29 Blue Succulents for a Serene Display

Discover the world of Blue Succulents that shower a touch of tranquility with their diverse shapes, size, and texture!

These enchanting Blue Succulents, with their soothing hues and diverse shapes, are perfect for adding an element of serenity to your living space. You can also accentuate their elegance by complementing them with decorative accents, like pebbles or driftwood, to add a touch of natural elegance. This curated blue succulents list will provide the best varieties to pick from!


Blue Succulents for a Serene Display

Do note that some varieties might not exhibit an absolute blue color but are tinged with pastel shades that only multiply their beauty!

1. Blue Glow Agave29 Blue Succulents for a Serene Display 1

The Blue Glow Agave is a slow-growing succulent that forms rosettes of blue-green chalky leaves with serrated edges adorned in a gold-red ribbon. The leaves have a slightly silver-blue tint that adds to their appeal. This Blue Succulent Plant is perfect for adding some striking texture and color to any indoor space.

2. Blue Frills Echeveria


Blue Frills Echeveria is a show-stopper with its symmetrical coral margins and ruffled blue-green leaves. The leaves have a velvety texture that is soft to the touch exhibiting a subtle blue-gray shade that is perfect for adding a splash of blue to your collection of succulents.

3. Cana Echeveria29 Blue Succulents for a Serene Display 2

The Cana Echeveria is a unique Blue Succulent with plump, cylindrical blue-green foliage. The rosettes formed by this echeveria variety gradually grow into small columns as the plant matures. The leaves have a waxy texture that gives them a shiny look and a subtle blue tint that enhances their beauty.

4. Blue Burrito

The Blue Burrito grows in clumps, and forms long stems with green leaves and pink blush at the tips. As a low-key member of the Blue Succulents, the foliage develops a light blue hue with age. Additionally, their thick, fleshy texture is soft to the touch, adding a subtle blue-gray appeal to any space.

5. Azulita Echeveria29 Blue Succulents for a Serene Display 3

Azulita Echeveria forms small rosettes of icy blue leaves covered in powdery farina and beautiful red tips. With a velvety texture, this Blue Succulent is perfect for adding some color to your rock garden or container garden.

6. Propeller Plant

True to its name, this Blue Succulent has gray-green leaves that look like the propeller of an airplane. It is very easy to propagate and looks cute in small pots, with its leaves flaunting a thick, fleshy texture.

7. Blue Elf Aloe Vera29 Blue Succulents for a Serene Display 4

Blue Elf Aloe Vera is a dwarf succulent that forms clumps of blue-gray leaves with small white teeth along the edges. The leaves have a smooth, fleshy texture that is soft to the touch, and they turn a pinkish-red hue in bright sunlight.

8. Blue Rose Echeveria

Blue Rose Echeveria is a beautiful Blue Succulent that forms rosettes of blue-green leaves flushed with pinkish-red tips. The leaves have a thick, fleshy texture that is soft to the touch, and they produce orange-pink blooms in the summer.

9. Blue Chalkstick29 Blue Succulents for a Serene Display 5

Blue Chalkstick Succulent is a low-growing plant that produces pencil-like, blue-gray foliage covered in a waxy coating. The leaves have a smooth, fleshy texture and add a subtle elegance to the space.

10. Short Leaved Aloe

This Blue Succulent Plant forms a compact rosette with fleshy, pointed green leaves, offering a bold and striking presence indoors. Ideal for tabletop displays or windowsill arrangements, the Short Leaved Aloe is a wonderful addition to any houseplant collection.

11. Donkey Tail

29 Blue Succulents for a Serene Display 6

Featuring plump, teardrop-shaped leaves that form long, trailing stems, the Donkey Tail brings an eye-catching touch to your indoor space. Suspend it from the ceiling or place it on a high shelf to create a cascading focal point in any room.

12. Candle Plant

The Candle Plant is a captivating Blue Succulent with tall, slender columns adorned with delicate, waxy leaves. This elegant plant adds a touch of sophistication to any indoor space when placed in a corner or on a side table to accentuate its height and slender form.

13. Blue Haze Echeveria

29 Blue Succulents for a Serene Display 7

As one of the most captivating Blue Succulents, the Blue Haze Echeveria has blue-gray foliage that forms a neat rosette, bringing serenity to any indoor setting. Its dusty, powdery coating enhances its otherworldly appearance, making it a stunning centerpiece in any Blue Succulent display.

