12 Cacti that Look like Something Else

Discover some unique Cacti that Look Like Something Else, and see how Mother Nature surprises us at every step!

These quirky specimens are nature’s playful reminder that sometimes plants can have a sense of humor too, albeit a bit on the nose—or should we say, a bit on the cactus?

Cacti that Look Like Something Else

1. Boobie Cactus

Cactus that Looks like Boobs

This cactus is nature’s cheeky wink, resembling a pair of boobs that’ll give your visitors a moment for a double take. If you, by any chance, wish to awestruck your guests, try growing it yourself with this guide!

2. Teddy Bear Cholla

cacti that look like something else

Don’t be fooled by the name; this is no cuddly toy. It’s more like a teddy bear that’s had a rough night out—spiny, messy, and definitely not something you’d want to hug.

3. Red Cap Cactus

cacti that looks like something else 2

This cactus looks like it’s perpetually wearing a tiny, vibrant red hat—possibly a fashion statement for the botanical world.

4. Bolivian Torch Cactus

Cactus that Looks like Something Else 4

Tall, spiky, and a bit of a show-off, this cactus looks like a human penis, pretty much demanding a wink! We have some more varieties to keep you in the loop!

5. Starfish Cactus

Beautiful Starfish Cactus

Flattened and patterned, this cactus is the star (fish) of the show, lounging around like it’s sunbathing on a beach.

6. Old Lady Cactus

Cactus that Looks like Old Lady

With its fluffy white hairdo, this cactus could pass as your granny in a botanical lineup!

7. Snake Cactus

Snake Cactus

This twisty, curvy cactus resembles a snake that’s had a bit too much to drink and can’t quite remember which way is up.

8. Brain Cactus

This cactus looks like a brain on a bad hair day, all wavy and wonky! Do you there exists brain-like seeds too?

9. Phallus Cactus

cacti that looks like something else phallus cactus

With a name that leaves little to the imagination, the Phallus Cactus stands tall and unapologetic, resembling, well, exactly what you think.

10.  Coral Cactus

cacti that looks like something else 2 coral cactus

Think of a sea coral that decided to try its luck on land—that’s this cactus for you!

11. Wave Cactus

cacti that looks like something else wave cactus

With its wavy, undulating ridges, this cactus looks like it’s trying to mimic the ocean waves without water.

12. Caterpillar Cactus

cacti that looks like something else 5

This cactus is like a huge caterpillar that decided to stop mid-metamorphosis. It’s in no rush to become a butterfly.

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