19 Anthurium Display Ideas 

Get inspired by these beautiful Anthurium Display Ideas and add a touch of nature to every corner of your home!

Looking for some easy and practical ways to beautify your home? Try these Anthurium Display Ideas for naturally elevated interiors!

Anthurium Display Ideas 

1. Office Desk Buddy

Spice up your desk scene with a peppy anthurium, the perfect colleague for your work hours.

2. Grace them in Teacups

Quirk up your decor by planting anthuriums in teacups, a delightful twist on traditional pots.

3. Grow them along the Balcony Railing Planters

Line your balcony with anthuriums for a colorful, living railing that turns heads.

4. Place a Potted Anthurium on the Kitchen Shelf

Brighten your kitchen shelf with a pop of anthurium color, making cooking time a treat.

5. Line them on the Bathroom Window

Create a mini jungle on your bathroom window with anthuriums, turning mundane showers into tropical retreats.

6. Display in Macrame Hanger

Put those trendy macrame planters to use and enjoy a boho makeover.

7. Grow it in a Kokedama Ball

Anthurium Display Ideas 1

Kokedama balls are an evergreen practice that’ll beautifully complement your anthurium.

8. Create a Living Anthurium Wall

Anthurium Wall Ideas 

Perfect for offices and commercial spaces, just stack anthurium pots strategically so it creates a lush, vertical display.

9. Mount it in a Rugged Trunk Piece

Anthurium wood mounted Ideas 

Anchor anthuriums in a rugged trunk piece for a dash of raw, natural elegance in your space.

10. Vertical Anthurium Garden

Anthurium Wire Ideas 

Tuck a few pots on a metal grid to create a vertical garden display.

11. Grow in a Mason Jar in Water

Anthurium Display Ideas  2

Ever tried hydroponics? This is your sign to do so!

12. A Floating Anthurium Vase

Anthurium hanging Ideas 

Create a floating floral wonder with anthuriums in a suspended vase for chic decor!

13. Arrange it with Other Houseplants in an Upcycled Wooden Box

Anthurium Wooden box Ideas 

Blend beauty with sustainability by upcycling a wooden box into a rustic plant box.

14. A Thoughtful Gift!

pink Anthurium Display Ideas 

Looking for a thoughtful present? Gift an anthurium for a lasting, living token of affection that’s sure to brighten anyone’s day.

15. Try Growing in a Terrarium

terrarium Anthurium stand Ideas 

Encase anthuriums in a terrarium for a miniature, self-contained tropical centerpiece.

16. Arrange with Other Houseplants in the Shower 

Anthurium bathroom Display Ideas 

Turn your shower into a spa-like retreat by grouping anthuriums with other large foliage plants that thrive in the humid air!

17. An Array of Anthuriums

Anthurium metal stand Ideas 1

As simple as it could be! Just arrange a few of them for a clean, sophisticated look.

18. Grow a Spathe-Less Variety for a Change

Anthurium turtle stand Ideas 

Mix things up with a spathe-less anthurium variety, focusing on the beauty of their unique foliage.

19. Classy Sling Display

Anthurium Glass vase Ideas 

Get creative with your decor styles and put those classy sling or wine glasses to use!

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