14. Blue Elf Succulent

Boasting plump, elongated leaves with a stunning bluish-green hue, the Blue Elf is a beautiful blue succulent that creates an enchanting atmosphere indoors. Its compact, bushy growth habit makes it an ideal choice for small pots or as part of a mixed arrangement of succulents.

15. Blue Aeonium

29 Blue Succulents for a Serene Display 8

Displaying large, flattened rosettes with a mesmerizing bluish-purple tint, the Blue Aeonium is a dramatic Blue Succulent Plant that adds a touch of intrigue to your indoor plant collection. As it grows, it forms a branching structure that lends itself well to sculptural displays.

16. Blue Moonstone

A gem among Blue Succulents, Blue Moonstone features plump, rounded leaves with a powdery-blue hue. This charming plant forms rosettes that provide a soothing touch to any indoor setting, making it a perfect choice for creating a tranquil environment.

17. Lavender Scallops

29 Blue Succulents for a Serene Display 9

Showcasing scalloped, blue-tinged leaves with lavender edges, this Blue Succulent Plant flaunts a unique mix of colors. The Lavender Scallops’ eye-catching foliage color and gently arching stems make it an exquisite addition to any space.

18. Black Spined Agave

Viveros ALPE, Poás

This striking Blue Succulent plant features thick, rigid leaves with sharp black spines along the edges. The Black Spined Agave’s bold structure and contrasting colors make it a dramatic focal point for any houseplant collection.

19. Blue Carpet Sedum29 Blue Succulents for a Serene Display 10

The Blue Carpet Sedum is a low-growing Blue Succulent that forms a dense mat of blue-gray foliage. Its creeping habit makes it an excellent choice for indoor terrariums, hanging baskets, and high plant shelves.

20. Blue Echeveria

A classic among Blue Succulents, the Blue Echeveria features a tight rosette of blue-green leaves with slightly ruffled edges. This captivating plant adds a sense of harmony and balance to any indoor space, making it a must-have for hustling city dwellers.

21. Blue Sky Echeveria29 Blue Succulents for a Serene Display 11

With its large, rounded leaves and stunning sky-blue hue, the Blue Sky Echeveria is a breathtaking addition to any blue succulent garden. You can arrange it with vibrant purple, black, or flowering succulents to add a serene, calming touch to a vibrant plant collection.

22. Blue Bean

The Blue Bean showcases cylindrical, bluish-green leaves that resemble plump beans, adding a playful touch to your indoor blue succulent collection. Its compact, trailing growth habit makes it ideal for hanging baskets or mixed planters.

23. Pacific Blue Ice29 Blue Succulents for a Serene Display 12

This mesmerizing Blue Succulent Plant features thick, triangular leaves with a powdery, blue-gray hue. The Pacific Blue Ice’s striking color and compact growth habit make it perfect for coffee tables, bookshelves, and countertops.

24. Blue Spruce Stonecrop

The Blue Spruce Stonecrop is a charming succulent with needle-like leaves that resemble miniature spruce branches. Its striking blue-green foliage creates a captivating contrast, adding visual interest to any indoor houseplant display.

25. Blue Chalk Sticks29 Blue Succulents for a Serene Display 13

Featuring elongated, chalk-like leaves with a powdery blue hue, Blue Chalk Sticks is an intriguing blue succulent plant that adds a touch of whimsy to your indoor garden. Its upright growth habit and unique appearance make it a sought-after specimen in the world of Blue Succulents.

26. Graptosedum ‘Blue Giant’


Boasting large, fleshy leaves that form a rosette with a captivating bluish-purple tint, the Graptosedum ‘Blue Giant’ is a true standout among blue succulent plants. Its impressive size and unique coloration make it an attractive centerpiece for any indoor succulent collection.

27. Hybrid Century Plant29 Blue Succulents for a Serene Display 14

A remarkable blend of beauty and resilience, the Hybrid Century Plant features broad, blue-green leaves with striking yellow margins. This blue succulent plant adds a bold statement to your indoor garden, drawing attention with its architectural form and contrasting colors.

28. Blue Bird

Plants collection

Showcasing delicate rosettes with a captivating blue hue, the Blue Bird stands out with its elegant appearance and serene color palette. It creates a calming atmosphere when displayed indoors, making it a perfect choice for peaceful spaces.

29. Creeping Blue Sedum29 Blue Succulents for a Serene Display 15

With its sprawling, blue-green foliage that forms a dense carpet, the Creeping Blue Sedum is a versatile Blue Succulent Plant that adds visual interest and texture to indoor gardens. Its low-growing habit makes it ideal for terrariums or as a lush ground cover beneath taller Blue Succulents.


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