazus shares a resemblance with its dense, carpet-like ground cover of round green leaves. However, when in bloom, they exhibit a more vibrant hue than their competitors.

9. Buggleweed

Ajuga reptans

Botanical Name: Ajuga reptans

This one has a low-growing habit with small, rounded leaves that might confuse you with creeping charlie at first glance. However, the leaves develop a purplish tint that helps to differentiate.

10. Creeping Jenny

Botanical Name: Lysimachia nummularia

Often mistaken for Creeping Charlie due to its low, spreading growth, Creeping Jenny has brighter coin-shaped leaves and also looks fantastic spilling over hanging baskets.

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