19 Colorful Indoor Plant Pictures

Get inspired with these Colorful Indoor Plant Pictures and give those bland corners of your home a lively makeover!

Witness some of nature’s finest creations in these Colorful Indoor Plant Pictures that’ll leave your guests in awe!

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Colorful Indoor Plant Pictures

1. Vibrant Croton on the Windowsill

Colourful plant 1

With myriad colors, this low maintenance beauty can brighten up any room. Its air-purifying qualities are a bonus!

2. Caladium Trio in Woven Pots

Colourful indoor plant pictures 2

Grouping up Caladiums can never go wrong especially those with a contrast of textures and colors!

3. Lush Tradescantia in a Pastel Pot

Colourful indoor plant pictures 3

The combination of green, white, pink, and purple make it a fantastic option for both vining and potted display.

4. Orange Blooming Calathea in a Beautiful Pot Cover

Colourful indoor plant pictures 5

What could be more exciting than having a blooming calathea in the house! The dark green leaves with purple undersides beautifully contrast with its vibrant blooms.

5. Hypnotic Red Aglaonema Flaunting its Beauty

Colourful indoor plant pictures 7

The splashes of red, green and yellow makes it a great fit for holiday decorations!

6. Christmas Cactus in Full Bloom

Colourful plant 10

How can we forget this classic, when talking about the holidays? Provide it a period of complete darkness to enjoy its blooms around the right time.

7. Calathea ‘Dottie’ with Glossy Foliage

Beautiful Colourful Plant 12

Fan of glossy foliage? Calathea ‘Dottie’ could be your pick with its dark purple foliage margined in bright pink.

8. Caladium ‘Red Flash’ on a Bookshelf

Beautiful Colourful Plant 14

Give your bookshelf a dash of refreshment with the bright red-green heart-shaped leaves of the Caladium ‘Red Flash’.

9. Beautiful Caladium ‘Raspberry Ripple’

Colourful indoor plant pictures 15

The velvety burgundy base of Caladium ‘Raspberry Ripple’ sprinkled with pinkish-white spots can be perfect companion to your boring plant arrangement.

10. Cactus with a Floral Crown

Colourful indoor plant pictures 19

If you are looking for a living tabletop addition, a blooming moon cactus can be your rare guest!

11. Textured Begonia Rex in a Sleek Blue Pot

Colourful indoor plant pictures 23

With heavily textured leaves in green and dark purple, Begonia Rex is a popular indoor plant that can add a decorative element to homes and offices.

12. Peperomia Carperata as a Decorative Centerpiece

This Peperomi cultivar, with its deeply ridged, heart-shaped leaves in a palette of dark green and purple, makes for an exquisite, low-maintenance centerpiece you should grow!

13. Aglaonema ‘Siam Aurora’ in a Ribbed Pink Pot

Colourful plant 26

The beautiful pink Aglaonema foliage bordered in green contrast beautifully against any textured or ribbed pot like this one!

14. Coleus on a Sunny Ledge

Colourful plant 28

Displayed on a sunny ledge, the Coleus flaunts its vibrant, multicolored foliage that shifts and shines in the light, turning your ledge into a live canvas of dazzling colors.

15. Glossy and Plump Jelly Bean Plant

Colourful plant 30

This succulent, with its glossy, jelly bean-shaped leaves transitioning from green to red, adds a quirky yet sophisticated touch to any space.

16. Philodendron ‘Red Emerald’ Cascading from a Hanging Planter

Colourful indoor plant pictures 32

‘Red Emerald’ spills dramatically from a hanging planter with its glossy, deep green leaves accented by red stems, creating a verdant waterfall effect.

17. Philodendron ‘McColley’s Finale’ in a Woven Basket Planter

Colourful indoor plant pictures 33

Nestled in a woven basket planter, the ‘McColley’s Finale’ showcases its unique copper-to-green leaves, blending rustic charm with tropical elegance.

18. Variegated Hoya around a Pot Stake

Twined around a stake, the variegated Hoya exhibits its creamy variegation and waxy leaves, adding a sculptural flair to your indoor garden.

19. Variegated Homalomena Sprawling Out

The Variegated Homalomena, with its large, speckled leaves sprawling outwards, creates a lush display, bringing a lively burst of greenery to your space.

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